Heart Coherence Through Balanced Breathing


Your breath effects your nervous system.

  • Inhalation stimulates the sympathetic nervous system which drives ‘fight or flight’ energies of drive, action, response, focus.
  • Exhalation stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system which manages ‘feeding and fornicating’ and ‘rest and repose’ energies of relaxation, calmness, leisure, etc.

Negative emotional states occur when either side of your nervous system becomes stuck and over-stimulated.

Through balanced breathing (equal time on inhalation with equal time on exhalation) you bring balance to the nervous system and help eliminate any stuck states of over-excitation and stress (risk of burn out) and stuck states of depression, apathy and laziness (burn-out).

Use the graphic above to balance your breathing. Maintain for 5 minutes. Do this every day as part of your vitality rituals and it will significantly contribute to your overall state of wellbeing and harmony.

Achieving “Autonomic Coherence” means operating from the most balanced, most resourceful and most empowered version of your best self.

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