Havening Technique — Stroke Your Arms to Stimulate Healing Delta Waves?


Havening Technique — Stroke Your Arms to Stimulate Healing Delta Waves?

My sister just asked me if I’ve heard of “The Havening Technique”.

From what I’ve gathered so far, it’s a form of neuro-psycho-therapy which combines:

  • Body-state/emotion mindfulness (including SUDs assessment – subjective units of distress) e.g. “on a scale of 1 to 10 how emotional do you feel about this memory”
  • Simple stroking on the upper body (arms, face) to stimulate Delta brain waves
  • Simple positive visualization techniques

Famous hypnotist Paul McKenna is involved with the research along with the Neuroscientist who discovered the technique and a scientific study has recently been published indicating positive results.

Paul does a simple video demonstration to guide the viewer through a simple application of the technique:

A lot more videos and research is available on The Havening Technique website.

My Take On ‘The Havening Technique’

The Havening Technique at first glance looks as deceptively simple as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique.

I have seen remarkable results using EFT with my clients for PTSD, anxiety and so on.

And I believe that neuro-psycho-therapy is the frontier of emotional clearing for personal empowerment.

However, like with EFT, applying it alone may not see results as the discipline required to fully utilize ‘deceptively simple’ techniques often gets displaced by the ‘urgent priorities’ of daily life chores, habitual coping mechanisms and ‘more important things’ like ‘finding time to relax’.

Techniques like the Havening Technique seem a very worthwhile component of a much broader commitment to personal empowerment through experimentation, discipline, and mindfulness.

Give it a try. And when I say that, I mean a diligent try. Actually follow along with Paul’s guidance in the video above. Give your self the space and permission to focus on your internal world of experience. Remarkable things happen simply from that.

The Delta waves stimulated by gently rubbing your arms may help too 😉

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