Getting Organized

Getting organized is hard.

Or is getting organized easy?

Well look at your track record.

Surely there are some areas of your life that are well organized.

Really, I want you to think of something in your life that is organized.  Because getting organized in other areas of your life will be easier if you find a positive point of reference that already exists. 

It’s hard to do something the first time right? But usually easier the second.

And you’ve had lots of practice at getting organized.

So what’s your one areas of already being organized that you want to start from?

Got it?

Maybe it’s the inside of your car.  Maybe it’s a certain little corner of your home.  Maybe it’s the motherly drill sargeant get up and go that you put your kids through every morning to ship them off to school.

So, if you’ve found atleast one thing you are already organized with, then congratulations, by the time you work through the rest of the articles on this site, this small puzzle piece will fall neatly into place and you will be able to transfer the skill you obviously have already to even more areas of your life for getting organized faster, better and easier.