Dating Coach, Relationship Coach or Intimacy Coach?


Dating Coach, Relationship Coach or Intimacy Coach?

I get asked if I’m a ‘dating coach’ or a ‘relationship coach’…

I explain that yes, I am a qualified life coach and an emotion therapist. I coach on dating, love, relationship, sex and intimacy… although I’m floored by the brilliance of certain dating and relationship coaches that I see in the marketplace.

And I don’t claim to be a replacement for any of them although I do have one particular contribution to offer.

A fast-track approach to connecting with men at their deepest level for authentic intimacy.

In that sense I’m proud to say I’m a coach. Because I can work with you on that particular topic of nurturing authentic emotional connection with a worthy suitor. To guide and train you on a five-phase emotional experience that men absolutely need to receive from you, in order to connect at a ‘soulful’ level.

But all the modern dating and relationship strategies will still apply. Such as those covered in my On Intimacy Podcast Interviews: from online dating if you’re over 40, through to advanced conflict-resolution mindsets.

I see intimacy as a life-long learning process.

An adventure.

Something to invest in throughout our lives.

The Love & Intimacy section of the blog gives me the opportunity to explore and share what I believe to be the greatest opportunity and greatest frontier of all human experience:

Union of self through deep authentic emotional connection with a loving partner.

So if you’re looking for a coach, browse the growing list of Expert Interviews (Subscribe to the On Intimacy Podcast on iTunes) and you may find the right coach for your current needs.

If you’d like to work with me short-term on my particular focus of helping you reach a man’s authentic heart-felt connection, we can do a few sessions: giving you the male intimacy code to authentic emotional connection.

From there, I may have suggestions for who to work with next as you progress along your own unique path of growth and fulfillment.

Either way, wishing you lots of passion, security and blissful harmony within yourself and with your relationships.


February 18, 2016

See my coaching page for an answer to the popular question: What Is Intimacy Coaching?

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