January 2012 Message


January 2012 Message

Several topics, take your pic:

What 20 months of travel teaches you…


You see, it’s possible to visit a place, to touch it… but not be touched by it. To see it, pass through it… but not really to have experienced it at all.

Travel brings opportunity for new experience, sure.

But the depths of possibility must be discovered personally through effort of focus and openness of being.

When in Belgium, try authentic Waffles (with warm chocolate is good) and fruit flavored Beer. When in Peru, try Ceviche and Guinea Pig.

The real point: “Wherever you are, be there.”

If you’re not happy where you are. Change it in a New York minute. But be flexible, adaptive, open, experimental. Drop your biases. You may become so deeply immersed as to become giddy. Roll with it. At least a while. The world is bigger than your current (media guided) perception of it.

I landed in Venezuela on 2 (February) 10, 2010, traveled through and into Colombia, through to Ecuador, on to Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and in December decided to tear up my return flight ticket and continue traveling…

…so back up South America and then across Central America including Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala, reaching Mexico in February 2011…

…a few quick stops in North America including a weekend Personal Growth Seminar, then a client visit, and then on to Toronto in Canada for several months achieving a life goal of attending a specific health and martial art school.

I returned to London UK 10 (October), 21 2011. Every day is significant. As is every day of your entire life.

Follow your bliss. But experiment with its boundaries and extremes. Spend time with people. Locals and fellow travellers. Be kind. Increase your understanding of the human condition. Make a connection.

But no matter how much you may learn, I believe you do not escape or change your essence. “Wherever you go, there you are”. Traveling may separate you from past bias to  unravel the layers exposing your inner core that’s always been there. And only if you let it.

When you get back ‘home’, things will be different, and the same. You’ll be different… and the same. The contrasting contradictory dichotomy can be hard to brook.

And the amount and quality of new friends hard to fathom… or keep up with.

My Friends, Contacts and Website Readers

As E. B. White said:

“I wake up each morning torn between a desire to save the world and a desire to savor the world. This makes it very hard to plan the day.”

And the turning cogs of global change are relentless which has made saving the world vs savoring it all the more pressing. My favorite author wrote:

“Direct every thought, every action towards the overthrow of the parasitical elite class.”

That may not so directly reflect your own passion or purpose, but it does mine.

As such, I like to support people to pursue their own recognized purpose, for when enough people demand the life of their dreams, we’ll enter a new golden age for mankind.

The villainous parasitical elite class (“virulent vermin vanguarding vice and vouchsafing the violently vicious and voracious violation of volition”) will be vanquished.

Many people contact me regularly through my website, or keep in touch from precious connections made through travels, at social events, seminars, and so on.

What I’m trying (perhaps horribly) to say is that I care very much about you. Anyone who I have connected with during travels or otherwise. Anyone that asks me a question via my website or in person. Anyone who seeks to apply themself to life’s great opportunities and challenges. Anyone I’ve had the privilege of contributing to and learning from.

But I don’t have time to be so socially available.

Nor am I yet good at motivating people per se.

If you have ambition, I can help and very much want to do so. I like to share energy and time with ambitious and focused people.

My 7 Dimensions of Life Management is explicitly designed for helping you pinpoint the steps along the vast spectrum of personal success and ascension, starting from your fundamental subconscious emotional integration and attitudes about life… all the way through to your great gift and contribution to humanity.

But no one can focus your mind for you. I am always here whenever you want to make use of the 7 Dimensions framework, to help clarify or expand on your value creative endeavors. And of course, the responsibility to advance is no one’s but your own.

If we have made agreements… if you have made commitments… and you have not followed through. Well… just make the choice to re-focus and get it done.

Involve me or just make direct use of the 7 Dimensions.

Enter the 7 Dimensions of… Manifestation, of Creativity, Life Management… or Ascension (whatever you want to call it) here:


Get access, plug-in and ask me for tips any where along the way. If you are stuck with a particular area, let me know so I can work with you to clarify and expand your own unique situational solutions.

Which brings me to…

“Your Wish Is Your Command”

The Audio program Your Wish Is Your Command is almost indescribable.

The only Congressman to be elected in 2 different US States, Ed Foreman, a personal growth seminar leader himself and supra successful entrepreneur and businessman said “Your Wish Is Your Command is the best personal growth program I’ve heard”… and he’s heard them all.

John Gray (author of Men from Mars, Women from Venus) endorses it. So too Michael Beckwith, featured teacher in the film and book The Secret. And many others.

Perhaps you’re not much into ‘personal growth’ or ‘self-help’ type stuff. Nor am I anymore. But this is completely different.

It’s not created by someone who got rich by selling information on how to get rich, nor from anecdotal story books of fictional characters that apply magical formulas and manifest imaginary abundance.

No, this CD series was produced by one of America’s leading businessman, public figures and consumer advocates who only recently decided to finally reveal the thinking principles that have facilitated his real world success. Billion dollar success.

Thinking principles that have been kept in secret circles of wealthy elite families for generations, such as Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Donald Trump, Warren Buffet, and so on.

I’m now into my 6th listening and I know people who have listened to it over 35 times…

If you already have it, I implore you to listen again. Apply the simple thinking processes it proscribes. As you change internally, so will the knowledge you are able to glean from those magical CDs by re-listening every few months.

Apply the methods it reveals: Chief aim, sweet spot, training balance scale… etc, etc, etc…

Use what you learn along with the 7 Dimensions framework. Ask me for suggestions or just write to me and share your experiences with manifestation. I am overjoyed to receive emails from people learning how to use the contents of Your Wish Is Your Command and/or the 7 Dimensions.

Your Wish Is Your Command is a hard reality check for some. Partly because its simplicity is such a threat to our false pride and the layers of rationalization we use to hide from our current failings. Hence the relevance of the Teachability Index as on the CD set which must be re-listened to many times to grasp ever-more deeply.

I’m in the same boat often too, mind you. Because ‘to know and now to do is not to know’. And I still ‘know’ more than I do… So alas, I re-listen to the CDs and focus on applying just a bit more, learning just a bit more, to achieve and attract and become more and more.

What specific benefits have I had from listening to Your Wish Is Your Command personally?

Well since you asked…

Whilst traveling…

* August 2010 achieved top 7 position in a big marketing competition against dozens of top online marketers for a company’s new product launch.

* Multiplied a portion of my money by 5 times in a year on the stock market (yes, 500% annual return)

* Being in a good financial situation and having as much fun as I was, I tore up my return ticket after 10 months traveling and decided to press on.

* Spontaneously manifested clients which gave me the cash to train full-time at a health and martial art school for several months (in Canada), achieving a life-long goal).


* March 11th Japanese Earthquake caused my stock market investments to drop over 15% in one day. That wouldn’t have been a problem had I been prepared to respond according to the teachings of Your Wish Is Your Command or followed my own investment ‘advice’… But alas, the fear-of-loss caused me to maintain most of the investments at great risk and ongoing fear.

Soon after:

* A very unlikely basement flood totalled my laptop, causing me to lose track of the stock market for several weeks yet due to my fear of lost opportunity I kept the positions open… leading to a 75% drop in value as the Earthquake’s devastating effects on people’s lives, livelihoods and on the global economy spread.

* What’s more, the online backup service (Mozy) failed… and so along with the laptop, I lost a great deal of data… much of my life’s work.

Never before had I been made so aware of how my faulty thinking can sabotage a winning streak. Nor how my own self-imposed blindness could lead me to such a personal financial meltdown.

The fear-of-loss was partly developed over the year of traveling due to the threats of physical danger and potential losses that come with traveling alone in foreign lands and partly 3rd world or socialistic countries. I carried it in my gut and that negative vibration coincided with (resulted in?) that ‘unlucky streak’.

Your Wish Is Your Command has made each of these experiences more poignant as I understand the psychological processes I have gone through… and more importantly, how to sling-shot those experiences into greater future success.

Regardless of short-term circumstances, the goal is to ‘feel good now’.

Do not carry emotional baggage any further than you learn a lesson from it. Sometimes the lesson is simply that shit happens. Let it go. (Yet don’t get too cocky in thinking you’ve learned all the available lessons from the past.)

6 months later, on my return home, my mother commented I had the presence of an angel. I won’t tell you the expletives she’s used against me in years past so suffice it to say it was a nice change.

Perhaps the mass accumulation of 20 months travel really did teach me something – and it reflected on my face. I won’t claim to be the 2nd coming, however.

Life brings opportunity for spontaneous adventure through intention-guided happenstance.

I believe the only burden I do carry long-term is, as per E. B. White:

“…torn between a desire to save the world and a desire to savor it.”

This burden sometimes runs deep as the night.

The goal: Follow your bliss and feel good now.

Note, this is unlikely to happen through the pursuit of instant gratification. (watch the Marshmallow Experiments video on the Lifestyle Design > Children page)

So what’s in store for me now having settled into the reality of post-travel re-adjustment and a desire to maintain a semblance of angelic radiance despite a return to corporate life?

Poetry Recitals and Life in London

I’m going to take poems I’ve written during flashes of inspiration, refine them, write others, and start reciting them in open-mic events in London.

I will explore my inner world, in reflection of the human condition during these great times of change from Old World structures to New World vistas.

Here are a few poems I’ll be working with to begin:

If you’re in London, come join me at a London venue. Contact me here.

I may also continue delivering life management and creative manifestation workshops as I previously began in Toronto Canada and in London (let me know if you want to participate).

I’ll also be facilitating Master Mind groups for people on the path of ascension as per the 7 Dimensions.


Value Creation through Business

Business is the gift-child of civilization. Marketing is my passion in business. I work with select companies that I think contribute to the rise of the New World.

As such, I wouldn’t work for Coca Cola. Nor Monsanto. Nor Spread Betting. Nor Loans.

In 2012 I will be working with a company focused on leading-edge customer service technologies where I’ll be applying the 6-Part Professional Matrix and I look forward to beholding the value creation I  help bring to society.

I continue to write on Success-Matrix as Founder and contributing author.

To close, let’s touch on the weird and wonderful question:

Is 2012 the end of the world?

No. The mayan calendar is a 6,000 year cycle. 2012 thus is when the world begins anew. 2012 brings great opportunity and great challenge. For some parts of the world it may mean food riots and even civil war. Look to the Summer of 2012 for that.

Yes. In fact, 2012 IS the end of the world, just as reincarnation is a new beginning. Not in some karmic cosmic joke, but right down here on practical physical Earth in terms of changing psychology. 2012 signifies the end of Old World structures. Because when enough people hold a better vision, chances are the New World will manifest. Optimism is vital.

Individually we have the opportunity to survive and prosper. Precautions and taking initiative is necessary. Stock sufficient food supplies for several months worth of food shortages. This may not actually be necessary but better safe than extremely sorry. Have a safe-haven you can escape to if need be.

Elevate your psychology by seeing through the lies of the media, of politics and organized religion. Turn off the debilitating negativity and superficiality of mainstream TV.

Hear this:

You are a sex god (or goddess)

And your DNA vibrates to the frequencies of the 5 Platonic Solids, fed by good nutrition, regular physical exercise, emotional clarity, tantric breathing, positive psychology and focused intention. You are born to be a creator. The law of attraction is really the law of creation. And that requires focused intention and realistic positive expectation based on honest experience and judegment.

Escape the old world anti-civilization bit by bit. Break on through to the other side via honesty, integrity, discipline, thought and control.

Yes, control.

Don’t rely on anyone to hold the doors of opportunity open for you. Thank with sincerity anyone who does help you. Pay it forward or provide value in exchange. Build your own success through synergetic exchange within like-minded groups.

I’m investing a portion of my money into gold and silver. Do not delay. Chances are high (putting it lightly) that the reserve currencies of the world will move to a precious metals backed standard just as they were in most of history. Politicians paper money will likely devalue in a great implosion of hyper-inflation.

Survive and prosper in 2012,

Gavriel Shaw

PS. By 2020 you’ll have made it to the era of Immortality, but that’s a topic for 2013.


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  • I received this by email:

    Hi Gavriel,

    About your mum’s comment…

    Just cannot resist this….in the past week I have had three
    similar comments made to me by totally different people in
    different walks of life…about my ‘presence’ as they see me.
    Two have known me 30 years or more, the other, for about
    five years.

    It can only be thank you to Kevin [in Your Wish Is Your Command] for passing on the teachings he has absorbed and practised, I am eternally grateful. I really do… feel good now.

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