Emotional Freedom Technique with EFT Practitioner Gavriel Shaw


Emotional Freedom Technique with EFT Practitioner Gavriel Shaw

Your body is programmed with habitual stress responses that do not serve your higher purpose or reflect the reality of each situation.

That is to say:

Stressful events feel worse than they actually are.

For example: There’s no real survival threat when we do public speaking, yet most of us (including myself) feel a gut response of fear, anxiety, and nerves.

Worse are the negative emotional states that linger long after a traumatic event has past. Or feelings of anger, overwhelm or depression.

Your body can be re-trained to let go of a lot of stress response, to help resolve negative emotional attachments and triggers from events in the past, and build emotional resilience to calmly face events that used to cause you high levels of physical and emotional stress.

The fastest start to stress-management and emotional clearing that I have found work best in my coaching over the past few years is EFT.

Emotional Freedom Technique

By combining Emotional Freedom Technique with mBIT heart coherence, CBT and NLP, I can help you bring those negative emotions down and stay down.

Negative emotions are easily triggered if your physiology is programmed by the past.

With EFT, known as the ‘tapping therapy’ we activate neuronal pathways (meridian channels) throughout your body to help release and align stuck energy states in your system.

The tapping elements of EFT involves lightly tapping on the head, around the eyes and face, chest and under arm.

The talking element of EFT involves gentle awareness of stuck states that allow the negative emotion to release and pass out of your system.

It happens very very quickly with the right approach and correct guidance.

I learned EFT in London’s Regent Park College from a Master Trainer in 2010 and have supported clients with PTSD, suicidal ideation, recurring nightmares, and general chronic anxiety.

By working online together using Skype video I will guide you through the EFT experience.

Our work together will be focused, fast, effective and most likely give you longer lasting change because of the unique combination of EFT, CBT, NLP and mBIT.

How does Emotional Freedom Technique work?

Please note: EFT is not about positive affirmations as many people believe. Attempting to use positive affirmations in the EFT process is not what emotional clearing is about. EFT works to un-link the triggers of negative emotion. Attempting positive affirmation during the EFT process is a distraction.

EFT works through the principle of mindful acceptance and release of energy from neurological patterns. By gently bringing negative thoughts/feelings into awareness while simultaneously activating release pathways in your physiology, the stuck energies/emotions are released. The effects are increased and often made permanent over a short course of treatments.

This 20 minute Energy Psychology presentation gives academic insight into the function of EFT.

Lets do the deep work you want, need and deserve.

Register for coaching conversations and lets apply the emotional freedom technique for rapid relief.

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