What Frustrates Me Most In Life (an immortalists confessional)


What Frustrates Me Most In Life (an immortalists confessional)

It’s not the political suppression that saturates our life…
It’s not the humdrum of daily stress that wastes so much precious time…
It’s not the opportunity for love that seems to slip by all too easily…
And it’s not my own inability to achieve greater and faster success…
…As frustrating as all those things truly, madly and deeply are.
It seems to pale in comparison to a curiosity I carry about the nature of human history.
Some think we come from space aliens and have no inherent spiritual purpose at all.
Some think we come from god and should die to merge back with his formless totality.
Some think we’re cosmic manifestations of vibrational ether and will return to the limitless.
And some just don’t think at all.

“Ho hum so what sigh Earth’s bored citizens distracted by anti-civilization insanities” – Frank R Wallace

But I believe there is a web of insight available in the libraries and databases of the world today that would reveal humanities true past — and so point to our possible illuminated future.
…yet I see no one who has pieced it all together succinctly, holistically, reliably or convincingly.
Frank R Wallace was heading in that direction until his death in 2006 — still to this day my most valued thinker and cherished author.
Others such as Michael Tsarion, Santos Bonacci, Cliff High, Stephan Molyneux… and many more, all seem to be doing a remarkable job of integrating so very much intelligent insight, weaving notes of history and psychology into a symphony of discovery.
And yet that niggling sense of deep frustration remains — ever present.
Because none of these researchers light the way both backward into antiquity and forward into the new world, sufficiently.
There messages are all too easy to dismiss by the masses. Forgotten by even their greatest fans in the whoop-and-wharf of daily life.
Smothered by distractions. Trapped by obligations. Confused by misinformation.
But you know what…?
I wonder if there are actually any alive today who have the widest, deepest, longest-reaching big picture of the human condition… that they know Earth’s ancient history beyond what is currently published in all the libraries of the world.
Perhaps they live among the elitist billionaires, with access to satellites and sonar that reads the secrets laying hidden at the bottom of the oceans… topographical landscape analysis that reveals the ancient structures and monuments… linguistic codification that explains the scriptures in clear and simple honesty without artifice, without misdirection, without fabrication.
I can better understand the existence of sociopathic murdering treacherous scum such as senior banksters and politicians, than I can understand the type of person who might know exactly what is going on throughout history yet does not come forward to reveal it to the world.
My deepest niggling frustration is to find, if they exist, the people who really know what the heck is going on in the world… and why…
…why they let it continue on as they do?
…why they seemingly choose to accept the human condition subsisting at a level unfit for the greatness that we are capable of being?
And when, if ever, they will come out of the closet to un-shroud the ancient mysteries, and use their mighty influence and wealth to re-cast the stars above us into a map revealing our inner natures as gods, goddesses and kings.
My deepest frustration is wanting to fulfil my purpose in life, knowing how very simple it is to achieve given today’s technological capacity… yet NOT knowing which path to take to ensure it happens — while the great sand-timer continues to poor.
Come torment or failure… I will suffer no cowardly night-of-fire as the great mathematician Pascal did, escaping his awareness of this anti-civilization through religion.
I will keep my integrity. I will honor my purpose.

“My purpose in life is to conquer death” – as Frank R Wallace so neatly expressed.

And I will succeed.
I am immortal.
And so are you.
Viva la Revolution of Eternal Life, Love, Health and Happiness.

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