Collapse Of The Cabal Infrastructure amidst Bulging Bond Bubble


Collapse Of The Cabal Infrastructure amidst Bulging Bond Bubble

Martin Armstrong and 2015.75

Martin Armstrong’s blog continues to be the only one I read religiously every day.
Partly because I think he offers a sophisticated overview of global trends.
And partly because knowing his advice just might save my bacon one day, or help me prosper during the coming transition.
Recommended reading:

Benjamin Fulford and Cabal Collapse

Fulford’s updates are also enjoyable to read as they are the only source of potentially partially valid info that really digs deep into the possible big picture of elite corruption and its collapsing infrastructure.


I am touring Germany by motorcycle at present, hoping to find inspiration for where to move to, so I can stay safe, and be part of a worthy community. Any suggestions, let me know.

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