Do you believe in Global Warming?


On October 14, Lord Christopher Monckton, a noted climate change skeptic, gave a presentation in St. Paul, MN. In this 4-minute excerpt from his speech, he issues a dire warning to all Americans regarding the United Nations Climate Change Treaty, scheduled to be signed in Copenhagen in December 2009.

Lord Monckton served as a policy adviser to Margaret Thatcher. He has repeatedly challenged Al Gore to a debate to which Gore has refused. Monckton sued to stop Gore’s film “An Inconvenient Truth” from being shown in British schools due to its inaccuracies. The judge found in-favor of Monckton, ordering 9 serious errors in the film to be corrected. Lord Monckton travels internationally in an attempt to educating the public about the myth of global warming.

There has been considerable debate raised about Monckton’s conclusion that the Copenhagen Treaty would cede US sovereignty. His comments appear to be based upon his interpretation of the The Supremacy Clause in the US Constitution (Article VI, paragraph 2). This clause establishes the Constitution, Federal Statutes, and U.S. TREATIES as the supreme law of the land. Concerns have been raised in the past that a particularly ambitious treaty may supersede the US Constitution. In the 1950s, a constitutional amendment, known as the Bricker Amendment, was proposed in response to such fears, but it failed to pass. You can read more about the Bricker Amendment in a 1953 Time Magazine article.

Watch Lord Monckton’s full presentation and download the ppt file via this page.

New World Order Dossier

Eli Rook has got a good balance of insight and optimism in his new release New World Order Dossier.  Get a large chunk of it free and see if it fits with your view of the changes happening in the world today.
A couple outtakes that I think can foster good conversation with Eli:
The perceived symbolic connections between royalty, the occult, the banking system, aliens, corporations, religious mythology, and a one-world fascist state is manufactured to cloud the minds of those puppet resistors unknowingly working toward the ultimate goal.
Rothschild, Rockefeller, Murdoch, Kurzweil, Page & Brin… and THOUSANDS of others, who collectively play Atlas to the world, are viciously attacked by the anti-NWO movement. The fact is, management of many global corporations see to it that their millions of employees can provide for their families. Many do this with without taking federal subsidies, bailouts, or the indirect welfare money that was originally confiscated from citizens by force. Such corporations provide products and services that make life better for EVERYONE, at the expense of NO ONE. Yet the heads of these companies are attacked as “elitist parasites” by the liberal public. Many are attacked as greedy, immoral, and destructive, yet they are instrumental in keeping us alive and giving us the means to improve the quality of our lives. Anyone who makes such attacks only needs to look inward to identify the problematic element of society.
The bourgeois public lives in envious misery, despising those who earn millions for leveraging their minds, and utilizing the resources around them to bring tremendous values to society. If you’ve fallen into this trap, I want you to think about the greatest minds on this planet, who bring you so many life-enhancing products, services, technology, and never-before-uncovered knowledge, and I invite you to imagine where you’d be without them.

The Millennial Letter


Why the future depends on you
to lead a new generation
into freedom and collaboration.

…Plus how the older generations
are stealing your future
for their own profit and power.

(and the one thing you can do to stop them)

Dear Millenial,
Were you born after 1981?
You are part of what’s known as the Millennial generation. A new breed entirely…
And your future depends on the issues raised in this letter.
First, let’s agree on what’s important:

  • Enjoyable career
  • Meaningful friendships
  • Freedom to choose your own direction in life
  • Good health
  • Progress of humanity
  • Lots of fun

But there is something blocking the free progress of that life. In fact, there is a clear enemy that all 16-to-26 year olds must stand against…

The 2012 Analogy

As I write this letter to you, I have just turned 29. So I’ve missed the boat. I am not considered to be one of the special ‘new millennials’… the great group of young people that you are a part of — that is destined to shape our great new global future. In the UK. The US. Europe. The entire World.
Have you seen the natural disaster movie called ‘2012’?
The direction of your life, within the grand scheme of planet Earth, is like that giant ship in the film 2012.
…The door is stuck. The tidal wave is approaching. The greedy leaders are arguing about who to kill and who to spare. And YOU are stuck in the middle of this conundrum. Not just you, but your loved ones as well… friends and family… even the strangers that you pass every day to and from work.

Your Point Of View

Let me ask you a question:

Have you got a friend that has quite a big influence on your thinking?

Maybe you keep it secret — even from yourself… Someone that posts provocative YouTube videos on Facebook… about healthcare, about government corruption.. about police brutality… about spiritual awakenings… about living free… about travel and adventure… about love… about personal growth and success.
Perhaps they don’t catch your attention at all…
Perhaps you prefer a combination of getting drink at weekends, mainstream news media and soap operas on week nights, monday morning blues, a frustrating boss, and then thank god its friday during… junk food and gossip magazines, plus a 2-week summer holiday to pacify your cravings for a better life… If that’s you — I’m surprised you’ve read this far into my letter.

The Big Picture

But if a small part of you wants to improve your situation, to develop your career, to have a more meaningful family life, to have closer friendships, and to be part of the great transformation that this world needs to see over the coming years… then there is a grand puzzle picture that I want your help to putting together.
To help explain, and without sounding utterly corny, I have chosen a few videos plus links to my blog tag pages that lead to my personal rants, coverage of social issues and events, plus conversations that I’ve had on Facebook and elsewhere that will hopefully give you some of the big picture. But I need your help putting the complete picture together, and then finding the solution.
First, browse each of the tag pages that I’ve linked to below, read the conversations, and watch the video playlists I’ve given here, and then reply below in the comments section with your thoughts, questions, ideas, and even disagreements.
(don’t just look at the few links that already interest you… check them all, expand your horizons, and then offer new horizons for me).

  1. All tag links open new windows so you won’t lose this page.
  2. Each video player holds a playlist. Use the left and right arrows to navigate and hover in the video to browse.
  3. Some playlists contain some of the same videos as others. Just click the right arrow to advance to each next video.
  4. Brace yourself for impact.

If we can work together, as part of your generation of Millennials, plus slightly older people like me that have a little more cynicism and pessimism about the world’s state of affairs, then maybe together we can find the right balance, and the right projects, to continue shaping the world for a better future, by getting rid of every single one of the treacherous bastards currently in power, and by freeing the geniuses of society to make us all wealthy through the rise of innovation, new technologies, and better social systems.
Here are the various categories I’ve collected so far:

On Flu Vaccines and Healthcare

[mc src=”″ type=”youtube”]healthcare[/mc]
See my tag pages on swine flu, healthcare, health,

On Police Brutality and Intervention

[mc src=”” type=”youtube”]police brutality[/mc]
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On Politics and Government

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On the Elite Class and Eugenic Population Control

[mc src=”” type=”youtube”]social science[/mc]
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On Your Life Direction and the Law of Attraction

[mc src=”” type=”youtube”]life meaning[/mc]
See my tag pages on law of attraction, mind control,

On the European Union and Globalisation

[mc src=”″ type=”youtube”]globalisation[/mc]
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On Capitalism vs Socialism vs Corporatism

[coming soon]
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On Your Spirituality and Religion

[mc src=”” type=”youtube”]spirituality[/mc]
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On Your Money and The Banking System

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On the New World Order and Illuminati

[coming soon]
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On Peace and Freedom

[coming soon]
See my tag pages on activism, freedom, liberty, revolution,

Here’s What To Do

Once we’ve got a dialogue going on these issues, maybe together we can find some root causes, and some common solutions that we all think will help protect our future, help us work together for a common good, help us make the kind of massive changes in how society is run, help us chase the political and profiteering scum out of positions of power, and overall, help us live together in better harmony.
Am I beginning to sound corny? Just check out the links above and tell me you are not emotionally moved by the big puzzle picture that you discover.
Gav Ess
DOB 1980

The Saviours

“I am Earth’s Survivor”
Section B
Desired Reality: Supercivilisation, the Treasure Trove
Get Big Riches, Get Super Smart, Get Absorbingly Creative, ?Get Exquisite Love, Get Peaceful Protection, Get Exhilarated Health
Section B: Your Supercivilisation Bounty
Que continued reading…
A fictional story, a realistic possibility
First, income and other taxes were eliminated and replaced with ‘consumption user fees’.
Politicians with their suppressive laws and force-backed taxes do not exist to hinder businesses or consumers
Consumers money quickly became worth over 8 times what it was under politics!
Technology advances at an increasingly rapid rate, delivering abundant Gifts for our quality of life
Crime drops to nothing in a matter of years. In the mean time, society would operate via one rule against the use of force
Business with Science and Art facilitates, creates and / or supplies ALL values to EVERYONE: Ever better quality, at ever-lower prices.
“As long as the exponential increase of your market is greater than the exponential decline of your prices.” – CEO of Kodak, circa 1998
A heaven of abundant prosperity and happiness forever flowed across Earth showering everyone with 6 Gifts.
The 6 Gifts
Imagine a universe ‘without borders or boundaries’, in which business is FREE, showering ?you and your loved ones with 6 Golden Supercivilisation Gifts:
GIFT 1: Total Security
Can you imagine… no creditor’s to satisfy, no bailiffs at the ready, no police camera convictions, no force backed taxation of your income, no VAT on things you buy, no capital gains tax on your property, no micro-terrorist street thugs, no macro-terrorist religious or political war-creators.
What does the phrase ‘Total Security’ bring to your mind? What does it bring to mind in relation to Family / Friends, Occupation, Recreation, and Money?
Property Rights
During the shift in the 2000’s, people came to respect the value of each individual, and the right of all to their own thoughts, creations, voluntarily exchanged goods and property.
‘If the rights of the individual are protected, then the rights of everyone are protected’
The above was hailed by the increasingly insightful and in-the-know populous. The now visibly evil concepts of socialist / altruistic by-gone days of envy and parasitism; mooching and looting, were being nullified.
People not only clearly saw that Socialism, Communism and Self-sacrifice led to impoverishment and tyrannical rule, but they also used business-created technologies and services to protect themselves. They wanted business and technology to be freed from regulations.
Honest integrated, value producers stepped up to squash the old-system political candidates in something called The Great Replacement where career-politicians were voted out, and business-minded appointees were voted in who managed the freedom paradigm revolution in how politics was being structured and conducted.
Even President George Bush used laissez-faire understandings of how capitalism brings prosperity. He was the first of a wave of business-like-political-appointees that increasingly upheld individual rights:
“Government spends a lot of money, but it doesn’t build factories, it doesn’t invest in companies, or do the work that makes the economy go. The role of government is not to manage or control the economy from Washington, D.C., but to remove obstacles standing in the way for faster economic growth. That’s our role.” [applause]. – President George Bush, March 2003
The years following that address saw changes to government metamorphose from cockroach infestations into its proper American Constitution role of voluntarily-paid-for protection services within a Natural Republic.
As the crime rates dropped towards zero, governments shifted focus from prevention of physical aggression and theft, to preventing accidental property damage.
Availability of nsurance Services sky-rocketed as people willingly paid for their property and rights to be protected by super-rapidly-advancing-new-technologies that were researched and provided by insurance / research companies.
Andrew J Galambos illustrated1 how insurance services will assume the role of justice giver and protector. Since they do not want to pay out insurance claims, they would provide services or technologies that prevented the requirement of people making claims.
For example: ‘noise pollution’ could be insured against, by someone paying whatever insurance companies ask, with that insurance company developing and providing the technologies to fulfill their job of preventing ‘noise pollution’. (Note: Inaudible speakers had been developed in the 90’s that blocked other sound waves. It would just be a matter of that technology being developed to surround a house that could prevent noise pollution from entering ones home from outside.)
Anything becomes technologically possible in a Free society where individual rights are upheld and business is allowed to develop new products and services supplied to the marketplace.
What would you want? Can you see the life you would have? And for your loved one’s?
The tax-collectors found that their gobbledygook no longer held sway with citizens whose property and individual rights were protected by a constitution that prohibited the initiation of force.
(Reprinted with Permission from Neo-Tech Publishing)
The Constitution of the Universe?(1976)
The purpose of conscious life is to live creatively, happily, eternally.
The function of government is to provide the conditions that let individuals fulfill that purpose. The Constitution of the Universe guarantees those conditions by forbidding the use of initiatory force, fraud, or coercion by any person or group against any individual.
***?Article 1
No person, group of persons, or government shall initiate force, threat of force, or fraud against any individual’s self or property.
Article 2
Force is morally-and-legally justified only for protection from those who violate Article 1.
Article 3
No exceptions shall exist for Articles 1 and 2.
* * *
1. Values exist only relative to life.
2. Whatever benefits a living organism is a value to that organism.
3. Whatever harms a living organism is a disvalue to that organism.
4. The value against which all values are measured is conscious life.
5. Morals apply only to conscious individuals.
Immoral actions arise (1) from individuals who harm others through force, fraud, or coercion and (2) from individuals who usurp, degrade, or destroy values created or earned by others.
Moral actions arise from individuals who honestly create and competitively produce values to benefit self, others, and society.

Does that Constitution make sense to you? How do you see that it would change your life? Elimination of the FDA, IRS, etc? Are these ideas new and strange? Or do they seem clear and quite obvious?
Through that Constitution, no old-style government agency can ravish your property. No old-style government agency can imprison you for ‘victimless crimes’. You are legally sovereign. No Government agency can ravish your property, no Government agency can imprison you wrongfully.
When a Freedom Paradigm President was elected, the following was enacted: (Notes from Neo-Tech)
Immediately pardon and free all individuals convicted of “crimes” created from political-agenda laws.
Veto and work to repeal every political-agenda law passed by Congress, current and past.
Work to end all welfare and social programs.
Replace Clintonian toll-booth compassion with genuine compassion
Privatize Social Security.
Fully meet all obligations by paying back with market-rate interest all monies paid into Social Security. (Retirees would immediately receive a small windfall)
Finance this payback by selling government businesses and assets
Permit government activity only in areas of national defense, local police, and the courts to protect individual and property rights. Eliminate all other force-backed government powers and programs.
Disarm all beaurocrats, not honest citizens.
Replace the irrational, envy-based income tax with a rational consumption tax – a national sales tax. Then phase out sales taxes with major budget reductions, market-rate user fees, and the Golden Helmet.
Use revenues only for national defence and the protection of individuals and their property from objective crime.
Help redeemable parasitical elites, neocheaters, and professional value destroyers convert to competitive value producers in the Supercivilisation.
A New Digital Economy
Emailed to me by John Drake:
> …It is also not the duty of government to control money forms of any
> kind. This falls to the super competitive producers who must produce a
> ‘living’ currency to protect the life-supporting means of all men, women
> and children including generations of the unborn without exception. On the
> other hand governments dole out ‘dead’-money and it kills.
> Wipe out central banking systems through a default mode while issuing
> real living currency to all citizens at the lowest cost possible.
> This should be every self-leaders plans because three non compromising
> benefits occur:
> 1) Crimes and fraud become unprofitable and unnecessary to commit
> as they are not natural human behaviours.
> 2) Economies expand relentlessly.
> 3) Economic & social dislocations increasingly become obsolete.
> PS. Do realise, that without the bogus money form we regard
> as money…governments have no power or influence at all!
One of the major precursors in the change over to the new Neo-Tech economy was the work of various digital currency creators, notably J Orlinne Grabbe on Digital Cash.
Use the Total Security Chart for resources:
GIFT 2: Abundant Wealth
Can you imagine your lifestyle even under today’s economic / political condition if you simply didn’t have to pay income tax? Can you imagine what extra things you could afford, a newer car, some new clothes, the simple lifestyle things that make so much difference to us, all for those several hundred pounds, dollars, euros, etc that are currently taken as ‘income tax’?
Now, can you imagine if your money was worth twice what it is today (and if you didn’t have to pay income taxes)? Would you buy better food? Buy nicer presents for loved ones? Drive a better car, live in a better area?
Sometime around 2012
We said NO to Taxes! It was that simple.
When the huge spending budgets of old-style governments were withdrawn, the many hidden levels of taxation were removed, and our money immediately became worth 8-times what it was under the old system of force-backed taxation.
With enough wealth to easily be self sufficient, we didn’t need to rely on any J.O.B (Just Over Broke or Jump Out of Bed – the alarm-clock snooze-bar syndrome) where we swapped our time for money.
The earlier elimination of the IRS and thus income taxes, and most other taxes, all being replaced by consumption taxes or ‘user fees’ rescued the almost crumbled economy to boom worldwide production and commerce to drastically reduce the costs of living and so skyrocket the standards of living.
You now can easily support whomever you need or want, including romantic love partner, parents and children. You can afford whatever resources you desire and need for living comfortably, optimally, prosperously, healthily, creatively and happily.
People now live a life of passionate ATAC (Abundant Time and Abundant Cash).
Million-dollar condos are now everyone’s reality, not just a desire trapped within frozen sighs of boredom and resigned acceptance. No, these things are now available to you, me and everyone. What incredible freedom from the previous burden of money we have created for humanity now. Before people wasted or rejected the value of money and they felt it was ‘hard to come by’.
“Money isn’t everything, but it ranks right up their with Oxygen”
– Zig Ziglar
Use the New Professionals Matrix for building wealth.
Your Other Gifts and So Much More
This explanation of the 6 Gifts is continued in the Internal Processing publication called Identify Your Intent, which is the first of the 4-part Life of Magic series (published elsewhere).
Learn how the new world will facilitate the more personal areas of your Total Security and Abundant Wealth, as well as Optimum Health, Romantic Love, Stimulating Career and Superior Intelligence.
Thank you for being part of the journey.
Background notes
What kind of civilisation do we have today?
What will we have soon? (exciting but not relevant to you?)
If ‘they’ win
If we win
How will we get there? (Or rather, how will YOU get there?)
What does the map on the first page mean for your future?
And who the heck is Que?
What will the WhiteRabbit mean to YOUR life?
The problems of current civilization are now being ‘processed’ with increasing power from the ever-growing LIFE valuing populace of Earth.
Here-in stirs an integration of ideas for helping FREEDOM LOVERS to not only understand, but at long last to use the growing body of information, literature, and resources that are awakening the populace of Earth’s anger towards the causeRs of diminishment and death.
Section A: Your Anticivilisation Battlefield
Section A gives the Anticivilisation picture. Well what is that?! The Anticivilisation is what we DON’T want. You will have the details, references and clips that you can pursue to build an emotional BIG picture of what has happened in the world, what is going on, who are the culprits of this human-parasitism and value-destruction.
This type of understanding is now quite widely spread.
But it’s painful to accept and recognize the current downward journey of our world, especially without understanding or seeing a way out.
Section B: Your Supercivilisation Bounty
Section B begins an explanation of how human problems are solved and desires fulfilled easily in a FREE! society of Business, Science, and Art.
Perhaps you already understand the richness of life available in a society without ‘them’?
The problems of current civilization are now being ‘processed’ with increasing power from the ever-growing LIFE valuing people of Earth.
But to date in the early 2000s; the battle is not over yet…
Societal Processing Poem
Inspired by introductions to ‘Quantum Crossings’ in the Neo-Tech / Zonpower manuscript??
WhiteRabbit, mid-2004
Do, have, and become
A stirring dynamic grows: impregnated via the torment and achievements of Earth’s history, a new child is conceived.
Terms made to dull interest and curiosity: ‘Liberalism’, ‘Freedom’, ‘poppycock!’ think the duped zombified Sheeple.
But that world does exist, within the minds of the young, the dreams and aspirations forgotten by the old, and within the reach of all people today. That world exists throughout the cosmos amongst all conscious life and is coming to a planet near you! It is our future. Will you reach for it?!
A happy life of tranquility, love, exhilaration, and wonder…
Sometime in the future, Nathan Flame sits alone in quiet reflection of the vast changes that accompanied the shifts in people’s views from supporting the three Anticivilisation anchors to views supporting reality, creativity, and love…
A Supercivilisation exists on Earth
Societal Processing Hurricanes demonstrated
better survival exists without “authorities”
which led to…
Slave-Acceptance to Non-Acceptance Ostracism of the parasites,
which meant…
Business gave boundless riches for everyone
Society was no longer stunted by Politics, Media, and Academia,
people were no longer limited by Politics, Stagnation, or the old Death Perceptions.
WhiteRabbits projects will divulge my latest discoveries and advancements in Winning the War of Two Worlds and will develop to show how YOU can Get Involved! to profit BIG time.
“To free people to create the life they picture for themselves deep inside their hearts, by providing the precise information references and tools that will facilitate the manifestation of their dreams and wishes into reality.”
“The person who, at the beginning of a new dream, being cognizant of a rough past makes a pledge to him/herself that he/she will achieve that dream, with purpose and full command, will evoke a tear of joy from the great minds in the universe and will from that moment on live in tune with them” – Gil Magno
Tell people you know about Section A ?of the “I Am Earth’s Survivor”.
Help me make a difference. Perhaps the difference that helps tip the scales in our favor.
Either way, you’re going to find out over the next decade or so right?
Wishing you Peace, Love, Freedom and Live,
Part II
Section C: The Bridge: Getting Involved! (explore the Neuroplasticity blog site)

The Enemies

The Enemies

The bottom-line questions:
Who are the value creators?
(of Business, Science and Art)
Who are the value destroyers?
(Sheeple and CREAPs)
Public enemies divide into 2 classes married in a symbiotic parasitic relationship: Sheeple and CREAPs. To what extent are YOU part of the Sheeple?
Sheeple (Sheep-like people)
These sheeple reduce to one shared characteristic: That they claim themselves as ‘needy’.
Criminal-minded young or old who claim as their right the sacrifice of others to themselves, of the value producer to the ‘needy’. Those that consider themselves ‘victims’ of society. Criminal-minded self-proclaimed victims are dishonestly and irrationally bankrupting future generations by accepting the CREAPs rather than embracing the at first uncomfortably bright world of self-RESPONSIBILITY.
Zombie-like losers (bicameral idiots) who accept and support the force and fraud from the cockroaches because of their desire for external guidance, to not have to bare the self-responsibility for making so many decisions for themselves, so they vote for politicians and authorities to tell them and force others what to do.
Examples of sheeple are easily found in the form of Socialist/Marxist supporters of the welfare-state; eco-freakos; turn-a-blind-mind blue collar ‘average-Joe’ workers; and white-collar-hoax business quislings.
It is these self-proclaimed victims / bicameral idiots that cry for ‘help’ from the Cockroaches. ‘Save the trees!, save the whales, save nature, save us’, all good sounding, but done at the expense of human life, usually by people who do not really want the ‘burden’ of living healthily and productively.
The attractive slogan of politics comes to the rescue: ‘to serve the downtrodden and poor’. This world of failure and death is the result. Am I wrong?
I can not make someone see. I can only point. Most people will not look – they are indifferent. Some will look but only see your finger. If they do not see – well there is nothing more I can do – it is up to them to see.” – Kevin Solway
“All they need to do is read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, that’s all they need to do” – Eric Savage, late 1980s
Terrorist CREAPsCriminal, Religious, Economic, Academic or Political Terrorists.
Those CREAPs can be divided into 3 groups of looters that have existed for thousands of years. Their form changes throughout history, but their essence does not.
1.Tribal Chiefs:
Political panderers including blatant dictators and camouflaged cockroaches known as politicians along with political agenda lawyers (looters of properties and bodies)
2.Witch Doctors:
‘Devout’ religious and academic ‘teachers’ and ‘professors’, and psychiatric psychologists, as well as health and wellness companies (looters of minds and souls)
3.Marauders: (what the sheeple become)
People on welfare, or those looking for political hand-outs.
In an anticivilisation, distortions arise such as business becoming dishonest because political-minded white-collar-hoax works hand-in-hand with The State.
Tribal chiefs, Witch Doctors and Marauders, with their quackery, force, and fraud, controlled and suppressed Earth’s populace for 2000 years.
Envy was at the root, stemming from laziness and self-dishonesty.
This leads to the three ‘anchors’ that bind us to the Anticivilisation.

The Three Anchors of the Anticivilisation

Those CREAPs created an atmosphere of 3 key anchors holding us to the anticivilisation: Politics, Stagnation, and the Death Perception.

ANCHOR 1: the Political support establishment

“Poly-tics: Poly meaning many, and tics meaning blood-sucking-parasites.”
Politics controls us and tells us what to do, under cooperation by threat of force (imprisonment) or threat of theft (fines or bailiffs to take property).
“Benevolence of free business!? Individual property rights?! That’s utter madness”, cried the Tribal Chiefs and Witch Doctors for 2000 years.
Political regulation / legislation / taxation / litigation prevented the super-rapidly-advancing-new-technologies of a Supercivilisation.
Politicized Media
Mainstream Media lied to us, constantly. ‘Turn on your TV set and watch the politically correct freak show’.
Writing to sell, they generalized the news, gave the public thrilling coverage of tragic events worldwide, redirected our attention from actual change, and wrote to the literacy level of children.
Amongst a few freedom oriented sources that were not widely enough read, a socialistic supporting, mind subverting, criminal-mind fostering media allowed Clinton-type media-hyped economics-of-envy to drain dry all productive dynamics remaining in America and the world.
Turn on your TV or read the paper to uncover the CREAPs everywhere on the news that perhaps you couldn’t so clearly see before..
Politicized Law
A political agenda legal system was a haven for envious pips with low self-esteems who became polished parasitical lawyers.


Politicized Psychiatry & Psychology
> Sent: Sunday, March 12, 2006 3:18 AM
> To: ‘NathanShaw ~ Survival2020’
> Hi Nathan,
> Just went thru the book again. I admire your intelligence and writing
> skills. I have been, for a long time now. The cover story of Earth’s
> Survivor is definitely real/possible if we don’t act right now.
> Unfortunately I am among the few who can confront the unpleasant
> possibilities and say “let’s do something about it” rather than most
> population’s reaction: succumb/escape in the forms of drugs, TV and
> “parties”.


> Our mutual enemies are the psychiatrists.
> Not your neighbourhood doctor, he may be a good guy (or
> not), I’m talking about the head honchos who’re “in charge” of this planet
> and CAUSE the deteriorating conditions in society and the environment. They
> cause people to be too drugged to care and too stupid to read books.
> But they are now being exposed into broad public view. On December 17th me
> and 2,300 people including community and government leaders, celebrities and
> healthcare professionals had the blood-chilling experience and the honor of
> attending the opening of “Psychiatry: An Industry Of Death” Museum. If
> you’re ever in Los Angeles I’ll take you there as my VIP guest. An emotional
> shock is guaranteed…

> All the artifacts are from real psych hospitals and the place is FULL to the
> roof with facts, real life videos putting them to mockery and astonishing
> exhibitions of the influence they have on our society. What made a side
> impression on me is that the rooms are deliberately small, built like the
> psych’s dungeons with passages and halls so small, that you CANNOT
> take a step back and look at something from a distance. The horror and
> artifacts are always right in your face, a touch distance away.
> For now, you can see and read all about it.
Politicized Health Industry
As one good example, by 1987 the chemical invasion of our homes and bodies was challenged by a new company that would grow to become a billion dollar health, wellness, nutrition, and personal care company.
Governments actually permitted cancer causing cocktails and rat poison to be used in our toothpastes, shampoos, etc that led to me having these experiences.
Politicized Technology
[ coming soon ]

ANCHOR 2: Stagnation

Ho hum so what sigh Earth’s bored citizens distracted by anticivilisation insanities.” – Neo-Tech
Three key reasons that people failed in life resulting in lives of quiet desperation and accepted stagnation:
2.Lack of knowledge
3.Suppression (from self & others)
Main areas of stagnation:
Creative potential
Still dependent on a job for your survival, not as effective at business as you would like, and you still don’t have any cyberspace businesses that are generating you a residual income?
Not in the career of your dreams?
Haven’t unleashed your creative genius?
Have you forgotten the dreams and confidence of youth, ‘I’m going to have a Corvette when I grow up!’ Do you drive the car of your dreams or have you settled for one that gets you from A to B? – Oh, right, ‘that will do’ hey?
Is your house a cared for home?
Do you holiday to experience the world in the way you would like?
Do you have enough TIME to do the things you wan, and then, do you have the MONEY to do it?
So hard it can be to find and keep love. How much focus and effort do we apply to bringing valuable experience into our relationships?
Do we create enough in our lives to feel that exquisite exhilaration possible with sharing our world with a loved one?
Do we put more time, focus and effort into a job than we do our relationships?
Self-imposed limitations and blockages that people carry with them prevent the fulfilment of their real intent thus trapping them in a high-walled prison of resentment, isolation, boredom, anxiety, guilt, fear, sadness, loneliness, disappointments, and their acceptance of these things… and of ‘them’, the parasites.
Politicized Academia
Education destroyed our grandparents minds and destroys the minds of there children’s, children’s (us), children’s, children’s. Enough!
Many need only to have read such books as Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand to gain clear and emotional insight into the academic pounding into children of ugly and twisting messages: Zombifying ideals of unambitious altruistic service, coerced servitude, force-backed taxation, and wimpish sacrifice as the highest standards to which one should aspire.
Mind subverting twisting and specializing tax supported inept education systems. As young children are comprachicosed into becoming mentally crippled adults, they devolve from states of maturity in early childhood to states of immaturity in adulthood.
Comprachicos: “In China since time immemorial, they have achieved refinement in a special art and industry: the molding of living man. One takes a child two or three years old and puts them into a grotesquely shaped porcelain vase. It is without cover or bottom, so the head and feet protrude. In the daytime the vase is upright, at night it is laid down so the child can sleep. Thus the child slowly fills the contours of the vase with compressed flesh and twisted bones. This bottled development continues for several years. At a certain point, it becomes an irreparable monster. Then the vase is broken and one has a man in the shape of a pot.” – Victor Hugo, 1869 The Man Who Laughs
Consider that the rising Freedom Paradigm clearly began to show that commonly held beliefs were twisted manipulated half-truths by the Cockroaches and accepted (swallowed whole) by the mentally ‘comprachicosed’ Sheeple.
People were kept down so that ‘they’ were kept up. ‘Open your eyes if you cannot see it’ became a popular deconstructionist counter-culture phrase.
After the year 2000, Freedom oriented organizations with increasing effect illustrated that “what exists on Planet Earth today is NOT a ‘civilisation’… It is an Anti-Civilisation.
Council for Secular Humanists
Society for Individual Liberty

ANCHOR 3: Death Perception

“When reality is forgotten, life ceases to exist. Consequently our whole lives revolve around killing ourselves!”
To expand on the above quote: Given the hardships of life in an anti-civilisation, we all put up ice palaces of frozen sighs, in desperately trying to protect our inner selves, by forgetting the burdens and the evils that are around us. Hence we try to forget what exists, reality, and so passion, our health, our life diminishes towards death.
Religious Terrorism
“If you do not bow down to our gods, we will exterminate you as infidels!”
Guilt trips and individuality crushing religious practices have quelled human spirits into submission to the religious clerics for thousands of years. These Witch Doctors control via brain-washing doctrines thousands and thousands of people under guise of purity, heaven, and the eternal damnation of some form of hell.
THEY! created hell on Earth. For a history of religious criminality and slaughter of the innocent in the name of God, see:
Heaven is used as the escape-goat for lives of dissatisfaction. The religious Witch Doctors are the only salesmen who promise the goods AFTER the customer dies…

The Get Out Clause

?Whether using the religious escape or otherwise, with such seemingly hopeless stagnation, people subconsciously held welcoming acceptance of their final rest-and-peace that death brings.
“Tip toe through life, hoping to safely make it to the other end” was the unspoken subconscious goal of everyone. Plus ‘he who dies with the most toys wins’.
Goodbye all that
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Social Processing

Social Processing

(This is Part 3 of 3. Part 1. Part 2.)

The Processing of things not directly of your self. Indeed, anything ?societal?: i.e. concerning ?others?, including one?s socio-politic environment, through business-oriented value creation.
Eliminate negatives -?Removing blockages and suppressions on your self and loved one?s that are being imposed by their own selves and also from others (e.g. peers, parents, government, religious groups, etc.)
Accentuate positives -?Facilitating development of loved ones, friends, and others lives by giving them better techniques, advantages or technologies to move past limiting factors to manifest their deep-down desires and create abundant happiness.
The 3 Factors applied to Societal Processing:


“Smash the control images; smash the control machine”. – William S. Burroughs

“Sacrilege, blasphemy, iconoclasm and protest. The control virus is in the word-image-symbol programming that makes up our environment. Our first task is to use media to disrupt, disorientate and destroy these lines of control. Break up those words and images, remix them randomly and absurdly and throw them back in control’s face. William Burroughs has given us the method: smash the control images, smash the control machine.” – Telesis Foundation

“New and improved Black Masses should be devised for use today. What words, images, values and traditions hold us captive today? These should be identified and isolated and we should endeavor to sin against them in thought, word and deed. Disrupt, disorientate, destabilize and destroy. Apply the discipline of Dada to the icons and dogmas of today, both obvious and subliminal. How are these control icons and dogmas implemented? We should find out and use those same methods to disarm them.” – Telesis Foundation

“Now, today, in the postmodern world, the ancient guideposts of faith, dogma, and certainty fade toward oblivion, causing worldwide confusion. That confusion sets the stage?” ? Neo-Tech

“The destruction-mode is the confrontational front-line assault in the culture war.” – WhiteRabbit

Keyword: Reject

  • Cause a clash between their context and yours.
  • Utilizes ?pattern interrupts? as one liners, short, sharp, cutting memes; cut them off quickly, rejectingly, by confusing statements of integrated honesty and reason, that flip from where they are going (in their thoughts via their words) to somewhere that negates it by smashing it up
  • Antagonistic disparagement of other people’s DIMs (Dishonesties, Irrationalities, Mysticisms)
  • Simple driving against the grain, shaking up minds, saying / doing the abnormal / unexpected / unusual is thought provoking, train-track destination changing, train stopping, and even train-track flipping.
  • Take a person from ‘understanding’ to confusion. I.e. From them thinking they understand, to realizing that they do not and thus realize their own confusion.

Note: A meme is a contagious thought ?gene? as labelled by Richard Dawkins. Any thought can act as a meme getting passed from person to person like genes in DNA.


“If Destruction is the way of the wrecking ball, Deconstruction is the way of the termite: careful observation of institutional structures and methods, in-depth analysis of the history and motivation behind and implications of cultural memes and then systematic breakdown. The investigations and explorations of the deconstruction-mode produce a wealth of information useful to both the destruction and transcendence modes.” – Telesis Foundation

“It (an introduction) shows us that the book claims more than it can deliver, that it has left something out though it claims to be complete. I take that to be the general meaning of the word deconstruction as Derrida has used it: not just using our words and concepts against themselves, but showing what has been left out or overlooked. In fact, better: showing that something has been left out or overlooked, that omission is structural to any text ? and that we can find those omissions in the structure of the text ? without necessarily being able to specify what has been omitted.” – James E Faulconer

“Avatars of Chaos act as spies, saboteurs, criminals of Amour Fou, neither selfless nor selfish, accessible as children, mannered as barbarians, chafed with obsessions, unemployed, sensually deranged, wolf angels, mirrors for contemplation, eyes like flowers, pirates of all signs and meanings.” – Hakim Bey

“Neo-Tech uses Heidegger/Sartre/Derrida-type nihilistic deconstruction to vanish Earth’s philosophies, religions, politics, and laws. Then deconstructs the deconstructionists to demolish their bounded anticivilisation.” ? Neo-Tech

By people losing their souls to anticivilisation atrocities perhaps they are losing their emotion-backed addiction and attachments.

“Now, today, in the postmodern world, the ancient guideposts of faith, dogma, and certainty fade toward oblivion, causing worldwide confusion. That confusion sets the stage?” ? Neo-Tech

Keyword: Bullet-Charting

  • Utilize their context and expand or show limitations
  • Studying the psycho-history of Illuminati, politics, law, primary epics, anticivilisation psychology and philosophy, neuroses, Egyptology, Kabbalah, unraveling mysticisms and non-sequiturs (?does not follow logically from anything previously said?)
  • Learning about language, linguistics, semantics, general semantics, contextualism, etc
  • Application of the power of persuasion in ones interaction with others. Researching the psycho-emotional
  • motivations for peoples choices and finding ways to positively effect others choices of action, thought, and feeling


Transcendence is supremely non-confrontational:
“I resolve to keep from being drawn into arguments or debates. My purpose is to inspire people to want liberty – not to prove that they’re wrong.”

Keyword: Presence

  • Ignore, bypass, or transcend their context
  • Spreading business values amongst our friends, family, close ones, loved ones, the entire population, even our ‘hated’ ones
  • Open, confident, expressive, value giving exemplar of Agape (Greek word for ?all encompassing love?)

What vehicle or mechanism do you want to start or be part of to help process the world?

The Magic of Processing


What follows was written in 1998, with a 5th revision in 2004, and still represents the widest principles by which I guide my productivity.
The puzzle pieces continue to lock in place demonstrating the purity of the identifications, ever tightened, ever broadened, ever cleansed, as the New Professionals matrix of power continues to build.
Brace yourself. ?This might seem a little spooky.
Explicitly detailed: Keys for a 21st Century Life-of-Magic

Definitions of Magic and Processing

‘Processing’? – It certainly isn’t a new method of pasteurizing milk or making cheese!
A synonym of Processing can be ‘Magic’.?But this isn’t any irrational non-sense mysticism.
Another synonym can be ‘Alchemy’.?But this isn’t about ‘turning lead into Gold’ either!
To begin to understand Processing, first understand the definition of Magic:

“The art and science of effecting change in conformity with will.” – Aleicester Crowley

Now lets just take a moment to expand on this:

  • ‘art and science’ -?Art as being fluid creative explorative and abstracting.?Science as being calculating, definite, concise, measured.
  • ‘effecting change’ -?Being the cause and having an effect.?Doing stuff that changes stuff.?Effecting change in others, one’s self, and one’s environment
  • ‘in conformity with will’ -?Your Intent. Your way.?Your desire.?Your will

So putting it all together?
Magic is the approach of using those expanded ideas of ‘art’ and ‘science’ for the purpose of creating changes in something (career, lifestyle, anything) based upon whatever you want.
I don’t mean to make the ideas seem trivial, I just want to break it down into a really simple clear base-line idea.
I want you to realize that it is not airy-fairy, irrational, or even ‘spiritual’, like so many websites on Magic will make it seem, but rather it is a way of representing and harnessing our development, focus, drive and creativity.
The alchemists and heretics were the scientists, innovators and individualistic self-leaders of antiquity.
Processing represents that same idea of Magic based on using three factors: Destruction, Deconstruction, and Transcendence.
Therefore a definition of Processing:

The art and science of effecting change in conformity with will… via destruction, deconstruction, and transcendence.

Three Factors of Processing

  1. Destruction rejects the unwanted outright
  2. Deconstruction systematically clears the unwanted and develops the wanted
  3. Transcendence bypasses irrationality and struggle to leave an ?out of their world? Presence

Destruction ? Deconstruction ? Transcendence

  • Destruction is about death, obliteration, disparagement, smashing, eliminating, destructive side of spontaneity, decisive certainty..


  • Deconstruction is about investigation, analysis, argument, categorizing, consolidation, deep-thought, objectivity, reason, identifying limitations, borders and boundaries..


  • Transcendence is about creativity, intuition, emotion, transformation, freedom, passion, peace, creative side of spontaneity, fluid contextual certainty..

The above provides an orientation to the 3 Factors of Processing.
Processing is the effect of changing our environment or position in life via certain skills and tools that you will easily learn that can give untold understanding and power.
So keep in mind that these 3 factors are used as tools that help us find the path to manifest our desires; effecting the change that we want in our careers and lives.
Next you will see how Processing divides into two applications for our lives.

2 Applications of Processing

Processing is valuably split into Internal Processing and Societal Processing.

Internal Processing

Here we focus directly on YOU. What do you want to do, have, and become. And what?s stopping you?! Read more on Self Processing.

Societal Processing

This is about effecting change in your wider environment. Influencing others through business, science, art, and other value creation and value sharing. Read more on Social Processing.

The Neothink Implant

A story of deceit, love and survival…

The year is 2018,
When we meet Que
At the time he receives his Neothink Implant chip…

Through the piercing sound, Que was slowly coming back to consciousness…
He mumbles:

“Noisy kettle, what’s that sound, where’s it coming from?!”

In the room’s total silence, the 2 women efficiently dressed in long dark red leathers say nothing.
Shay presses Que’s forehead down and then looks into his rolling eyeballs with a tiny torch.
Mem holds a stop watch, finger poised to press stop, as if she is timing a terribly important race.
The man they call Morpheus leans forwards. They call him Morpheus because, similar to The Matrix character, he is black, a matured Self-Leader authority figure, and also very much wanted by the Neocheater authorities.
With a very calm and controlled voice Morpheus speaks:

“Give it time my friend, it’s the interface, your brain will adjust soon”.

But HOW soon, Morpheus anxiously wonders privately to himself.
Morpheus knows that only minds of a high degree of openness to honesty have enough capacity to completely interface with the chip. Otherwise it can’t connect to the mind and becomes relatively dormant.
Morpheus is confident Que will be fine of course, but how long will it take?
That timing reveals how quickly the implant recipient will be able to advance through the Neothinktraining to develop full Neothink power.
And with the current struggle against the Neocheaters, Morpheus depends on Que.

“Jesus Devil it’s loud!”

…blurts Que cringing through the discomfort – but clearly now regaining full conscious awareness.
“This thing better work, cost me enough to stem-cell rejuvenate an arm and a leg. I don’t even have enough money left for my last supper.”
Mem nervously keeps glancing at Morpheus waiting for the signal to stop the stop-watch.

Inside the Neothink Looking Glass

You are in a different dimension not of time, or space, or place. But within the very fabric of your self.
Contradictions melt into contextuality.
Your essence is no more ‘objective’ than ‘subjective’… it is honest.
Continue to The Looking Glass.

I Am Earth's Survivor

Open Letter

Dear Friend,
Will you miss the adventure of future technology, achievement and satisfaction?
Or will you watch government crumble to the wayside so that technology can soar uninhibited… providing us the satisfaction of every human need and desire?
Will you personally lose everything, by 2020, 2012, or perhaps even sooner (just as those of 9/11, or the military boys in Iraq), or will you make it to the other side… along with your loved ones.. in the war of two worlds…?
You will recognize your self in this story. Just as Evey said at the end of the film V for Vendetta in answer to the question ‘who was he’. “my father, my mother, my brother, my friend, you, me…he was all of us.”.
And in the story he is known as Que, and here is how it ends…
“The computer programming wizards helped end the stranglehold of politics by building a cyberspace ostracism matrix. Then nothing ‘they’ did was a secret from ‘we the people’. The people dumped politics in a heartbeat. And technology was finally free to soar in all industries, just like it had with computers.” – Earth’s Technological Evolution, 2030
And here is how it begins…
Sitting in his well worn comfortable chair, Que felt a series of chills up and down his spine as he re-read this story written in 2003, revised in 2007, and reprinted in the book Earth’s Technological Evolution. As he settled into the story, his breathing deepened as his mind relaxed and focused on it’s simple potent message.
===> Continue With The Story: I Am Earth’s Survivor.