Manifestation Mastery — A Booster Shot For Law Of Attraction


Hi, I’m Gavriel — and I know WHY you struggle to get reliable results using the law of attraction.

I’m not promising a ‘magic secret key’ or a ‘secret behind the secret’.

I’m simply going to reveal which bit of the well known formula for success — the law of attraction — is the most common problem area.

And I’ll tell you right now, upfront, to see if you agree, before I get into my recommendations.

So first, here’s the basic formula:

“Whatever The Mind Can Conceive & Believe, It Can Achieve”

“You Get What You Think About Most Of The Time”

“As A Man Thinketh In His Heart, So Is He”

Sound familiar?

Of course…

I already know how well informed you are about the law of attraction, and of vibration for manifestation.

Otherwise you wouldn’t have come across this information.

Now: There’s nothing missing from the formula.

You just have to apply the formula right.

And it’s the power of intention that makes the law of attraction work.

That is: The strength of your Willpower to focus on the correct vibration of your intended manifestation.

What does that require?

What fuels the fire of manifestation?

We could call it pure heart-felt emotional conviction.

At least that is getting close to the complete answer.

Just like in this quote:

“As A Man Thinketh In His Heart, So Is He”

What is this referring to if not heart-felt emotional conviction.

We might also call it Love.

A full beam projection of love for that which you aim to attract into your life.

If it’s a relationship — can you beam absolute positive heart-felt love towards men?

Probably not. Previous heart-break lingers.

If it’s money that you wish to manifest — can you beam pure love for everything that money represents to you?

Probably not. Bills weight you down in the back of your mind.

If it’s health and vitality that you aim to manifest — can you beam a clean vibration with emotional intensity of what it feels like to enjoy absolute health?

Probably not. If you already felt super healthy, you wouldn’t need to manifest it.

So what gives?

How can you vibrate at the frequency of something that you do not currently have the real-life experience of?

Well, gratefully and graciously, through the power of intention it is possible.

You only need sustained bursts of matching vibration to create a chain reaction that leads to manifestation.

And chain reactions require energy.

Fuel for the fire.

It’s that heart-felt emotional intensity again.

But not muddied by the murky waters of regret, fear, disappointment, lack and limitation.

Your heart-felt emotional intensity must be pure.

It must be powerful.

It must have high charge.

Like a battery fully charged.


Most people attempt to use the law of attraction during the normal humdrum of daily life.

It’s like a depleted car battery. Turning the key only makes the engine sputter and churn.

So pay close attention because I’m about to demonstrate in minute detail what you need to do mentally, physically and emotionally to REALLY activate the law of attraction in your life.

You’re about to find out what it really takes to fully energize your mind, body, and psyche with enough juice to ignite the engine of manifestation.

You’ll now activate with ease the law of attraction so that health, wealth, romance and even power comes to you like it was always meant to.

Please note: I’m not here to teach you about the law of attraction, or to describe how it works.

My task is to help you energize your system so that everything you have ever learned about the law of attraction can work for you in full force.

Are you ready for that?

In psychology, the word used to describe a person with high capacity energy is Resilience.

Resilience is like your internal battery.

Low resilience is when you’re low on energy, get drained easily, and you take a long time to recharge.

Do you think high-power intentional focus to activate the law of attraction is possible when you have low resilience?

Not a chance!

High resilience on the other hand is when you’re already on full charge and it’s easy to keep you fully charged with quick top-ups. You feel wonderful and are not depleted by mental or emotional baggage.

Now how often does that happen every day? Not often enough.

When it comes to energizing your intentional focus for law of attraction, you need maximum mental and emotional resilience.

When you boost your resilience, you directly improve your ability to manifest using law of attraction.

Without resilience, you simply lack enough energy to make the law of attraction work because you are unable to focus on the right vibration of your hearts true desire.

Makes total sense doesn’t it?

Hi, I’m Gavriel. An experienced, trained and fully licensed resilience coach.

After dozens of coaching conversations about manifestation and law of attraction, I decided to capture all of my notes into a single streamlined power-packed easy-read action guide.

My one-to-one coaching costs hundreds of dollars for a few sessions.

And people pay it because of the results I get my clients such as these:

“Your principles and techniques go very well along with Napoleon Hill’s and complete them….Prepare for the day and control your future. I went through… and I’m following it to the letter. So far so good.” Israel David

“..’Celestine Prophecy’.. ‘ A Course in Miracles’. May I say yours ranks well up there with them. My hats off to you. Keep on keeping people thinking.” Dr Ron MacIntyre

“I have viewed a film titled ‘The Secret’ several times, yet I have absorbed your 9 Principles on more occasions.” ~ Josh Seymour

However: As word spread and my calendar become full I had to find another way of distributing this same information about how to energize your system for applying the law of attraction to reliable manifestation.

And so I am currently putting the finishing touches on a complete guide to resilience for law of attraction success.

It’s called Manifestation Mastery — The Guide to Resilient Intention.

For chapter 1, plus my 4-page tip-sheet of Instant Resilience Boosters (100% free), enter your email and I’ll then let you know just as soon as Manifestation Mastery is published.

To your resilience,



40 year old woman solves spider phobia in 1 hour (therapy results)

Sarah had a spider phobia since 5 years old…

And it didn’t help that she lives in a rural area with an outdoor postbox for mail… or that firewood is stored in a cellar.

First, what are phobias — really?

They are “conditioned neuro-physical responses” to bad experiences from the past that trigger a negative emotional reaction in the present.

That is: They are habits that we’ve picked up along the course of life.

And if you believe that people can learn new skills, adapt to change or even change the course of their life… then you’ll understand that resolving a phobia is simply a change of habit.

That’s not to say changing habits is ‘easy’… but results can in fact happen very, very fast.

Like they did for Sarah:

Perhaps you’ve heard of NLP or ‘timeline therapy’?

As a certified Master NLP Practitioner I was able to use a collection of techniques during two therapy sessions with Sarah that shifted her neuro-physical response to spiders.

She was highly skeptical of course… who wouldn’t be? A phobia since 5 solvable in a couple of sessions?

None the less, Sarah followed along with my guidance, and the next day reported ‘feeling a little better’ when she saw a spider…

Then she wrote to me several weeks later with this!


Phobia, gone 🙂

Skepticism, solved! 🙂

What’s cool about resolving phobias is how obvious the change is to the person’s life.

Photos like the one included demonstrate a change in life experience that a fellow phobia sufferer can relate to — if only they could believe change is possible for them too.

So here’s my advice:

Don’t come to therapy necessarily ‘expecting miracles’.

That’s kind of unfair on the therapist and yourself…

But lets just say ‘small miracles can happen’.

What would you like to work on?

When it comes to mental and emotional health and resilience, we often tend to neglect ourselves, or take a ‘do it yourself’ approach.

Some people simply give-up and resign themselves to phobias, fears, anxieties, etc.

We might say things like:

‘get over it, it’s just in your head’.

But if we sprain our ankle… we don’t say:

‘get over it, it’s just in your ankle’.

We get it seen to.

If you have any issues that you’d like to work on and resolve or improve, I provide Skype video sessions — or in-person wherever I happen to be in the world (currently London).

Here’s a wonderful TED Talk illustrating the importance of taking good care of your own mental and emotional wellbeing.

Wishing you blissful resilience,


Journey To The Center Of Stress — And Out The Other Side

Journey To The Center Of Stress
— And Out The Other Side

Have you ever experienced stress so deep that your body felt enflamed? Neck, shoulders, even the tips of your ears burning and rippling with chronic discomfort. I have.

If we stop to think about it, stress often isn’t so much an ‘emotion’ as it is a physical sensation — such as anxiety that sits deep in our gut.

Van der Kolk puts it well:

“What makes life unbearable is not emotions but physical sensations.”

And that’s the first major clue to truly understanding how to rid your system of stress at a very deep level.

That is: managing stress depends largely on managing your physiology.

The result is Emotional Resilience — a state of mind, body and spirit where negative events no longer trigger significant fluctuations in your mood or emotions, allowing your physiology to remain in balance, in tune, and in control.

In fact, positive stress becomes a powerful motivator for success. But ONLY when it is counter-balanced by what I’m about to share with you.

Emotional Resilience: The Holy Grail Of Stress Relief

I was at the peak of my former professional career. Working for a tech company in London UK. ‘Suited and booted’, as they say.

During a 3-person planning session in a quiet little meeting room someone asked a question that was probably innocent enough, but I felt like months of meetings were achieving so little…

I was already at the end of my rope with trying to influence this team in a new direction and I was taking it all very personally. I felt exhausted.

In that moment I reacted emotionally and tried to contain my exasperation by holding my breath.

Big mistake!

Have you ever felt so wound up that you held your breath to stop from saying something offensive, aggressive or otherwise inappropriate?

Huddled together in that tiny meeting room I knew that the moment I spoke my exasperation would be obvious.

Due to holding my breath I turned red and finally had to start breathing again — visibly flustered!

Embarrassing… but it led me on a new path to discover a solution to stress by creating emotional resilience at a very deep level of physiology (beyond ‘mind’ and beyond ‘emotion’).

Burying Stress

Until that point, feeling stressed was not something I liked to admit.

As a youngster I couldn’t ‘allow’ myself to be stressed… probably because my home-life was stressful ALL the time. I’ll spare you from the details. Suffice it to say I learned to bury the stress as I became a young adult. I stubbornly refused to face stress.

I said things to myself like: “I can get through anything”… “things are bad now, what of it, the future will be better”… and “this is what ‘tough’ feels like, learn it”.

I became a ‘bull’ in my own internal ‘china shop’. On hindsight it actually made me more prone to stress as I ‘avoided difficult situations’ rather than dealing with them, which left me overly sensitive.

I believed that my thoughts can overcome any negative emotions. You know, ’mind over matter’. That emotions were just fleeting moments of weakness. That stress was only in my mind.

Boy oh boy was I so very, very wrong. And it took me years to truly reach the bottom of all this:

“When you have a persistent sense of heartbreak and gutwrench, the physical sensations become intolerable and we will do anything to make those feelings disappear.”

“If these sensations last long enough, your whole brain starts fighting against emotions. And what happens in the long range is that traumatized people who continuously have a state of heartbreak and gut wrenching feelings learn to shut off the sensations in their bodies. And they go through life not feeling their physical presence.”

– Van der Kolk

Thankfully I didn’t fall into the trap of shutting off my sensations completely…

On balance I did learn to ‘manage stress’ quite well. At least most of the time.

My big mistake for many years was to deny the physical and emotional effects of stress, which meant that I was regularly ‘managing’ stress rather than achieving true emotional resilience and the deep state of calm that I longed for.

I was proud of my ‘high stress tolerance’, meaning that I could push on and get things done regardless of stress…

Yet, all that seems so limited now that I understand how stress works inside our body, with the knowledge and experience that negative effects of stress can be dialed down to genuine insignificance.

At 18 I read a therapy book called Focusing. It taught me one principle that fundamentally influenced my development as a coach and counselor in the years ahead.

The idea is that ‘pain is caused by resistance’.

Another way of saying it is “what we resist, persists”.

Perhaps you too resist stress?

  • Do you resist taking enough time outs?
  • Do you resist seeking help?
  • Do you resist admitting to stress?
  • Do you resist facing certain uncomfortable truths?

Due to my own internal sensitivity I developed a lot of empathy and compassion for other people, despite being ’brutally honest’ at times, and overly hard on myself.

Gradually over the years through a series of personal experiences and work with clients who seemed to help me just as much as I helped them, I reconnected with my own soft-natured emotional center.

Eventually, I could easily admit when I was stressed. And I could take healthier measures to respond.

But it wasn’t until early 2016 that I found the ‘missing bit’ to building emotional resilience.

Its name is mBraining. A term coined by Grant Soosalu, an Australian Leadership Consultant, Executive Coach, and Training Developer.

mBraining has the power to revolutionize how we approach stress, life balance, and personal development.

If you experience stuck negative energy, persistent negative emotions or want to reach the leading edge of personal transformation for greater success, courage, creativity and passion in life… then ‘mBraining’ really could be the ‘missing bit’ that builds abiding emotional resilience and keeps you in a peak state of productivity and creative flow.

What is mBraining?

Did you know that your body contains three brains, not just the one in your head?

It’s not just your head that has thinking/information processing cells called neurons.

Neurons exist in abundance in both your heart (known as the cardiac brain) and in your gut (known as the enteric brain).

In fact, there are millions of neuron cells around your gut region — equivalent to the size of a cats brain!

If you’ve ever interacted with a cat, you know how incredibly active their brains are…

…constantly assessing the environment for dangers, opportunities for pleasure and affection, maintaining healthy boundaries, satisfying their curiosity, and so forth.

Since the publication of a book called The Second Brain (Gershon, M.D. 1999), neuroscience, psychologists and health practitioners have explored the vital importance of our gut-brain (enteric brain), and then our heart-brain (cardiac brain), on all aspects of health and wellbeing.

Although Darwin discovered it two centuries ago!:

“the heart, guts and brain communicate intimately via a nerve [the pneumogastric or vagus nerve], the critical nerve in the expression and management of emotions” – Charles Darwin

This puts the vagus nerve that connects our head, heart and gut as centrally important to both our physical state and our emotional state.

It made me think “never mind your emotions, fix your physiology”.

The vagus nerve innervates (supplies nerves to) the diaphragm (muscle used for breathing) and much of our viscera (almost all organs).

With this insight you can begin to see why emotional therapy, emotional clearing and stress resilience is difficult or impossible without working directly at the level of the nervous system.

Neuroscience Meets Ancient Wisdom

head-heart-gut-265x300mBIT (Multi Brain Integration Technique) is a coaching process that works with the three brains found inside our head, heart and gut by aligning their vital functions so that everything flies in formation:

  1. What your head believes and the ideas it creates.
  2. What your heart longs for and the compassion and passion it generates.
  3. What your gut intuition tells you and how you muster the gut-courage to get motivated into taking empowered action.

Grant Soosalu identifies the ‘highest expression’ for each of the three brains as follows:

  • Creativity for the head brain
  • Compassion for the heart brain
  • Courage for the gut brain

He also reveals a direct link with the wisdom of ancient traditions:

“In the 700 year old Soka Gakkai Buddhism teachings there is a mystic truth known as the ‘Buddha state’ or ‘Buddha wisdom’ that acts as a reservoir through which anyone can take control of their lives and fulfill their greatest dreams. According to these ancient spiritual beliefs, this state of wisdom involves a melding of Compassion, Creativity and Courage.”

Or as Chinese medicine puts it:

“The heart is the Emperor, the head is the King, and the gut is the General.”

When conflicted they wear each other out.

mBIT has emerged out of this incredible synthesis of ancient wisdom, historical insight, modern therapy and cutting-edge neuroscience.

The benefits of mBIT include:

  • Harnessing your innate intelligences for better life choices, less internal conflict, more emotional resilience and faster personal development.
  • Balancing the Autonomic Nervous System to quickly relieve physiological stress and improve immunity, vitality and mood.

Stress Is Not A Dirty Word

Over the years, I came to realize that ‘stress’ is not a weakness.

It’s about being human.

It comes with the territory.

It comes from taking life by the balls and pursuing productivity like a boss.

It comes from the very real interruptions, disruptions and interferences we come across.

It comes from the narrow mindedness of other people.

It comes from being truly open and authentically vulnerable.

And it’s ok.

What matters is how we learn to process stress within our own system. Not by rejecting, denying or resisting it. That only works for so long.

With the neuroscience concept of physiological ‘coherence’, stress has become an indicator of internal conflict between our three intelligences, an enabler for greater self-awareness, a stimulant for mindfulness, a prod for checking in with our multi-brains to re-align the messages in finding creative solutions, motivating courage and passionate action.

How Your Breath Effects Your Nervous System

Given my previous habit of restricting my breath when stressed, it’s ironic that ‘balanced breathing’ is the first basic step of creating autonomic nervous system coherence.


Breathing in stimulates the sympathetic nervous system which drives ‘fight or flight’ energies of drive, action, response, and focus.

When you are stressed, the sympathetic system is working on overdrive, and it can get stuck to the point that you can’t switch off, you can’t unwind, you are easily ‘triggered’ and so on.[/one_half_first]


Breathing out stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system which manages the processes of ‘feeding and fornicating’ and ‘rest and repose’; the energies of relaxation, calmness, leisure, etc.

If your parasympathetic system becomes dominant (often due to stressful burnout) you become subdued, lethargic, apathetic and depressed.[/one_half_last]

Seems like a case of ‘damed if you do, dammed if you don’t’. As cliche as it sounds, the goal is ‘balance’.

How To Start Building Deep Emotional Resilience

Negative emotional states occur when either side of your nervous system becomes dominant and stuck.

When the autonomic nervous system is ‘balanced’, science calls it ‘coherence’, as measured by heart rate variability.

That is NOT to say that we should always aim for the same emotional ‘middle ground’. There are times for excitement. And there are times for deep relaxation. The problem occurs when stress pushes our system into extremes.

We need to help our physiology shift gears if it gets stuck in sympathetic or parasympathetic dominance (overly active vs overly passive) or when we are triggered into those states inappropriately due to habit, traumas, or lack of control.

Through balanced breathing (equal time on inhalation with equal time on exhalation) you begin to bring balance into the nervous system and help reduce stuck states of over-excitation and stress (which carries a risk of burn out) and stuck states of depression, apathy and laziness (actual burn-out).




Use the image above to balance your breathing (harder than it looks). Maintain for 5 minutes. Do this every day as part of your vitality rituals and it will significantly contribute to your overall state of wellbeing over the long-run.

From Stress To Your Very Best

ANS coherence through mBraining is an incredible new frontier for science-based stress reduction, emotional resilience, and so much more.

mbit-coach-logoIn 2016 I became a certified professional mBIT Coach.

By combining all this into my existing approach to stress counseling and coaching, you can work one-to-one with me via Skype to clear stressful situations in your life, and the negative stuck states of stress that reside deep within your body to:

  • Shift your mind-set through cognitive thinking tools
  • Cleanse triggers from your physiology
  • Build emotional resilience
  • Learn and apply instant change techniques for rapid anxiety relief
  • Form new daily routines, habits and productive patterns of behavior
  • Align the three intelligences of your head, heart, and gut
  • Completely resolve niggling issues from the past that are stuck in the back of your mind
  • And much, much more

If you’re interested in pursuing this for your own emotional resilience, visit the homepage for details of my approach to coherence coaching.

[thrive_link color=’blue’ link=’’ target=’_self’ size=’medium’ align=’aligncenter’]Coherence Coaching with Gavriel Shaw[/thrive_link]

An Invitation To Experience Coherence Coaching

An Invitation To Experience Coherence Coaching

Only available if you’ve had some form of coaching before.

Perhaps you are being coached right now — helping you create new goals, get into action, and be accountable.

Or maybe your last coaching was quite some time ago, and:

  • You’re clear on major milestones with an organized plan.
  • You have a good sense of current roadblocks in your way.
  • And you’re working on your powers of intention.

Now what?

Should you accept your current rate of progress and tolerate any remaining hangups, laziness, and emotional conflicts?

Not if you’re anything like me. Not if you aim for maximum integrity.

Hi, I’m Gavriel Shaw, coach and counselor — and I believe we’re moving into an era where our highest potentials are achieved through the intersection of integrity and technology.

The Missing Piece

Normal coaching attempts to change your mental/emotional state and improve your results by focusing mostly on your mind (beliefs, self-talk, positive affirmations, plans of action, getting creative, etc).

That’s all well and good. We definitely need all that for peak performance.

But have you ever felt that something was… missing?

Ever been curious about why certain fears, anxieties, or ‘triggers’ still remain in your system?

Well, here’s the missing piece in a nutshell:

[page_section pattern=’’ textstyle=’dark’ position=’default’ padding_bottom=’on’ padding_top=’on’]


Your body contains three distinct ‘information processing regions’. One of course is the head brain, and the other two are around the heart and gut.

There are literally millions of neurons (brain cells) that communicate back and forth throughout your physiology (about the same amount of neurons as a cats brain!) — always calculating, observing, and reacting to the environment — just like a cat.

Stress and conflict manifests as ‘incoherence heart rate variability’ as per the diagram from HeartMath Institute.


Without… (forgive the technical term)… Autonomic Nervous System Coherence, your efforts to get your brain(s) fully functional for peak productivity is fraught with difficulty.

We short-circuit. We get lazy. We get distracted. We self-sabotage. We feel unwarranted fear. We hide from our truest expression of self.


Achieving Coherence

Of course: support groups, accountability coaching, and grit determination help…

However — imagine a purer form of balance between creativity, compassion and courage. With stronger emotional resilience for daily life. Where integrity and peak-state productivity are not an up-hill battle. Where everything comes into alignment — even the blindspots that your clever mind has been hiding from you.

That’s the role of Coherence Coaching.

As you’ll know, professional one-to-one coaching ranges from $100 per hour upwards, as does various forms of emotional therapy.

Towards completing my certification in neuro-physical coherence coaching (by September 25th, 2016), I’m making a one-time special offer for 10 people only.

And ONLY suitable if you’ve already had life or leadership coaching from myself or elsewhere in the past.


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The Coherence Crucible

By invitation, I will be working with 10 people over the coming few months on what I call The Coherence Crucible. 

A crucible is a container where elements are mixed and purified to produce something new.

This new program includes 6 sessions of one-to-one personal coherence coaching via Skype, along with workbook, live webinar training and group coaching support.

To begin, invitees will have a free coaching consultation with me. This is approximately 50 minutes. We’ll do a bit of coaching, I’ll explain the structure of the program, and find out a bit about the coaching you’ve received to date.

If you’re a fit for the program, I will email you with an invitation to join The Coherence Crucible. (I’m only looking for people who are coachable and familiar with how coaching generally works).

Then the program begins:


Phase 1: Confirming Clarity

  • We’ll refresh your clarity on goals, challenges, situation and action plan.
  • Hopefully this will be wrapped up during our first session and we can quickly progress onto…

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Phase 2: Creating Coherence

  • Now I’ll guide you through the initial fast-track techniques for creating coherence throughout your body.
  • Coherence is the silver bullet for near-effortless peak performance and emotional resilience.
  • We’ll create space and take time to produce lasting results with the right tools and techniques suited to your lifestyle, personality, ambitions and physiological needs.


Phase 3: Getting Into Flow

  • Here we make quick-work of pinpointing your priorities for aligning what your head currently believes, what your heart yearns for and what your intuition tells you.
  • We’ll uncover emotional sticking points that need resolution. And we’ll do the work necessary to align those three ‘information processing regions’ (brains); the head, heart and gut.

It’s an incredible experience and puts you into steady creative flow filled with passion and aligned with purpose.

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Phase 4: Staying Aligned

Your workbook is not a fixed set of exercises that you feel obliged to fill in. By the end of this program you’ll have a tailor-made plan for sustainable peak flow performance, all documented in your Coherence Planner Workbook.



Only 10 Spots Available. Seriously.

The package is set at $1,530 for in-person coaching (when I’m in town), or $1,170 over Skype.

I will publish an interactive multi-media self-study version of The Coherence Crucible next year at $470.

For the charter program available right now, I’m going to include the full Skype coaching for 10 accepted applicants at just $470 total.

With qualifications in CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), Master NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and Life Coaching, along with currently completing my certification of coaching in heart coherence, this is a bargain.

To be clear: After this charter program available for 10 people only, the recorded version will be available in 2017 for $470 or the live personal coaching at full price of $1,170. Apply today and get the live coaching version for just $470.

The program will include 6 one-to-one sessions via Skype plus a group training webinar.

Each session typically lasts between 50 minutes and 2 hours depending on the level of work needed to make a genuine and deep shift in your physiology at each phase. Sometimes it comes easy. Sometimes it takes a bit more time to allow the physiology to re-align based on the issues we’re dealing with.

To Apply For The Free Consultation Complete The Application Today

(No obligation. No guarantee of acceptance onto the program. Info kit will be sent soon)

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[thrive_text_block color=”light” headline=”Feedback”]

It’s ironic how I discovered myself on a deeper level. I always thought I was a better person and understood my self. Boy! I was wrong. I was a bit skeptical about someone coaching me. I wondered “how can someone from a distance understand me and help me”. What happened next was extraordinary and beyond what I was expecting. Beyond all my complaining I discovered something about myself on a deeper level. Now that I feel I’m accomplishing some part of my life, I am thrilled to work on my next step. – MandyLibrarian

I really feel the difference in how I see men and women in a lot of type of relations between now and before our 4 month communication. It was SO helpful!” – Esther, Lighting Consultant

You are really effective at getting my friend to think about things that she needs to work on. I have been trying that for 20 years ;-P – Tracy, Healer

Once again, you hit me where I live! All my life I have been rejecting my programming and knew there was a better way. – Teddy, Construction

I am doing very well… I have bigger dreams and bigger realities. I continue to process and gain greater control. Obstacles are falling away or destroyed. Outside suppression and lack of resources is decreasing as I become aware of them. I am exploring myself much more and the fear of defeat has decreased. – Barb, Fundraiser

I’ve had the magnificent opportunity to meet an exceptional visionary, that has the ideal lifestyle we all dream about, but only a few dare emulate. Check out Gavriel Shaw’s web page. His is a lifestyle I know I’d like to try on for size. He is helping me change my life, maybe he can help yours too? – Treela, Healer

I want to thank the Goddess & her Angels for bringing Gavriel into my life. Not only has he stimulated my mind to have me better my life, but through him – I have met so many wonderful people and have had outstanding experiences. I cannot thank you enough Gav. But one day – I will indeed have a celebration in your honor! – Treela, Healer

You are one of the most amazing human beings I have had the pleasure to meet, eat with, and exchange conversation. Your value to the world we live is immense and I appreciate the connection we’ve shared working together on projects over the years. If it wasn’t for your unreasonable influence I’m not sure I would be half the man that I am today. Thank you sir! – Joshua, Designer

I am restructuring my office and living space out of inspiration from your organizing suggestions. Thank you for your excellence and contribution. – Jeffrey, Musician

Where were you in my earlier life. Everything you say is like a band aid but such a good one… I feel like ‘oh that makes total sense’ and I feel good about it. Seriously if I was rich you’d be my life coach for life! Unless berry smoothies are your thing… – Liz, Banking

Couldn’t refuse an offer to get coaching from a freedom icon like yourself. I’ve known your incredible work for 3+ years, and I’m also reading your newsletters regularly. – Owen

Anytime I speak to you things seem to spontaneously happen so I wanted to phone you and say thank you. – Lauren

Honestly, our talk this morning left me in such happy spirits. Although I’m sure you get that all the time. You have such incredible listening skills. – Alice


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with CBT Therapist Gavriel Shaw

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has advanced far from its early beginnings in Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy.

Today, CBT considers the body-stresses rather than just the cognitive aspects of therapeutic work to improve the quality of life.

At the heart of modern CBT is a focus on disputing the natural errors of thinking that creep into our mental state whenever we experience negative situations over and over again.

For instance:

“Mary makes me so mad!”

The chances are that this negative experience did not happen spontaneously, but developed over some period of time, due to several contributing factors.

Cognitive behavioral therapy takes a diligent and patient path to uncover the missing elements of experience, belief, and emotion to fully represent the problem being experienced.

For example:

“I end up feeling so mad when Mary uses that tone of voice because it reminds me of my mother and I fight against the feelings of regret and loss I have to avoid feeling sad”.

Ahhh… now with that level of insight we can do a lot of work using various CBT tools to completely change the experience so that “Mary does not make you mad” anymore.

Benefitting From Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

In CBT we keep record of certain thoughts, feelings and behaviors to help understand exactly where emotional responses are being triggered, and then create an agreed treatment plan to shift the internal representations of experience that lead to the cognitive responses of negative emotion.

Despite that sounding a little wordy, the process is diligent and the steps are simple, easy, and engaging.

CBT alone is shown to work remarkably quickly to resolve many current issues while empowering you as the client to maintain and build on the foundations that we create together in our sessions.

Unfortunately, studies show that CBT results are often not long lasting for many clients.

So taking things further, I involve aspects of NLP, mBIT, EFT and Life Coaching to ensure that we do not miss any big opportunities to make the short-term results of CBT have a much deeper effect throughout your psyche for positive lasting change.

If you have benefited from CBT in the past and want something a little extra, or if you are keen to begin a course of CBT, we can begin with a free consultation session to consider working together.

Register to receive further details of cognitive behavioral therapy treatments.

Emotional Freedom Technique with EFT Practitioner Gavriel Shaw

Your body is programmed with habitual stress responses that do not serve your higher purpose or reflect the reality of each situation.

That is to say:

Stressful events feel worse than they actually are.

For example: There’s no real survival threat when we do public speaking, yet most of us (including myself) feel a gut response of fear, anxiety, and nerves.

Worse are the negative emotional states that linger long after a traumatic event has past. Or feelings of anger, overwhelm or depression.

Your body can be re-trained to let go of a lot of stress response, to help resolve negative emotional attachments and triggers from events in the past, and build emotional resilience to calmly face events that used to cause you high levels of physical and emotional stress.

The fastest start to stress-management and emotional clearing that I have found work best in my coaching over the past few years is EFT.

Emotional Freedom Technique

By combining Emotional Freedom Technique with mBIT heart coherence, CBT and NLP, I can help you bring those negative emotions down and stay down.

Negative emotions are easily triggered if your physiology is programmed by the past.

With EFT, known as the ‘tapping therapy’ we activate neuronal pathways (meridian channels) throughout your body to help release and align stuck energy states in your system.

The tapping elements of EFT involves lightly tapping on the head, around the eyes and face, chest and under arm.

The talking element of EFT involves gentle awareness of stuck states that allow the negative emotion to release and pass out of your system.

It happens very very quickly with the right approach and correct guidance.

I learned EFT in London’s Regent Park College from a Master Trainer in 2010 and have supported clients with PTSD, suicidal ideation, recurring nightmares, and general chronic anxiety.

By working online together using Skype video I will guide you through the EFT experience.

Our work together will be focused, fast, effective and most likely give you longer lasting change because of the unique combination of EFT, CBT, NLP and mBIT.

How does Emotional Freedom Technique work?

Please note: EFT is not about positive affirmations as many people believe. Attempting to use positive affirmations in the EFT process is not what emotional clearing is about. EFT works to un-link the triggers of negative emotion. Attempting positive affirmation during the EFT process is a distraction.

EFT works through the principle of mindful acceptance and release of energy from neurological patterns. By gently bringing negative thoughts/feelings into awareness while simultaneously activating release pathways in your physiology, the stuck energies/emotions are released. The effects are increased and often made permanent over a short course of treatments.

This 20 minute Energy Psychology presentation gives academic insight into the function of EFT.

Lets do the deep work you want, need and deserve.

Register for coaching conversations and lets apply the emotional freedom technique for rapid relief.

mBraining and mBIT Coaching for Neurophysical Coherence — ‘the missing bit!’

In 2015 I came across a fascinating description of our body’s use of three ‘functional brain regions’… rather than just the one in our head.

If you have stuck energy, negative emotions or want to reach the leading edge of personal transformation for more success, courage, creativity and passion in life… then ‘mBraining’ (or ‘mBIT’ as the technique is known) really could be the ‘missing bit’ that keeps you in a peak state of flow.

Let’s step back a moment…


What is mBraining?

It’s not just your head that has thinking/info processing cells called neurons.

Neurons exist in abundance in both your heart (known as the cardiac brain) and your gut (known as the enteric brain).

In fact, there’s millions of neuron cells around your gut region — equivalent to the size of a cats brain!

If you’ve ever interacted with a cat or small dog, you know how incredibly active their brains are…

…constantly assessing the environment for dangers, opportunities for pleasure and affection, maintaining healthy boundaries, satisfying their curiosity, and so forth.

Since publication of The Second Brain in 1999, neuroscience, psychologists and health practitioners have explored the vital importance of our gut-brain, and then our heart-brain, on all aspects of health and wellbeing.

In a nutshell:

mBraining is about the multiple-brain interaction that spans those three regions in our body: head, heart and gut. head-heart-gut-265x300

  1. What your head believes and the ideas it creates.
  2. What your heart longs for and the compassion and passion it generates.
  3. What your gut intuition tells you and how you muster the gut-courage to motivate you into empowered action.

Grant Soosalu published his book on mBraining in 2012 in which he identifies the ‘highest expression’ for each of the three brains as follows:

  • Creativity for the head brain
  • Compassion for the heart brain
  • Courage for the gut brain

He also reveals a direct link with ancient wisdom from Earth’s traditions:

“In the 700 year old Soka Gakkai Buddhism teachings there is a mystic truth known as the ‘Buddha state’ or ‘Buddha wisdom’ that acts as a reservoir through which anyone can take control of their lives and fulfill their greatest dreams. According to these ancient spiritual beliefs, this state of wisdom involves a melding of Compassion, Creativity and Courage.”  – mBraining, Grant Soosalu & Marvin Oka

Integrate Your Three Brains for Higher Wisdom

The technique that’s emerging out of this incredible synthesis of ancient wisdom, historical insight and cutting-edge neuroscience is called mBIT (multi-Brain Integration Technique).

Benefits of mBIT include:

  • How to harness your innate intelligences and generative wisdom through the process of ’mBraining’.
  • How to balance the Autonomic Nervous System to quickly relieve physiological stress and improve immunity, vitality and mood.

This is HUGE!

mBIT fits into the grand quest for push-button neuroplasticity by focusing on physiological coherence between your internal systems that impact your emotions, mental capacity, clarity of thought, overall mindfulness and willingness to take action.

Over the past 6 months, I’ve practiced the mBIT techniques while studying towards the mBIT Coach Certification, and will be able to provide mBIT Coaching from late September as an added dimension to the EFT, CBT, and NLP based Coaching that I already provide.

mBIT has been ‘the missing bit’.

Register via if you haven’t already and I can then invite you the next time I have free coaching consultation slots available.

The merging of ancient wisdom with modern neuroscience for peak flow-state — exciting times ahead!


Videos on Heart Coherence

Over the last decade, neuroscience has discovered we have complex and functional brains in both our hearts and gut. Called the cardiac and enteric brains, scientific evidence is emerging that these neural networks exhibit adaptive intelligence and wisdom.

Now, scientific knowledge is finally catching up with deep insights from esoteric and spiritual traditions, informing us for thousands of years about these three powerful intelligences.

Using methods from NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), cognitive linguistics and behavioural modeling, informed by latest neuroscientific discoveries, the new field of mBIT (multiple Brain Integration Techniques) has created a powerful system for communicating with and integrating the wisdom and intelligence of our multiple brains.

– excerpt from mBraining: Using Your Multiple Brains To Do Cool Stuff, Grant Soosalu and Marvin Oka, 2012

Havening Technique — Stroke Your Arms to Stimulate Healing Delta Waves?

My sister just asked me if I’ve heard of “The Havening Technique”.

From what I’ve gathered so far, it’s a form of neuro-psycho-therapy which combines:

  • Body-state/emotion mindfulness (including SUDs assessment – subjective units of distress) e.g. “on a scale of 1 to 10 how emotional do you feel about this memory”
  • Simple stroking on the upper body (arms, face) to stimulate Delta brain waves
  • Simple positive visualization techniques

Famous hypnotist Paul McKenna is involved with the research along with the Neuroscientist who discovered the technique and a scientific study has recently been published indicating positive results.

Paul does a simple video demonstration to guide the viewer through a simple application of the technique:

A lot more videos and research is available on The Havening Technique website.

My Take On ‘The Havening Technique’

The Havening Technique at first glance looks as deceptively simple as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique.

I have seen remarkable results using EFT with my clients for PTSD, anxiety and so on.

And I believe that neuro-psycho-therapy is the frontier of emotional clearing for personal empowerment.

However, like with EFT, applying it alone may not see results as the discipline required to fully utilize ‘deceptively simple’ techniques often gets displaced by the ‘urgent priorities’ of daily life chores, habitual coping mechanisms and ‘more important things’ like ‘finding time to relax’.

Techniques like the Havening Technique seem a very worthwhile component of a much broader commitment to personal empowerment through experimentation, discipline, and mindfulness.

Give it a try. And when I say that, I mean a diligent try. Actually follow along with Paul’s guidance in the video above. Give your self the space and permission to focus on your internal world of experience. Remarkable things happen simply from that.

The Delta waves stimulated by gently rubbing your arms may help too 😉

The Extreme Approach To Cleanse Negative Energy & Create Your Dream Life



That fear stuck inside you now.

That deep gut-wrenching negative ball of energy that every waking moment is spent healing or escaping.

A fear of authority… a fear of being true to your greatest self…. a fear that your entire perspective on life, society and purpose is clouded by false assumptions, erroneous sources of information, and – well, let’s face it, our own willful self-distraction, laziness and dishonesty.

And you feeeeel that fear all the more, as you begin to AWAKEN.

Awakening to the superficiality of the world around you.

Awakening to your own true light and power.

Awakening to your self-responsibility to be your best self and make your ultimate contribution.

Awakening to what could be.

Corner West says:

“What’s very interesting is the relation between awakening and danger. Once you begin to question you begin to constitute a threat to whatever authority is keeping track of you.”

And then:

“Socratic [questioning] energy has to do with contesting authority, being deeply suspicious of authority, trying to undermine the assumptions and presuppositions upon which authority is predicated.  And this process, which is an endless process, it’s an incessant process, but it goes step-by-step and stage-by-stage.  And at the very beginning now we get the staging of what happens when one initiates a process of awakening in which you render various authorities relative.  You begin to contest and call into question those various authorities.”

When you take on the responsibility of being your own highest authority… and therefore responsible for your own mistakes… your own success… you feel the burden of struggling to maximize and optimize all that you are.

Meditate. Permeate. Liberate.

Permission To Change

The wonderful Anaïs Nin said:

“We don’t see things as they are.  We see things as we are.”

Your outlook, your attitude, your perspective, comes from the internal representations that you make about experience, you become somewhat unhinged… breaking away from the norm, relinquishing the status quo… abandoning social conformity… casting convention to the wind… and you begin to take flight into ‘extreme experience’ that not only expands your mind, but gives you increasing control on your mind, and therefore on your emotions, your experience, your destiny, your reality.

Terrence McKenna suggested the opportunity for a new philosophy:

“[A] philosophy not made around the campfire.  But philosophy based on the acquisition of extreme experience.  That’s how you figure out what the world is.  Not by bicycling around in the ‘burbs but by forcing extreme experience.”

The ultimate ‘extreme experience’ is to live life by your own terms.

Howard Roark said,

“Don’t you know that most people take most things because that’s what’s given to them, and they have no opinion whatever? Do you wish to be guided by what they expect you to think they think or by your own judgement?”

My friend said,

Why does that make me think of you.. 🙂

I say,

Because I help people think what they think regardless of what anyone else including myself thinks.

Inspiration for this post comes from an excellent, albeit very long article: How VR Gaming will Wake Us Up to our Fake Worlds by Elliot Edge.

I know it’s a long article. But it is one of the best reads I’ve had in a long long time. So give yourself a chance to indulge in considering it’s many well presented ideas about the direction our civilization is headed.

Good luck creating your new reality tunnels. Eliminating fear. Creating coherence. Abandoning external authorities of all shapes and sizes. Owning your fullest integrity as a co-conspirator in our collective cosmic elevator.

Read Elliott’s excellent article: How VR Gaming will Wake Us Up to our Fake Worlds

P.S. Sad but true for now that I’m so ‘ADD’ that I couldn’t sit through reading the entire thing in one go. So I left the browser open and bounced back and forth to absorb more of the article as I did other things. Your mileage may vary. Time for me to manifest a new reality tunnel where I can sit still and concentrate on one thing for 30 minutes!

P.P.S. The Extreme Approach To Cleanse Negative Energy:

Just in case you missed it, the extreme approach to cleansing negative energy is to take honest responsibility for the reality tunnels you manifest by facing fears, questioning authority, and re-writing the representations that you hold about life to… whatever is most authentically empowering for you.

I invite you to read this post again 🙂 (and comment below for discussion)

Never Mind Your Emotions, Fix Your Physiology

“What makes life unbearable is not emotions but physical sensations.” – Van der Kolk

“When you have a persistent sense of heartbreak and gutwrench, the physical sensations become intolerable and we will do anything to make those feelings disappear.”

“If these sensations last long enough, your whole brain starts fighting against emotions. And what happens in the long range is that traumatized people who continuously have a state of heartbreak and gut wrenching feelings learn to shut off the sensations in their bodies. And they go through life not feeling their physical presence.”

Van der Kolk quotes from Darwin’s work”

“the heart, guts and brain communicate intimately via a nerve” – the pneumogastric or vagus nerve – “the critical nerve in the expression and management of emotions in both humans and animals…. When the mind is strongly excited it instantly affects the state of the viscera.”

This puts the vagus nerve as centrally important to both our physical state and our emotional state.

The vagus nerve innervates (supplies nerves to) the diaphram and much of our viscera (almost all organs).

“It supplies parasympathetic fibers to these organs, meaning that the vagus nerve is a “rest and digest” nerve, not a fight or flight nerve.”

With this insight you can begin to see why emotional therapy and clearing is difficult or impossible without somatic (body) work (as used in EFT, advanced CBT, NLP, and especially mBIT).

The field of neuroplasticity (changing / replacing / renewing nerve states) may be the fastest route to creating peace on Earth one vagus nerve at a time…

“through a brain-changing process called neuroplasticity, deleterious beliefs, mysticisms, faiths, and ideologies wash away among the continuous waves of honesty, rationality, tolerance, compassion, and art.” – Pax Neo-Tech

More coming soon…