Religion Is At A Cross-Roads

As political corruption reaches it’s zenith and people are increasingly rejecting the status quo of force and fraud in government, a resurgence of religion may be at hand.

It can go one of two ways…

Extremist intolerance, frowning faces, and narrow-minded rejection.


A synthesis of ideas that returns religion back to its roots of spiritual union with our divine nature.

The religious literal interpretations of fraudulent, manipulative, militaristic and obsolete ‘holy books’ will only sink the world into another dark-age of violent inquisitions IF a humanistic government based on empathy, toleration and genuine respect for each others right to freedom of personal choice does not form after the collapse of the political establishment over the coming decade.

Evangelical crusades of pushing ‘the one true religion’ is a social skin infection that can fester into debilitating dis-ease.

A resurgence of mainstream religion without government would only lead to new crusades, jihads and ‘the ban’ in Hebrew (i.e. Killing in the name of God, see Deutoronomy 20:10).

Extremist Christians today claim that “any nation who opposes Christianity will ‘fall’”. This is why religion provides no answer to our emerging new world of freedom of choice, personal liberty, or individual self-expression.

The problem of religion comes from a schizophrenic disconnection from human-based empathy due to literal interpretations of Bible stories rather than seeing the psychological metaphors shrouded behind the fairytales, myths and anecdotes.

Those stories pushed by religious leaders ultimately seek to force their violent will against anyone who doesn’t want to bow down to a fairytale god.

Christianity and Islam took there supposed morality directly from Judaism which derived it from earlier forms of Egypt / Hammurabi / Aryans / Taoism / even Paganism.

In a bizarre moment of enlightenment you realize that today’s organized religion is wholly immoral.

Morality based on the supposed dictates of an abstract god-concept (man in the sky) is not genuine morality as it is not based on anything other than following external orders beyond human compassion, empathy or insight.

Real morality is derived through awareness of our nature, our humanity, our empathy, our collective knowledge.

That is, morality emerges once mankind reconnects with our own godly essence of love.

A more insightful perspective of Christianity shared by someone heading in the right direction is that “deep relationship with God comes from perfecting your incomplete love through Christ (Perfect Love) to re-establish the authority of Adam.”

Again, these are abstract metaphorical concepts that have unfortunately turned into literalized interpretations of their underlying concepts.

Christ is not a man named Jesus that represents Love.

Christ is the metaphor of Perfect Love that exists in our highest expression of selfhood.

Adam is not the first physical man that god created in some fancy garden. Adam is the primordial conception of what it means to be Man, i.e. Whole unto ourself, conscious, present, creative, adaptive.

As such, love is an empathic emotion based on our humanity experienced through individual integrity (wholeness). So yes, Christians are correct in that Love is the goal and transcends the frauds of man-manipulated ideas of god and government, false religion and politics.

The ‘holy spirit’ is your divine consciousness. Only through volitional discernment can you create true wellbeing. Not fanciful faith.

Hence, by purity of conscious intent to create value and build love does man succeed.

This is humanism, not religion.

Hence, Secular Humanism trumps Anthropomorphic Religion as the path to spiritual enlightenment for all of mankind.

“Relationship with God directly with each individual” happens when you drop all the metaphorical religious jargon and realize that the god-head is you.

The final enlightenment of religion (anthropormphic deification) is secular humanism.

Father, son, holy ghost trinity etc are literalized nominalizations of abstract concepts based on psychological/geometric insights.

The Old Testament authors obfuscated spiritual insight and ancient principles by shrouding the real meaning of the bible stories.

The New Testament turned people literally psychotic by adding a meta-layer of literalized interpretation over the top of the abstract metaphors of the Old Testament.

And Islam extended the Abrahamic religions in a direction that swept the globe.


Tell your average Christian, Muslim or Jew (as Jesus did) that “the kingdom of heaven is within” and they short-circuit in a moment of honest introspection that leaves a void in the fabric of their soulless consciousness.

The acid test is this:

Put two people together with differing religious views and have them discuss their beliefs. The moment you see frowns appear on their faces then you know they have forgotten their spirit-based heart-connection and are stuck in their narrow-minded cognitive bias.

Mankind needs spiritual de-armoring. It will be ‘purification by pain’ for many.

Choose right. Choose light. Choose love. 


Buckminster Fuller on Life

“Each human has his lifetime to invest. If he commits to operations in cosmic integrities he will find himself participating in nature’s own formulations and will realize the potentials of her various freedoms and choices, to be employed to the advantage of all human beings to come, in order that humans may fulfill their cosmic functioning on board of our planet.” —R. Buckminster Fuller

Life Purpose? — I’m thinkin’… “Eternal Bliss”

Why are we here?

It’s a big question.

So big that I dedicate an entire category on my site to it.

But the answer is actually very, very simple.

So simple in fact that you’ll miss the profundity if I state it as ‘happiness’.

So I’m going to clarify ‘happiness’ as ‘a state of enduring exhilaration with a dynamic mix of wonder, tranquility, and love’.

Eternal Bliss, in a nut shell.

But eternal bliss doesn’t come automatically. You’re going to have to earn it.  Through coherence of mind, body and spirit. Discipline. Productivity. Contribution. Not lazing about in a chair. Not passing your precious years of life in a job that’s ‘so-so’ at best. Not sipping on beer.

I’m talking about ACTIVISM.

First inside.

Then outside.

Being active towards your own optimum health, vitality, productivity.

And being active towards building a better world.

Your Every Thought

A short chapter… in a strange book, captures the purpose of my life during the death throws of the Old World that’s crumbling around us:

Direct every thought, every discipline, every effort toward the overthrow of the parasitical-elite class — toward the eradication of every livelihood that harms the value producers, the economy, and society. – A Single Credo for Neo-Tech Self-Leaders, Chapter 16, Zonpower.

How do we overthrow the parasitical elites to live with eternal bliss?

By removing their support structure, like a rug from under their feet.

And here’s where it gets ‘deep’……

My passion is effecting mass social change by enlivening the vital few who are social change agents in the making.

Those vital few must align together in concentric rings of coherence, all focused on the specific lifestyle pursuits of eternal bliss through self-responsibility and ACTIVISM to build a… ‘Cosmic Elevator’ that displaces the dull old world in favor of a bright new world.

This is my raison dêtre.

My soul is indelibly inscribed with the awareness of our potential for infinite happiness; eternal bliss.

My favorite author summed it up best when he said ‘my purpose in life is to conquer death’.

The window of opportunity we have TODAY amidst great uncertainty stirs deep anxiety. Yet daily life is ‘stressful enough’ without giving thought to global calamity.

Here’s what we can do:

Turn off the deadening deceits of mainstream media TV. Focus inwards to your self, your loved ones and community.

I believe that each of us contributes exactly what we need to the world, by focusing on pursuing our own bliss.

That means focusing on good health, clarity of life direction, a balanced lifestyle, rigorous priority management, synergy with like-minds, and creativity to give our gift.

Everything else is just a distraction.

This is the sentiment of what I call The Cosmic Elevator.

More on that coming soon.

What Is Spirituality, Really? (and how can I get some…)

The clearest perspective on spirituality I’ve ever seen is a definition by best selling author Ayn Rand.

She said:

“Spirituality is your sense or view of life, combined with your assertiveness towards living.”

…your sense or view of life. (clarity)

…and asserting yourself into life. (courage)

That’s clearly an active rather than passive approach to spirituality.

And it’s why I best resonate with the Taoists rather than the Bhuddhists:

* Bhuddhists have as the first noble truth that “life is suffering”, and that we should disconnect from our attachment.

* Taoists on the other hand view life as natural and beautiful, directing us to live healthily, simply and enjoyably.

The choice is one we must re-affirm daily. Life vs Death. Growth vs Decline.

A challenging article ‘Spiritual, but not religious’ published by the BBC News Magazine (not the most honest journalistic establishment of course.. but a noteworthy article) notes:

…many now call themselves “spiritual” but not religious.

About a fifth of people in the UK fit into this category, according to Prof Michael King from University College London.

King’s research suggested that in the UK the “spiritual” group are more likely to have mental health problems, such as anxiety or depression.

And if it’s true that more ‘spiritual’ people are likely to experience anxiety and depression, the great question is why?

  • Is it because they see the bounds of today’s global cultural lack of healthy, honest, open, spirit?
  • Is it because they see and feel the genuine problems of humanity which others stay blind to?
  • Is it because they see the greater opportunity for health, real wealth and happiness that we could all achiever together?

Of course.

Words, Words, Words, all are meaningless and chasing after the wind…

…thus lamented fictional King David in his poem Ecclesiastes.


If words are so ‘meaningless’…

…why am I writing any?

And why re-launch a personal blog?

Because of the conversation

It’s the conversation that’s important.

Your truth mixed with my truth and the new entity, experience, or perspective that we co-create.

With that insight I feel I have re-discovered my ‘voice’.

After ~10 years wondering about it… I’m clear on what I can contribute and offer — as aligned with my highest ideal and personal mission.

Not vitriol at the absurdities of the world… not circular philosophy… not trinkets or banal consumer goods.

My contribution is conversation

And I have a lot to discuss.

On the homepage you’ll find 7 types of conversation that I offer as a service.

On the blog I will publish my truth in the following categories:

  • Life Past 100
  • Civilization 2.0
  • Why Are We Here?
  • Your Best Self
  • Give Your Gift
  • The Dream Life

I invite you to see if my truths suit your truths, to connect with me, and participate in my paid conversation services for coaching, consulting, counseling, advisor and friend.

Words, words, words, all are powerful and influence our collective destiny.

Death — the final stupidity?


Death is the final stupidity. Death is the only enemy of life.

Within 5 or 10 years if we gave the emotional, political and economic backing, our scientists would wipe out death.

Are you ready for that?

The interesting thing is that a lot of people want to die. And i you tell them they don’t have to die, they get mad. They say: “you can’t say that, death is what life’s all about!”.

Yeh that’s what they told you in the old Bibles. If you want to die, go ahead. But the option is there if you don’t want to. You don’t have to walk blind-folded and backward into the future that judeo-christian religion gives you of death.

You can live as long as you want, in these bodies.

– Timothy O’Leary


Quite a contrast from Alan Watts view of Life and Death.

Alan Watts And His Acceptance Of Death

I DO NOT LIKE THIS VIDEO’S MESSAGE!!! Please read my comment below…

Alan Watts, died 1973, is a superficial new-age philosopher repeatedly published and quoted by today’s gullible wishful thinkers.

First sentence of Alan Watts superficial drivel in the video above:

“There’s nothing wrong with being sick, or with dying”

Being sick by definition is the negative experience of painful debilitation.

And he asks what’s wrong with that?

What’s wrong with it is inherent in it’s nature as expressed by the simple definition itself.


The entire video is so full of non-sequiturs (bullshit logic).

He says:

after some time being immortal we’d realize we don’t want to be immortal, that’s why we have children, which is to survive ‘in another way’ of ‘passing on a torch’ ‘so you don’t have to carry it all the time’.

Thereby Alan Watts reveals his perceived burden of life. Life is so troublesome that rather than live, but as a token-gesture of survival, he wants to pass on the burden to future generations.

What a disturbed spirit he was. Just another self-responsibility escape artist.

He sure sounds good to listen to though… nice deep voice, speaks in a tempered, measured way that instils confidence and commands respect. He speaks in short sentences, with poetic points that burrow their way into your mind, it all sounds good enough – beautiful even.

Yet if you actually pay enough attention to string those short sentences into complete paragraphs, and if you have some natural intelligence and ability to discern reason, you readily see how full of bullshit logic Alan Watts descriptions of life and death are.

Now check out Timothy O’Leary’s view of life and death.

Life vs Death (and the meaning of it all)

In response to this misguided sensationalist media headline…

Rich people will become immortal ‘god-like’ cyborgs in 200 years – RT

…I wrote on Facebook:

Look at this ridiculous nonsense… 200 years to become a god-like immortal?


I’m god-like immortal right now!

200 years…


RT needs to dig a bit deeper in their research of current trends and innovations.

Immortality is almost here, affordable for all.

The ultimate family value

Before asking about the meaning and significance and potential purpose of death, Dacia replied:

Don’t you think that immortality is boring and can become some kind of prison eventually?


Infinitely less of a prison than 80 year mortality.

Life is probably not boring for a value creative demi-god of universal adventure and eternal romance. There are worlds of experience to be discovered, created and shared. If, say, in 50,000 years I actually become bored of life (I’m extremely diubtful, but ‘if’…), I can pull the plug, grow old and die.

Death is natural to animal and plant life. Death is unnatural to conscious life (self-aware introspection). Once we became conscious ~3,000 years ago via sophisticated development of language (ref: Julian Jaynes), death became the ultimate tragedy.

Religion has given us a coping mechanism while suppressing our realization of immortal gods. No longer.

Dacia asked:

Can you make an assumption that death (and life too 🙂 ) may have other purposes except this one you have described?


To me you seem to be asking:

“Is there another purpose to life other than the experience of eternal happiness?”

What could it be…

  1. Sacrifice to a God? (old age coping mechanism for accepting death and avoiding responsibility of godhood)
  2. Eliminating the Self? (new age coping mechanism for accepting death and avoiding responsibility of godhood)

What else is there?

Both of those approaches to coping with the tragedy of death (new age energetic unity and old age religious unity) are the exact same goal, but done with a different mind-set.

One seeks escape from life via the fanciful notion of an anthropomorphic (in man’s image) supreme being in the sky, who is full of love (brings hope) but judges our every move (adds the motivation of guilt) to whom we are supposed to spiritually ascend (by following its rulebook) and then dying so our soul elevates to a less material higher plane of spiritual existence as the soul becomes closer again to being part of that supreme being of the universe.

The other approach seeks escape from life via the somewhat deist or pantheist notion that while ‘universe‘ created us it does not directly command us, but is none-the-less full of love and light which apparently is a better mode of existence than individuated conscious experience within manifest material (physical form) and so the goal is to reduce ‘karma’ and ‘return to the limitless’ by letting go of physical attachment.

These seem to be the 2 broadest doctrines for ‘life after death’.

Which is the one that you currently relate to?

Or is there another possibility here?

Jason Silva expressed it beautifully:


Feminine Ferocity as the Captivating Dance of Expression

When feminine energy is fully manifest

Masculine energy can kick-back and behold.

Male Shiva… trapped under foot of Shakti?

Trapped in rapped attention which by correct balance of the spirits energies, makes him wholly liberated and free of all perceived constraint.

This represents the purpose of life.

The ultimate lap dance.


See other artistic representations of the Shiva vs Shakti energies on google images here.

If you’re male and feeling somewhat emasculated, counterbalance this idea of divine Shakti with that of Iron John.

Iron John Stirs [poem and book review]

I have never understood so little of a book yet enjoyed that book so very, very much…

Iron John by Robert Bly is a feast of historical citations to ancient and contemporary literature and culture with what I take to be a central theme:

The cultivation and liberation of masculine strength and deep authentic spirit.

Women can definitely enjoy the book too, as a) both sexes possess both masculine and feminine energies, and b) it will serve them to understand the strength in the men in their life better.


The image shown is by artist Matt Buck captioned “The Wild Man, from Iron John by The Brothers Grimm, being exhumed from the forest lake”.

Anywho… I’m 65% through the book so far and it’s now on my ‘favourite books of all time’ list.

I’ll share notes here when I’ve finished the first reading.

For now, ere’s an Iron John inspired poem:

Iron John Stirs

by Gavriel 

With the Heart of a Lover,

The Mind of a Poet,

The Body of a Key Maker

and the Hands of a Gardener…

What am I… if not a MAN?

Iron John by Robert Bly expounds on man’s place, heritage, power and mission based on the symbolic fairytale Iron John by The Brothers Grimm (click link to read it)

Counterbalance this masculine dominance with the feminine ferocity of Shakti.