Do This: Become A Self-Leader For Guaranteed Mind Power Control


Do This: Become A Self-Leader For Guaranteed Mind Power Control

I feel like writing. Haven’t for a while now. Been scrambling to pull some projects together and not made room for new writing.

So this is for me as much for you. To touch base on the ideas of Self-Leadership with Mind Power, Mind Control, and Personal Success.

Since the age of 11 I have been mind-mapping. By age 16 I was revising my entire school Science exam syllabus in 20 minutes every day for a month before the exam. I got an A. Double AA actually as it was a double size course so we got 2 grades for it. But other exams I didn’t do so well in. English they never taught us a thing. Hence my dodgy grammar.

My mind-mapping has grown along with my mind power and mind control.

A [tag]Self-Leader[/tag] integrates the work of others into his own model of success. [tag]Neo-Tech[/tag] gave me the term Self-Leader.

A Self-Leader protects the use of his time. Time becomes the utmost precious commodity besides conscious life itself.

A time management system allows mind power to shine. The skill of knowing how to organize allows mind power to shine. And it goes on. There are 5 stages of organized living. Mind Power is the final stage.

Last year in August 2006 I discovered a pattern in dozens of my computer stored mind-maps that led to a new re-organization of some big areas in personal success.

And honestly, I’ve been trying to pull things together enough so that I could begin releasing those 9 mind controllers in a business way, which means profitable for me, and as valuable to you as I can.

I’m nearly there.

And first, make sure you have the 9 secret principles of mind power so you are primed and pumped ready for the 9 mind controllers.

We are heading into a new ear which I’ve dubbed the Efficiency Age.? The revolution into an efficient world supercedes the industrial revolution, technological revolution, information age and communication age of the Internet.? But knowledge and communication is no longer the weakest link in the chain.

The new weakest link is how to use our wealth of information and ease of communication.? To stream line our lives. To be independent of lies from governments, religions, corrupt businesses, etc.? To stand as sovereign self-leaders in a new bright world of modern freedom.? To choose the lifestyle that you want.? All this requires a central focus.? Efficiency.
There will be mind-maps revealing incredible work into the human field of [tag]mind power[/tag] and [tag]mind control[/tag].

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