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Search for Alien Life: “Is There Anybody Out There!?” Episode 1- Alien Waterworlds

 Episode 1- The Search for Life and Habitability in Alien Waterworlds: “Is There Anybody Out There!?” Searching for Life on MARS is sooo 2010….. Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or an ocean–somewhere you might soon actually have the incredible option to experience as introduced in Gav’s Under Ocean Habitats post), you’ve likely heard of Mankind’s […]

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Colonizing Space

I watched a lot of Star Trek as a teenager and pined over the peaceful and abundant lifestyles depicted on some of the new worlds that The Enterprise discovered during its adventure across the cosmos…   We’re not there yet… and this video may not seem so impressive at first… It’s just a space rocket […]

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Welcome to Cosmic Elevator

Over the past few years I’ve grown weary of mankind’s constrained social and technological progress… Innovation abounds in computer science and medical technology… yet the burden of city life continues in the wake of global economic uncertainty. Yet revolution is upon us on multiple fronts. I thought… let’s not bother pointing fingers of blame on […]

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