How To Connect With Men At The Deepest Level (for empowered single women)


How To Connect With Men At The Deepest Level (for empowered single women)

You may think you’ve seen, heard or read all of the dating and relationship advice that’s out there.

And a lot of that advice is excellent. However, you know it yourself that:

Intimacy is almost uncharted territory in today’s modern world of sexual liberation, casual dating and relationship failure.

From a combination of new science, modern psychology, ancient philosophy, and current coaching results with ‘conscious men’ and ‘evolved women’, a code has emerged with an entirely new approach to dating men.

What is it?

A sequence of emotional experiences that give men the personal space they need to trust in the process of building deeply intimate connection in relationship.

So compelling to male psychology that it makes men subconsciously feel they have been close to you for years — even if you’ve only recently met.

It’s the safest path for creating heart-felt, authentic connection between you and almost any man you choose — without using manipulation techniques that lead to weak ties and inauthentic communication. And without any risk of scaring him off.

It works just the same if you’re single, currently in a stale relationship, or just want your ex back.

How can that be?

Because authentic intimacy is the essence of all successful relationships. So you might wonder:

Is It Just A Communication Thing?

Unfortunately, most men can’t help because they have no idea how to communicate their real emotional needs for building that special connection.


If it was only about communication, psychologists would have given us the solution by now. Marriage counselors have been trying for decades… and divorce rate is still +50%!

As it turns out, the problem goes much deeper than how men and women communicate.

Our physiology… brain patterns… emotional baggage… hormonal responses… and neurological triggers all play a role in the battle of the sexes.

Deep emotional intimacy depends on each partner’s deepest sense of identity while coming together with emotional respect and mutual support.


FIRST, if you haven’t figured this out already, you should know: The dating industry is broken.

No wonder there’s a men’s movement called ‘Men Going Their Own Way’.

And no wonder loving women like you do not know men’s true needs for creating loving intimacy — and it’s not your fault.

The sad fact is that you’ve been unknowingly misguided when it comes to attracting intimacy and this is the MAIN reason you’ve been let down by relationships…

Time for something drastically new!

Fixing The Male Intimacy Problem

Science now explains why men abandon relationship commitment:

It turns out that men choose commitment based on intuition from their gut.

A collection of neurons about the size of a cat’s brain involved with anxiety and the emotions of security, self-identity and courage.

To a man, commitment can feel like a trap — depending on how you approach it.

That doesn’t mean they want to be ‘free’ from heart-felt, sensual, loving harmony.

What it means is: They need a relationship that liberates them from feelings of constraint and limitation.

That you make them feel a higher capacity for life’s adventure, rather than held back by routine or unable to truly be themselves.

But your higher capacity of love can feel threatening.

Women’s heart-based intuition and capacity for empathy, compassion and love work at a faster rate than a man’s (as measured by EEG and heart rate variability to pre-stimulus response).

Your higher capacity for love forces men to subconsciously back off and go into defensive mode — by triggering the gut response to protect their self-identity.

The solution involves…

Changing Your Pace Of Emotional Entanglement

The pace of dating and courtship either builds deep bonds — or brings the unstable new relationship down like a house of cards…

Since women (in general) approach commitment from their heart, they seek intimate emotional connection way too early for a man’s process.

Due to a man’s psychology, there is an intimacy code that all mature, quality men live by. Even when they don’t know it consciously.

Some women stumble onto parts of this code by trial-and-error. Often after years of heartbreak… a lot of reflection… and some luck.

By learning The Intimacy Code now, you give yourself the best possible chance of nurturing authentic romance with someone truly special.

The Intimacy Code satisfies the emotional needs of a man’s brain-chemistry that directly controls his ‘fight or flight’ triggers. It’s the most direct path to trust and the foundation for harmonious relationship. Nurture the most authentically intimate connection with modern man today with The Intimacy Code.

It’s The Key To Authentic Intimacy

Not too long ago: A female friend called me in despair…

“My circumstances are overwhelming,” she cried “why do you even still talk to me?”

Her attitude is more common than we like to admit.

At first, I suggested my friend “think on paper,”…

…taking all of her overwhelming thoughts and gushing them out in writing.

This has many benefits: a sense of control, organizing issues, giving the self permission to express its truths, instantly reducing overwhelm, and so on.

“But,” she said, “I already wrote it down”.

Perfect, the next step is to ask yourself this question:

“What am I resisting?”, for each item that adds to your sense of overwhelm.

People are in conflict with the world around them, their personal relationships, and especially their loved ones—because at various levels we fail to fully acknowledge, accept and love our own selves.

This makes it difficult to either love others, or be loved by others, making deep intimate connection almost impossible — despite it being our greatest desire.

This is the journey of self-discovery that heals and empowers

This is the process of authenticity that can be emotionally difficult to tolerate; especially when we’re miserable, feel like victims of circumstance, and want others to care and love us.

It has to start from the self.

Self-love through authentic awareness of our own resistance to growth and change enables intimate sharing to take place with other people.

And what is intimacy, really? It’s not sex. It’s not when two people with emotional walls, big barriers, and lack of self-acceptance get together and rub their bodies together for distraction or complain about life, while wallowing in self-pity. Intimacy is based on authentic connection.

And our authentic self is always empowered.

We are powerful, capable and mighty beings. Our weaknesses are based on false fears, beliefs and identities that we cling to for a variety of reasons. None of which are deeply authentic.

They are habits. They give us excuses. They allow us to at least feel something, anything — because we aren’t used to feeling good.

Connection with a significant other, be it family member or lover, depends on your authentic self meeting their authentic self

This can involve supporting each other’s weaknesses, wounds, confusions and fears, but only from an orientation of positive growth, learning and change. This is who we are. Our authentic self is full of love’s light.

My friend wanted circumstances to be different. She wanted people to be nicer, life to be easier. She also recognized that her identity is rooted in struggle. After all, she wants to write a best-selling novel about the struggles in her life.

I said, “Don’t live your life in the moment as if you’re a character in a book. Readers want to know your authentic journey of accomplishment, not your self-indulgent struggle with conflict.”

And in some way, isn’t it true that we all attempt to play a character, or a role throughout our life based on our past experiences?

For better or for worse.

Subconsciously, we seek to re-create the larger-than-life and care-free experiences of our early childhood. My friend sought that through other people’s capacity to share with her, accept her, and love her.

However: She became over-sensitive to what seemed like their rejection, refusal and limitations.

Intimacy is the bridge for connecting through authenticity.

Conscious relationships start by recognizing that we are the central force and greatest power in our life experience

First, recognizing our individual journey that we choose to openly share with a partner. And second, acknowledging that our partner is going through their own individuated journey.

Only by respecting differences and boundaries do we have a chance to appreciate and fully connect at the level of similarities. Our own authenticity lets us connect to the authenticity of another.

This makes communication key to a conscious relationship. Creating a safe space of listening, empathy and acceptance of each other’s experience is the key to authentic communication.

Does that mean unconditional love?

No, sorry, it doesn’t; because authenticity is a condition.

If love was unconditional we would always feel full of love—no matter what.

On the one hand, we can relate to the popular wishful thinking for unconditional love because it represents a place of total loving harmony with feelings of absolute safety and security wrapped in the nurturing embrace of a deeply intimate connection (makes me want it just thinking about it).

However, when you step back to consider the practicalities of unconditional love or unconditional acceptance we realize that maintaining love’s harmony is just like maintaining health.

It’s not automatic; it doesn’t happen without effort, focus, discipline and attention to detail — these are conditions.

The more we embrace the efforts required to be more open and loving, the more love we bring into our lives. Intimacy begins with vulnerability. My friend is well on that road.

Don’t demand that your intimate partner accept who you are unconditionally. Demand they accept you as you are because they believe in who you are becoming.

We are all on the same shared road of emotional, psychological and spiritual growth towards absolute self-love that emerges from complete authenticity.

Take The Intimacy Code online course to learn how to attract and nurture authentic intimacy with modern man.

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