Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton

Hard scientist turns soft spiritualist.

Really fascinating work.

  • Field theory
  • DNA adaptation
  • Healing and therapy
  • Scientific progress
  • Quantum science
  • Spirituality
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
  • And more.

Watch all 6 parts of this interview on YouTube.

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And check out Bruce Liptons website.

Despair At The Inestimable Task

To what end?

That really is the question…

I can keep reading. Keep learning. Keep practicing. Keep exploring. Keep writing. Keep Thinking.

But to what end?

To create a sufficient puzzle of success, for maintaining control of my mind, at least for a while…  For maintaing control of my life… within certain constraints of political / economic environment… for a while.

But there are minds far greater than mine.  Men with far more experienced than I. And there are more of them than just me.

I am despairing some what, yet again, at the inestimable task of what has become my tri-fold life purpose:

  1. Facilitate the elimination of the parastical class
  2. Faciliate the rise of commercial biological immortality
  3. Raise a brilliant and joyous family

If the psychologicaly, emotional, and financial tazer gun wounds from the mounting Orwellian European Big Brother State serves to block the full capacity of my thought and feeling – and the clarity of genuine experience and deep insight… Then my numbness for goal 3 is both complete, and self-imposed.

My emotions are numbed by the apparent distance of number 3.  A task seeminly beyond 1 and 2.

For I can not tolerate the notion of a family born into this world.

And so my frustrations stir at the parastical class.  But each and every moment that I am connected with my values of life, liberty, and happiness, this one question burns and churns around my mind…

…Can they, the parasitical class, be eliminated?

On reflection, maybe it is somewhat the wrong question.  Maybe that is too head-on, hence the apparent unfeasibility.  Maybe the better question is this… How can they, the parasticial class, be defeated?

For this blog on life success, and neuroplasticity of thought, very much involves the environmental situation of our times.  The philosophical, political, social, economic culture that surrounds us.  Supporting the development of our mind.  Or crushing it.

And to be master of his castle, each man, and indeed each woman true to her feminine nature. Must cherish and protect the inner dimensions, by protecting our lives against the forces that control the outer dimensions.

But defeating a network that is now evolving into a network without a network through international ‘law and order’, can (I imagine) be defeated only by removing the struts that support it. And what are those struts?

To seek, to know, to dare to ask, and to know when to keep silent – Gradually, slowly, piecing together an emotional super-puzzle that juxtaposes both sides in this war of two worlds.  Good vs Bad.  Us vs Them. The Ron Paul’s of this world against the Barack Obama’s of this world.

But which way to turn. To Carroll Quigley?  And his 1300 page book of history.  But then what?  Book after book.  For how long, how far, where does it lead… So many directions, options, choices.

The map remains as unclear to me that the smoke-and-mirrors of politics used to be.

But now I see through their facades – which brings torment.  Yet the map in my hands is smeared – which brings despair.  Captain of my ship, yet directionless, really.  Canons flashing and sounding around me.  I point my rudder forwards. Forwards into the smoky mist of the future.  I will not accept their chip.

Through chance, a thousand curiosities, the library of the world, and my compass of reason – I am compelled to go on.

Energy and Matter | Positive and Negative | Light and Dark

Jane began a conversation saying…
We are energy!!!
positive and negative
light and dark
mind over matter

hold that thought, brb…


well keep telling me more
i’m going to find a quote


I cant explain its just
iv been reading the bible but the message i have received from it is not the one the churches give????
if that makes sense
The book is not 100%

But im getting all of the above from it

i cant find the quote, never mind. tell me more about your bible interpretation

ie pos and neg

here i found it..
A quote by the great GI Gurdjieff


“In the universe everything is material, and for this reason the Great Knowledge is more materialistic than materialism itself.”

A nice counter point to all the ‘everything is vibration’ quotes.
the key take-away: ‘everything is material’
Gurdjief was one of the most grounded ‘spiritual’ teachers
just whilst everything is energy, etc, it is also physical
what do you think?

one sec let me read it and take it in

what do you think of the masculine / feminine energy type ideas?

pos and neg

thinking along those lines has helped me relate to women
their vast ocean of irrational emotional energy is very attractive now lol
where as before it was a nightmare


the ancient creation stories also discuss the counter forces of masculine and feminine energy as co-creating the universe


i also find that this extreme between positive and negative or ‘good’ and ‘bad’ creates false conflict
for example the bible creates a ‘devil’ or ‘satan’
I think we need to be careful of seeing things in ‘black’ and ‘white’

but is that not important
as there is a oppisite for everything

i think we discussed before, that there was a St Lucifer, before the Xtian church hijacked the term Lucifer to make it into the bad devil character of the bible

in out up down left right light dark?

in fact, this is how politics helps control people
they create 2 main political parties
left vs right
social vs capitalist
but its a false conflict


the chinese have a good word which we dont have
it means ‘I don’t know’


I think people should have more ‘unopinions’ than opinions
people should be flexible and dynamic in their thinking

yep i agree

always recognise that things are right from a certain context
but wrong from another context
what is good to some people or some situations might be bad in other situations
‘it all depends’
Hermes taught about the ‘law of polarity’
there is not just ‘hot’ and ‘cold’
there is extremely hot, quite hot, hot, a bit hot, not very hot, warm, cool, cold, quite cold, bloody cold, freakin freezing cold
just as ‘everything is energy’ and ‘everything is material’ are both true
Hermes said “all truths are but half truths’

stop a min just got to put a dvd on for lil one

yep im back
im confused


dont try to not be confused
just keep on thinking and playing with ideas

now coz i thought that the opposites where important info


dont make any premature conclusions
just stay flexible



it is important info Jane



really important
but so is the more dynamic and flexible stuff



for example, one idea I use that fits with the view of extremes is about the possible world, and the current world



that idea is used in the creative process, to create ‘creative tension’

so we can go from where we are to where we want to be

make strong vivid pictures of what we have now, and what we want to have

it helps us develop the energy, motivation and focus to make it happen

I think maybe that’s what you are thinking about maybe?



Money is the root of good or evil?

Money is Evil because:

Wonders why people like to make things so complicated, the only reason we have money is so that Evil people can use it against you.

Good people have no need for money, we use Acceptance for Value. Meaning I accept your skill set and the time you contribute towards providing that to me as valuable.

Rewards come in the form of pleasure, not pieces of paper. What is wrong with people?

Look at what Money has done for us in the past 12000 years, case closed.


Money is Good because:

Money is simply a mean’s of value exchange.

The problem of money mis-management, corruption, and slavery only comes from political-backed force, fraud or coercion.

Whatever you want to call the system of time-binding value exchange (money or ‘acceptance of value’, it will be manipulated by the powers that be… IF the right to one’s own property is not upheld.

The problem is not what label we put on this tool of value exchange. The problem is the socialist usurpation of individual rights. Read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand and Human Action by Ludwig von Mises (available free online here

Case wide open – given its pivotal importance in humanity’s survival over the next decade. The financial system collapse and theft of our standard of living is due to a lack of adhering to the principle nature of money. That you can’t print it out of thin air. That it must be backed by genuine assets. I.e. property or something that both parties consider an exchange of value.

But the EU would be very happy with getting rid of money in place for ‘acceptance of value’ because whilst ‘value’ is not absolute (‘value’ is open to interpretation), money is an absolute (i.e. genuine money backed by commodities, e.g. gold).

The elimination of individual property rights would finalise their agenda of eugenicist elite control over the mass of lowly consumers (i.e. us)

Money is to individual rights as ‘each according to his need’ is to communism.

Did I mention Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand? And Human Action by Ludwig von Mises (available free online here

Guilty as charged, but helpless to stop it?

I have a confession to make.

And it has to do with a video link that my friend Gil Magno has just sent me…

His email read:

“How cometh then that thou art not in hell?”

“Why… this is hell.” Dante
How can man/woman say that s/he is made in the image of God,
(all that is good), when s/he commits the atrocities seen through
the link below.
Watch the whole thing, then let me know if you are still eating the
dead bodies of animals.
So I watched the video, as I suggest you do.
And I was horrified and disgusted.
But not just at the contents of what the video revealed… but also about what it reveals about me.
I know that my mind was working to rationalise the consumption of those foods, those animals.
I know that a big part of the reason I will cut down eating them is for my own health benefits, and only partly because of the pain caused to the animals.
I also know that indeed it will only be a ‘cut down’ and not a total abstinence of eating those foods.
By what mechanism is it that I can accept such clearly hideous behaviour even of myself?
How can I come to understand the cognitive dissonance that will allow me to blind myself from the sickening truth?
And by what process can I lift myself above these things, along with helping the world to grow with me?

My god! Transcendence parallels the Metawill

Ok this has just struck me right upside the head…

I’m toying with the ideas of the 10 Mind Controllers and have been considering the semantics.

Now I’m not going to divulge it prematurely, but I’ve realised the obvious simplicity that the 10th ‘uncontrollable’ mind-controller, that of Transcendence, parallels an emergent perspective of the 3 categories of the other 9 mind-controllers.

Now hear this:

The 3 categories of the 9 ‘controllable’ mind controllers represent the Will.

Well transcendence, the 10th mind-controller, represents, by semantic implication and derrived integration… the Metawill.

And this provides a window to linking the Di Silvestro Equation and Baruch Spinozas position of ‘thought becomes things’.

I look forward to explaining this more simply soon.

And now we have a bridge between our Will, and that ‘mystical’ Transcendent state of bliss (effortless easy, satisfaction) that all of the lazy irrational mystics have been ‘seeking’ for several thousand years.

My god! I’m in awe at the identifications scribbled in my note book.

The Looking Glass

WARNING: This page may seem quite full on. That’s because it is… Peering through the Globerati Looking Glass can catapult anyone into a permanently higher level of effectiveness.

The Globerati Looking Glass

by Gavriel Shaw, V1 1st Aug 09, V1.1 11 Aug 09

“New vistas of opportunity have no choice but to roll in ecstacy at your feet.”

Are you trapped in a bind of both knowing how very much is possible… whilst seeing how very little you have achieved so far?

You want optimum health. You want unending adventure. You want mounting success… Whether it be for family, fun, career, health, personal development, security, experience… Whatever you have seen or heard or touched in your greatest moments of clarity.

  • The Looking Glass facilitates that clarity.
  • The Neothink Implant will help you manifest that clarity.

Civilization 2.0 is emerging.

Your ultimate adventure exists in the excitement of living as free as possible… despite the un-free world that surrounds you.

The chores of what you ‘should’ do are quickly replaced with emotional motivators of what you ‘want’ to do.

…Replacing the dogma of a caged society that limits your experience… with the natural dynamic of contextual flexibility and lifestyle innovation.

And it begins with understanding just:

Who are the ‘Globerati’?

…the ‘globally experienced digerati’

What do they look like?

Tech savvy adventurists who live beyond the old shackles of conformity, limitation, and disconnection.

Some of them are of the younger and crucially important Millennial generation. Some of them are older.

The globerati embrace new technology to come closer to nature, freeing themselves of the patterns and programs that entrap the masses… whilst they illuminate pathways to the future of innovation, globalisation, and liberation.

…Activists in the ‘temporary autonomous zone‘… the globerati deconstruct the control images and destroy the control machines.

Nothing is taboo. Nothing is irrelevant. Curiosity and exploration go in every direction.

They explore, infiltrate, learn, develop, plan, execute, transcend, and move on. Globerati are modern maverick Illuminati.

They know the self, integrate technology, appreciate nature, and create values, through the 7 highly practical dimensions of an organized life…

The 7 Dimensions of the Globerati Lifestyle


The first 5 dimensions relate directly to your personal sphere of mind, body, spirit, and emotion. (see more on Self Processing)

Dimension 1. Awareness and choice

In touch with all that you act, think and feel:- Somewhere in your past an event or person in your life sparked an insight that freed you from some of your mental or spiritual shackles… perhaps a film or book such as George Orwell’s 1984, or Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, or Wallace’s Neo-Tech… or perhaps a loved one such as a parent, grandparent, or partner… or the miracle of having a son or daughter. Whatever it was, it shifted your awareness of choice towards…

Dimension 2. Direction and purpose

Reviewing the deepest drives from your combined experience, individuality, environment, and motivations, you clarify the meaning of the 3 realms of life: Physical, Mental, and Emotional. Facilitated by a set of methodologies, such as those I have collected called The Life Direction Clarifier.

Dimension 3. Preparation and organisation

Taking control of your 3 dimensional space, you get organized in all areas of your life to pursue the forward movement of a Globerati’s lifestyle. Your environment is in order. Your career. Your mental preparations.

Dimension 4. Efficiency and management

Now with the 4th dimension of space-time, you act on the plans of your direction through the environmental set-up you have established by getting organized, and you manage your time and plans and processes with efficiency and effectiveness to build the puzzle picture of a Globerati’s success.

Dimension 5. Control and adaptation

In the 5th dimension… that of consciousness, you build upon standard productivity techniques to facilitate neuroplasticity for an expansive mental capacity, clarity, and flexibilty. The Mind Control Principles Handbook has been my own bedside manual for keeping myself in check. The Survival2020 provides a broad scope view of many interconnected topics. And the 10 Mind Controllers extend into the nitty-gritty detail of rewiring your thought processes through conscious control of your Intent.


Beyond those 5 directly personal dimensions of self-processing, are the wider dimensions that relate to your environment in the broadest sense, including friends, collaborators, people in general (read more about Social Processing).

Dimension 6. Synergy and collaboration

Here you leverage your own productivity and experience through team management and/or sharing with and working with others as a team and within Master Mind groups like the Lifestyle Alliance.

Dimension 7. Contribution and influence

Your creations also have wider repurcussions on other people’s lives that you either directly effect yourself, or that result from the ripples of business-like value contribution that you create. Together we are building Civilization 2.0.

The Globerati’s Vehicles of Contribution and Influence

The process of business in its purest sense relates to creating and exchanging values, which means sharing solutions to problems and eliminating negatives whilst building positives.

There are many negatives in the world right now. And many approaches to solving them.

Honest journalism. Honest therapy. Honest banking. Honest marketing and professional career development. Honest romance. And so it goes on.

Business represents the ultimate vehicle for creating and sharing values.

“A corporation or organization is simply a reservoir of potential energy that can be recruited in the service of an intended mission… Every individual in the corporate body is a reservoir of potential energy.” – Jim Loehr

The Globerati makes use of various tools, (including those linked throughout this information), from paper back books to mobile devices. From day jobs, to plane tickets. From social networking to a hermetic life at ‘walden pond’. And the MasterMind taskforcing with global opportunities available in the Lifestyle Alliance.

Whilst the Globerati recognise the borders and boundaries in any and all models of reality (all models are fictions), they also recognise the contextual validity and practical importance of formal methodology. As such, a highly practical source of techniques for the Globerati is forming in…

The New Professionals Matrix

The Globerati taps the advantages available in the New Professionals Matrix to extract whatever is useful and relevant in the moment.

RESEARCH: Researching the environment to uncover and understand targets of opportunity.

PREPARATION: Laying the groundwork to maximise advantages.

DEVELOPMENT: Building your systems and vehicles for each of the 7 Dimensions.

CONVERSION: Whether it be sales, political votes, or convincing friends of a new way.

TRAFFIC: Increasing exposure to your system from the right audience.

TRACKING: Reviewing progress and making adjustments.

With the links available on this page, you have access to a decade of painstakingly integrated research. Use it well.

Finding Yourself vs Creating Yourself

You don’t need to ‘find’ yourself.

The mystery of ‘finding one self’ is that people ignore where they’re standing.

Surprise surprise you are wherever you are. When you describe in full detail the current reality of your life, you will have ‘found yourself’.

George Bernard Shaw said: “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

The key is to fully appreciate where you are, emotionally and practically. From there we have the foundations to build your new Life Direction.

Only by knowing where you’re starting from can you plan a route to where you want to get.

So first write down all the categories and areas of your life.

Then fill in the detail of exactly what fills your life, at present, in each of those categories.

  • Remember to include your career experiences and skills you have got.
  • Include the current status of your health.
  • Your travel experience.
  • Your current living environment.
  • Connections that you’ve got, people you know that might be valuable to you for future projects and career.
  • Etc etc etc.

It’s a big process, but obviously so worthwhile doing.

This must include the what’s, why’s, where’s, who’s, how’s and when’s of your life situation.

Quite a task, but vital for your Life Direction.

Of course it’s easy to do with the actual Life Direction Clarifier.

“Things that you said in it are starting to sink in at a deeper level. I have been paying more attention to the blocks that disempower me. And now I see the huge importance of some of the questions you ask in that first webform.” – Caroline Coronel, Musician and NLP Practitioner, London UK

Life Direction Clarifier.