Colonizing Space

I watched a lot of Star Trek as a teenager and pined over the peaceful and abundant lifestyles depicted on some of the new worlds that The Enterprise discovered during its adventure across the cosmos…


We’re not there yet… and this video may not seem so impressive at first…

It’s just a space rocket in controlled flight, then safely landing back down…

If, like me, you weren’t yet born when Neil Armstrong stepped onto the moon, you may be wondering where all the innovation is happening for space travel… since NASA apparently turned more to weather control research┬árather than human space exploration.

Oh sure, NASA and other groups have sent space probes to land on comets… but where’s the cutting edge stuff? The Star Trek stuff..!

Well, that’s all happening inside Elon Musk’s Space X with rockets that can now land for re-use as a significant innovation… drastically cutting the cost of space launches… paving the way to Elon’s goal of colonizing Mars in the not too distant future.

I’m excited to begin research into this incredible new frontier of space colonization.

Moving is beyond a one-planet civilization will mark a radical new era of experience.


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