Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with CBT Therapist Gavriel Shaw


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with CBT Therapist Gavriel Shaw

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has advanced far from its early beginnings in Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy.

Today, CBT considers the body-stresses rather than just the cognitive aspects of therapeutic work to improve the quality of life.

At the heart of modern CBT is a focus on disputing the natural errors of thinking that creep into our mental state whenever we experience negative situations over and over again.

For instance:

“Mary makes me so mad!”

The chances are that this negative experience did not happen spontaneously, but developed over some period of time, due to several contributing factors.

Cognitive behavioral therapy takes a diligent and patient path to uncover the missing elements of experience, belief, and emotion to fully represent the problem being experienced.

For example:

“I end up feeling so mad when Mary uses that tone of voice because it reminds me of my mother and I fight against the feelings of regret and loss I have to avoid feeling sad”.

Ahhh… now with that level of insight we can do a lot of work using various CBT tools to completely change the experience so that “Mary does not make you mad” anymore.

Benefitting From Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

In CBT we keep record of certain thoughts, feelings and behaviors to help understand exactly where emotional responses are being triggered, and then create an agreed treatment plan to shift the internal representations of experience that lead to the cognitive responses of negative emotion.

Despite that sounding a little wordy, the process is diligent and the steps are simple, easy, and engaging.

CBT alone is shown to work remarkably quickly to resolve many current issues while empowering you as the client to maintain and build on the foundations that we create together in our sessions.

Unfortunately, studies show that CBT results are often not long lasting for many clients.

So taking things further, I involve aspects of NLP, mBIT, EFT and Life Coaching to ensure that we do not miss any big opportunities to make the short-term results of CBT have a much deeper effect throughout your psyche for positive lasting change.

If you have benefited from CBT in the past and want something a little extra, or if you are keen to begin a course of CBT, we can begin with a free consultation session to consider working together.

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