I don’t have Children, but I have been one… and known a lot of them.

My Grandma has 17 grand children at my last count. I’m the eldest of 3 with 2 sisters. I’m also observant.

Not much triggers spontaneous anger in me, not much at all. But one thing that does is seeing bad parents mistreat their children.

Not appreciating their Children as the most precious, delicate, and valuable things in their life… to verbally abuse them, speak down at them, discourage them, turns my stomach and boils my blood.

Another form of abuse that most people do not seem to recognize is the diet that parents feed them. Sugar puff double whipped extra dipping wheat-laden, chewy, chemical-laden, microwavable, easy cook, nutritionally valueless so called ‘food’. These things destroy the childs metabolism, possibly making them obese, always damaging their neurology and thus reducing their ability to think, to feel and achieve their dreams.

On this page I will list some resources that (whilst I have not had the privilege yet of first hand experience) look good for parenting to me:

Teaching the Principle of Delayed Gratification

Here’s a fantastic principle presenting in this video, with many more ‘marshmallow experiment’ videos available on YouTube.


  • more coming soon