Emotional Connection Voted Top Priority For Good Sex By 500 Women


Emotional Connection Voted Top Priority For Good Sex By 500 Women

Women want more sex. So says a survey of 500 women by Kindara, the fertility management app.

When asked ‘what’s most important for good sex?’, ’emotional connection’ ranked far ahead of other factors, followed by ‘foreplay’, ‘communication’ and even ‘frequency of sexual activity’.


Emotional Connection Voted Most Important For Good Sex, Kindara Survey

Check out more interesting results of the survey as reported by Huffington Post: Women Want More Sex.

And connect these dots:

50% of women voted they want more sex. Yet, the ‘frequency of sexual activity’ actually pales in comparison to the desire for greater emotional connection.

The more in sync we become with our partner emotionally, the more satisfied we are sexually — even if we have ‘less’ sex.

One simple bit of advice that even emotionally ‘slower’ men should be able to understand is reported by Hayley Matthews at DatingAdvice.com, following a 21-day sex-life study which found 15-minutes of cuddling after sex makes a big difference in overall sexual satisfaction and general relationship fulfillment.

Do so many men really find that so hard to understand?


The Intimacy Code details five emotional experience that you can give to a man during early-stage dating and continued into long-term relationship that strengthen emotional connection in a way that men secretly crave.

References: Huffington Post, Kindara. DatingAdvice.com.

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