Finding Intimacy Through Yoga – Part 1


Finding Intimacy Through Yoga – Part 1

Part 1 – Where I Got My Start With Yoga (this page)
Part 2 – How Sex, Yoga and Intimacy Combine

You’ve probably seen videos of Yoga Moms and Dads holding Asana’s together along with their teeny tiny baby’s…

What a great start in life, to be part of such a shared commitment from parents to wellbeing.

It wasn’t quite like that in my household as mum didn’t participate, but I still feel fortunate as being among the first such ‘yoga baby’s’ in the Western World during the early 80s thanks to my dad.

I remember as a toddler rolling around on what seemed to be a vast blue thick and fluffy field of safety. It was my father’s blanket which he used for yoga practice out in the fields, next to the health retreat where we lived and he worked.

I distinctly remember dads red yoga pants, bushy beard, and startling Breath of Fire. He really did look a lot like this:

I was intent on mimicking the balancing poses that he seemed to hold for an eternity. Tree pose was my favorite.

Dad had learned yoga in India during the 70s and went on to teach yoga in the UK for some 30 years alongside his career in Naturopathy and Osteopathy. A true pioneer of the modern natural health movement.

Our bookshelves at home were stacked a mile high with the wisdom of eastern philosophy, natural health and modern psychology. My insatiable curiosity picked up around 9-years of age, and when dad moved out of the house when I was 11, rather than being able to instantly ask him every question under the sun, I turned to the books.

Without a guru, without a lively family environment, and without the distractions of any Internet, I had little better to do than ponder over the descriptions of mind, body, and spirit that emanated from the unfamiliar concepts and diagrams on the yellowed pages of that large eclectic mix of books.

I practiced. I tried the meditations. The breath work. The personal growth writing exercises. Dad gave me demonstrations or tips from time-to-time when I saw him at weekends. He even taught yoga at my primary school for a while. I was the kid with the funny dad.

I wasn’t so normal myself. At 15 I had my first experience of Samadhi (union with the divine) while meditating in the middle of my bedroom floor.

In brief: I discovered a white dot surrounded by a hazy mote of luminance, surrounded by an expanse of darkness. I was the dot. When I connected with my essence in that way, I emerged from that meditation deeply changed. I soon transitioned from a typical confused and frustrated teenager towards a purpose-directed young man.

But… then I discovered girls — and ‘union with the divine’ took on a while different meaning.

It wasn’t until my 20s that I re-connected with that internal journey of balance and harmony using a Taoist sex-energy meditation known as ‘circulating chi around the micro-cosmic orbit’ as I learned from Taoist Master Mantak Chia.

His books Cultivating Male/Female Sexual Energy are highly recommended. His live events give a deeper appreciation of the tempo and motion of the practices.

In essence, it involves drawing chi/prana (life force / sex-energy) through the base of the spine, up the spinal column, around the head, down the front, and collecting in the tan tien (solar plexus / belly area).

Through that daily practice, (similar to the rising serpent of Kundalini Yoga) I re-harnessed the self-disciplines of Taoist meditation that transmute sex energy into vitality.

I realized that full yoga practice is not just compatible with Taoist tantra meditation, but aligns with the broader journey of conscious relationship between intimate partners.

Part 2: The 8 Yoga Sutras For Intimate Conscious Relationship

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