Heart Break Poem


Heart Break Poem

I just lost my dream,
My body shivers through emotional pain.

I opened my heart,
I tried to connect,
but what in the end did I gain?

A careful attempt at openness and care,
Treading cautiously forwards,
Into the mist of uncertain relation.

The risk of trusting,
Natures lusting.
Little by little,
My soul laid bare.

And then a breach!
Unintentional but clear.

My face now forlorn,
My pupils in shocked dilation.

It feels such a burdensome shame.
Is all that’s left just a game of blame?

Yet regardless of reason,
Theres no doubt in my mind,
That despite a repeat of this pain…

…As they say,
It is blind!

I will… love… again.

Perhaps even her.
If we can fix our mis-communication…

But not today,
I am broken,
and in pain.

27th January 2013

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