Emotional Clearing and EFT (emotional freedom technique)


Emotional Clearing and EFT (emotional freedom technique)

Here’s something you probably didn’t know about me…

Besides writing about life direction, productivity and business, I’m also a trained Emotional Freedom Technique therapist.

EFT is a combination of talk therapy and meridian acupressure which achieves results for many clients in a matter of hours where other forms of therapy have not worked for years.

EFT can be used for emotional frustrations, depression, anxiety, procrastination, traumas, and more – anything related to negative emotions.

It took me 5 years to finally get around to giving EFT a fair try.

Suffice it to say I was skeptical.

But I do have a long lasting interest in therapy, having studied CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) as part of my Psychology A-Level, buying many more books on CBT and therapy in general, than was necessary for the course.

Coming from a ‘broken home’ I also have experienced my fair share of councelling and family therapy.

Fascinated by linguistics (the structure and effects of language) via the likes of Alfred Korzybski, I discovered NLP (neuro linguistic programming), with its applications in therapy, including Ericksonian Hypnosis.

To cut a long story short, everything that I have experienced and discovered about psychology, therapy, and mind power can be brought to bare within the incredibly simple method of Emotional Freedom Technique tapping.

What’s more… and what finally tipped me over the edge to investigate EFT properly… was all the various endorsements from people that I respect, including medical doctors, best selling authors, and people I know and respect.

And now I have experienced the benefits myself and delivered those benefits for a small but growing number of clients (100% success rate so far!).

If you are interested in knowing more and possibly having EFT sessions, contact me via the homepage.

Callahan also provides a Tapping Teleclass and a new Tapping Course which you can take online.

Emotional Freedom Technique

NLP, psychology, hypnotherapy and EFT are personal interests. My father is an Osteopath and Naturopath. I was raised in a ‘healing’ environment. And EFT is something I seem to have unique talent for given my experience, dedication, training and experience.

What is Emotional Freedom really all about?

Perhaps you’ll find enough clues in this poem I wrote:

by Gavriel Shaw, first draft June 2007, edits up to Dec 2010.

Around and around I go,
my head in a spin.

I look at the crowd standing in line,
Eager to join me on this double bind.

Clowns appear all around me,
I’ve discovered their false reality.

Their true colours hidden by bright painted smiles,
surrounding their victims with balloons, fatty foods and Coca-Cola – stuffing their faces,
distracted by entertainment; Hollywood blockbusters, MTV,
false grace – and blind dignity.

Clinging to the pole of my carousel pony…
Hidden by this complimentary mask and its own false painted smile,
I still cling to the dream of excitement and bounty,

But beneath my mask my eyes have opened to an alternate reality,
turning on its head this carousel dichotomy of frozen sighs and fantasy.

The reality is that I’m bored. My carousel goes round and round,
but I’ve outgrown its bind and false sense of security.

I look into the crowd for the architects of this plastic carousel,
I’m tired of being just another cog in the wheel,
of their system, the system — of government and hell.

As I cling to the pole of my carousel pony,
must I wait till it stops or can I escape early…
Perhaps there is something more alive and more real?
But what is our fate?

Like children we are treated by the elitist powers that be.

How can I be rid of them…
How can I be free?

Alas, I see in the crowd, the next line of carousel riders,
How can I show them the truth of this charade?

What possibly can I say to make them see,
That even though my mask carries a smile of glee…
I cling here to my carousel pony, trapped as can be?

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