I Am Earth's Survivor by Gavriel Shaw


I Am Earth's Survivor by Gavriel Shaw

Sitting in his well worn comfortable chair, Que felt a series of chills up and down his spine as he re-read this story written in 2003, revised in 2007, and reprinted in the book Earth’s Technological Evolution.
As he settled into the story, his breathing deepened as his mind relaxed and focused on it’s simple potent message.

“I Am Earth’s Survivor”

The skeleton sat, propped against the rock. Rustling high-speed winds coursed around his ribcage. 10 years before now, the man had sat remembering a mushroom cloud filling the sky before him. He sat waiting to die.
What were his last thoughts of?
survivorJournal entry 1.01.2030
Good morning my only companion.
I take pen to your yellowing pages today for the final time, for I barely now have strength to write. The radiological illness has nearly drained the last of my energy, and I no longer have strength or motivation to find food.
I have wandered a little from my hut today, I wanted to be under the expanse of the nature’s beautiful sky so often forgotten. A boulder to prop my self against whilst this final journal entry I do tell.
I want to give you humanity’s last and perhaps first story…

My War of Two Worlds

My words are difficult. My thoughts have spread widely. I don’t apologize for the difficulty in my language. My final journal entry to you, my dear magical diary, sums up a lot of wide scope meaning. However I am still not confident of its clarity. So play close attention, whoever finds this preserved time capsule diary (if ever). And you will later see that my previous journal entries citing references clarify everything. Read closely enough and you will see how self-evident and obvious it is.


On one side were the honest value producers and creators, the people at Google, at Apple, at Intel, at every technological company world wide.
But on the other hand were the political SCUM parasites. They would not stop there efforts to cover up the truth. Dishonest value destroyers; the parasitic looters comprised of cockroaches and sheeple. .
No my beloved diary, I haven’t gone crazy from the radiation, biochemical pollutants, nor starvation with such weird labels or phrases. My mind is so clear. I have had 15 years to reflect…
The sheeple were the sheep-like people who followed higher authority out of hope and faith. Swallowing whole any and all injustices that the cockroaches promoted.
The cockroaches were the hideous monsters metamorphosed by envy, dishonesty, and impotence, who influenced, coerced, and held us back. We discovered them hiding in every nook of society. Political lobbyists of all varieties.
Notable public figures, including Politicians, celebrities, and lobbyists smothered self-responsibility by promoting health fads, bad habits, false ethics, and media accepted crimes, whilst the so called ‘victims’ gave them the stage.
And some of us could see so clearly how society was controlled by the theatrical stage portrayed by the media. A theater absurdity, performed within a living nightmare.
Death and Taxes
Some of us already knew that ‘the only things certain are death and taxes’ was no longer true. We didn’t accept as inevitable things like debilitating old age, heart disease, cancer, poverty or force-backed taxes. There were causes to those problems. Science and economics now contained the solutions. By the late 2000s the human genome technology was accelerating geometrically faster than even the computer technology. That’s Fast with a capital F. This was well understood by the few, The significant.
Our goal was to make those few into many. Why? So that depoliticization would free technology and save the economy.
Our battle field were the years around the 2008 Ron Paul Constitutional elections and the 2012 Visions Party elections.
I was resident in the UK until 2007, when I took my 3 month due wife to Lake Chapala, Mexico. A safe haven for retirees and emigrants. I wasn’t retired. But I could work remotely from my Apple MacBook and forthcoming Google Open Wireless.
Wow! Lake Chapala was magnificent. Organic exotic fruits and vegetables. Low cost accommodation. Friendly and open neighbors. Festive activities all year round. Minimal taxation.
Beautiful it was… I say was.. until the looters came with their regulations, laws, and taxes right before the US 2008 elections… to ‘help the downtrodden and serve the public’, of course…
My wife successfully ran a health, fitness, and organic café business. She was very popular, beautiful, light footed, gracious, and every bit mine. I was very proud, very happy.
Together we built our lives, me via cyberspace, the telephone, and short trips away by flight, working mostly in Digital Marketing, and training teams in Web 3 Efficiency and Time Management.
I was also supporting the grass roots spread of the new understandings among the increasingly restless masses. We were heading towards the dream of liberty and a Constitutional Republic.
During the late 2000’s, minds flipped like lifeboats right side up, but alas as it turned out it was too late; it happened just a bit too slowly to make the difference, to reach critical mass.
50 million freed Americans and Europeans’ was one of our battle cries. That’s what we thought it would take to break the anchors of Politics, Death-perception, and Stagnation.
Our lack of positive expectation made us settle for the ho-hum of normal life. We had enough to deal with, for career development, entertaining distractions of MTV, etc. Sure, technological progress was satisfying enough, pacifying in a way.
But despite our complacency we reached a tipping point.
The tipping point came when the Government attempted to bring monopoly / anti-trust rulings against Google. At that moment every single technology lover new and felt the face of the enemy. The lobbyists of big government.
But those cockroaches underestimated our work in almost freeing 50 million people from the hypnosis of ‘political rights and political force to help the downtrodden and poor’. The chains of politics, death and stagnation were worn thin.
Only an election or two later, Freedom would have taken office! A constitutional republic again at last.
I watched as Ron Paul became ever more popular. The fantastic YouTube developments. Social Networking. Blogging. Bookmarking. And of course the real-space activism. We were close. So very close to winning a Constitutional President.
It boggles the imagination to even guess at how different things would be, and how very quickly and easily, with Ron Paul as President.
Nearly 50 million Americans and millions of Europeans had broken many of the chains binding us to Politics.
I sincerely believe that we were just months from total and enduring victory. The Golden sun lit free-market laissez-faire capitalism of the natural Constitutional republic was nearly complete in the hearts and minds of those 50 million. I sit here alone with tears blurring my eyes now because I love each and every one of those men and women, young and old, who fought for what they believe in, who performed acts of heroism to spread Ron Paul’s message. Everything at stake.
So much pain now reflecting on what befell us, me, my wife…
My friends, my hard working colleagues dedicating our time and effort to freedom side-by-side. That band of merry men, also now dust to dust. Gravesites filled the land, many buried by my own hand.
I wonder sometimes of any other scattered survivors out there in that wilderness of anti-civilization deserts…
So, my dear digital diary, why didn’t we win, you ask, taunting me in your silence. The glow of your screen, your cursor blinking at me, waiting for words of value, meaning, understanding; always.. blink, blink, blink…
I have never decided whether it was out of our lack of iron grip control, or whether chance really did leave us just one straw short, but either way we got the short straw. Only just mind (chuckle) only just… (Nathan sigh’s with a sinking feeling deep in his chest)
You see, when the religious terrorists attacked, the encryptology technologies and protection services that kept us private and secure broke down too.
To have seen the look in the politicians eyes, at that moment finally being forced into honest awareness of the crippling result of their laws and regulations, societal suppressions, and holy War in Iraq, as they realized that their game was up. But we, freedom engineers, technology lovers, found our selves thrown back into their game too, the game we had escaped through cyberspace.
When the economy fell in the anticivilisation, via the final blow that came from the religious terrorists, we hadn’t yet finished building our replacement cyber-economy, and some of our communication capacity broke down too. Those evil bastards detonated too many nuclear war heads at once.
We couldn’t operate an effective nationwide protection force [chuckle]. How many times it has played in my mind I could not recount. “If only I did this, if only I did that, if only I ‘woke-up’ sooner, if only I took responsibility for my life and loved one’s sooner, if only I put more energy into sharing the technological advances possible from depoliticization. If only I didn’t waste so much time on meaningless distractions… pathetic computer games or dead-end vlogs.”
Yuck, that feeling still eats at me even now.
A crippled uncoordinated US military, UN (shriveled due to it’s failures and publicly exposed atrocities), EU Europol (the new German SS), and NATO death forces were unleashed against the religious terrorists and also various liberation armies of self-defence. Three ‘armies’. The economically supported political armies, the technologically supported freedom armies, and the death-for-glory religious armies.
I cried nearly every night as I reflected on how close we had come, if only people, myself included, had seized total self-responsibility; with Fully-Integrated-Honesty; Wide-Scope-Accounting; and Discipline, Thought & Control.
Politicians would not have been permitted to sink the world economy, shattering the value of the US Dollar, debilitating our military protection services, therefore political and religious militia would not have been able to wipe us out. But that’s exactly what they did.
Wipe them out… all of them.” – Evil Commander of Star Wars Deathstar
For many months we heard rumors of religious terrorist factions drawing closer, working their way down North America. Together a band of us around Mexico did the only thing we could, futile as we practically knew it would be. Guns and explosives did we learn how to make. Like a scene from the Terminator films, men against ‘the machines’, zomby-like automatons filled with a twisted hatred of life.
At night the nightmares and deep stomach felt sickness was all too much to bear. My wife and my 2 children would never know the technological Constitutional Republic that we came SO close to.
Remembering Morpheus in The Matrix, ‘here they come’ were the words that echoed in my mind for those months.
We would have had a similar pulse cannon to protect ourselves as they did in The Matrix had Nikoli Tesla not been blocked in the early 1900’s. Wi-Tricity too. But such events the general populace never knew. ‘Ignorance is bliss’, said the traitor in The Matrix as he munched on his steak. Well ignorance was not bliss; ignorance was self-deluded stagnation leading to death.
And they did come, and I have written to you the rest of the events elsewhere, of my parents, my brothers and sisters, friends and loved ones… I do not wish to think of those final events any further, the pangs of loss and hurt stir in my throat… my wife..

Beautiful Woman

The spring
in her step
has turned
to fall.”

Suffice it to say I fell unconscious during our final battle, and I remember the squawk of a vulture, and the cold dankness of night as I woke against a rock beside a stream. I knew the physical wounds would heal and scar, and would the emotional wounds fester and blister?
No help in that world or in this! I was alone in the abyss.” – Aleister Crowley
To live out my days alone, reflecting on the distinctions between the Politicized Democracy and our almost achieved Constitutional Republic. I shall write a few more broad descriptions of the 3 anchors that held us to politics, then I think I shall be done…for…
If I am the last person alive on Earth, then with me shall die all living memory of these events. I trust that my digitally preserved book will be secure in this radio wave homing beacon time-capsule, and that nature finds a way to repair the planet for new civilizations to rise or that the homing beacon is detected by galactic travelers.
Perhaps they will learn from and not make the mistakes that we did. Whether there are pockets of human life currently flourishing somewhere on Earth, or whether the evolution process will have to do it again, the honest value producers SHALL inherit the Earth, and they will hopefully have my diagrammatic, pictorial and holographic records to steer them clear of the mistakes we made. My digital magic diary; my final value contribution to future humanity.
So to sum up my identifications of an ‘anti’ civilization are:

The Enemies

The bottom-line questions:

Who are the value creators? (of Business, Science and Art)

Who are the value destroyers? (Sheeple and CREAPs)

Goodbye all that
If the goal of mystics is to cancel out and create no further Karma, then I have accomplished that ‘noble’ goal.
I have cried out all my tears, laughed out all my residual joys, and I have nothing left that I want from this life, no loved ones to contribute to or share with.
However: the stupid mystics!, hiding to themselves that the Sanskrit meaning of karma was cause and effect. I.e. The responsibility of being accountable to the effects that you cause by your chosen actions.
Instead, mystics used their idea of ‘karma’ to escape responsibility.
They tried to ‘reduce karma’, rather than increase it positively. Fools!
Well, I leave my magic diary for future volitional beings, and hope that the value of my cause-and-effect karma brings value to future others.
I have lost all sense of meaning. ……….
Leaning against this rock beside me, my breathing has become erratic now, and my hand is shaking from exhaustion I hope my hand tablet PC scrawl is legible and I must close the diary in the time capsule.
As final words, I lament on a poem I remember reading around the year 2000, titled Emptiness Personified.

I will die in Paris while it rains, on a day which I already remember. I will die in Paris – and I do not run away – perhaps in the Autumn, on a Thursday, as it is today. It will be a Thursday, because today, the Thursday that I write these lines, my bones feel the turn, and never so much as today, in all my road, have I seen myself alone.” – Albert Camus

I am that I am. I could have been much more.
Who am I?

_________________ [end] _________________

I know how failure feels’, lamented Que to the wind, whilst sitting at the base of an old tree in full Spring bloom whilst reading this stirring story…
If the code of a Self-Leader (including individuality, self-responsibility, honesty, effort, value creation, business, happiness, health, love, and freedom) remains relatively unheeded by people, perhaps such as you, such may lay your fate in that picture of an Anticivilisation desert.
Out of a passionate tension, with a tightened jaw of determination, Que in 2004 saw that such a result will NOT happen, as ‘their’ time IS up; for it is our time now, the value producers and rising Self-Leaders that uphold the promise of a Constitutional Republic.
“Every man has enough power left to carry out that of which he is convinced.” – Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
There are decades when nothing happens; and there are weeks when decades happen.” – Lenin while in exile shortly before the Russian Revolution
May we gain the time needed to succeed.” – Frank R Wallace, 2003

Section B: Your Rising Super-Society

“Que continued reading…”
The saga continues in Section B.
Coming later…

Open Letter

Dear Friend,
Will you miss the adventure of future technology, achievement and satisfaction?
Or will you watch government crumble to the wayside so that technology can soar uninhibited… providing us the satisfaction of every human need and desire?
Will you personally lose everything, by 2020, or perhaps even sooner (just as those of 9/11, or the military boys in Iraq), or will you make it to the other side… along with your loved ones.. in the War Of Two Worlds…?
You will recognize your self in this story. Just as Evey said at the end of the film V for Vendetta in answer to the question ‘who was he’. “my father, my mother, my brother, my friend, you, me…he was all of us.”.
And in the story he is known as Que, and here is how it ends…

“The computer programming wizards helped end the stranglehold of politics by building a cyberspace ostracism matrix. Then nothing ‘they’ did was a secret from ‘we the people’. The people dumped politics in a heartbeat. And technology was finally free to soar in all industries, just like it had with computers.” – Earth’s Technological Evolution, 2030

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