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Prepare Your Resilience To Survive And Thrive The Smashup Of Our Economic, Political And Social Structure

  Your skin crawls… There’s no time to lose. Your mind rushes through the survival protocol you’ve rehearsed a hundred times in your head. Get the family together. Check the local store for final provisions. Batten down the hatches. Grab the bugout bags and check the inventory list. The economy has crashed. The government has […]

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Search for Alien Life: “Is There Anybody Out There!?” Episode 1- Alien Waterworlds

 Episode 1- The Search for Life and Habitability in Alien Waterworlds: “Is There Anybody Out There!?” Searching for Life on MARS is sooo 2010….. Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or an ocean–somewhere you might soon actually have the incredible option to experience as introduced in Gav’s Under Ocean Habitats post), you’ve likely heard of Mankind’s […]

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Survive Socialism (Socialist Revival or Collapse of Political Socialism Worldwide..?)

In his post “What does the future of socialism look like?’, Assistant Professor of Political Science Alex Gourevitch makes a last ditch philosophical effort to revive his cherished Socialist ideals in saying: “Socialism as a possibility will exist so long as capitalism persists as a reality.” And in the very next sentence at least admits: […]

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Virtual Augmentation

As a teenager I watched the Holodeck of the Star Ship Enterprise Next Generation as if it was completely normal. Virtual reality as real as reality itself… just faster to re-program. And today, we are now developing virtual presence that points to [continue reading: virtual augmentation]

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