Emotional Involvement After A Divorce – Interview with Divorce Coach Lori Rubenstein


From 18 years as a divorce attorney-mediator, Lori’s passion for helping others led her down the path of relationship and divorce coaching, where she realized forgiveness was the cornerstone of all her healing work.

Lori is a champion for her clients to uncover their best, most authentic self…regardless of the obstacles that get in life’s way, helping people see that “tragedy” can in fact be the soul’s greatest gift. Visit Lori at http://lorirubenstein.com

Lori is author of the amazon best seller, Forgiveness: Heal Your Past and Find the Peace YOU Deserve. Today we’re talking about:Getting emotionally involved after divorce (or heartbreak):

  1. That Building Authentic Relationships has more to do with you than your partner
  2. Forgiveness, Blame and Responsibility

Key concept: don’t make your happiness dependent on your partners happiness.

Here’s the interview: