What Authentic Relationship Feeeeels Like

You made it…

You let go of the past and opened once again to love…

You became your own best match maker and quickly sifted and sorted your way to finding potential suitors…

You juggled the dynamics of dating and navigated your way through the minefield to an oasis of dating pleasure…

You cautiously yet confidently nurtured the right type of emotional entanglement for romance, respect and commitment…

And now you stand at the cliff’s edge to behold a wide view of your relationships future horizons … or risk slipping off, into the abyss of conflict confusion and breakup despair.

With each phase of relationship the stakes get higher.

In the 5th and final phase of courtship (which never ends) there are 4 components for a lifetime of exploration, improvement, and evolution.

From a woman’s perspective these 4 components are:

  1. Reveal your inner world to embrace his direction
  2. Communicating for deep trust vs superficial lust
  3. Investing in romantic love together
  4. High tides and choppy seas (helping him cope with your emotional depth and variety)

One of the biggest questions with building true relationship is about revealing your real self and still being attractive to your partner.

Will He Still Like Me If I’m Completely My Self?

How can you trust him enough to reveal your real self including your faults, fears and things you consider as inadequacies?

How can you keep him mesmerized, hypnotized and magnetized to you if he ends up completely knowing you?

Doesn’t that mean he’s got nothing new to discover and will get bored?

Yes, unfortunately that’s what happens in most relationships within a few years – or less.


  • By applying what you learn On Intimacy inside the Authentic Relationship category, you can build an intimate bond from a foundation of truth, honesty and integrity.
  • Once you successfully conquer the phases of courtship, the key to blissful romance is about remaining true to your feminine essence and expression while supporting his masculine essence and mission.

You Choose: Deep Trust vs Superficial Lust

Your trust in the strength of his commitment to you is based on how openly you feel able to gush your emotions at him without him running for cover.

This involves a lifelong process of exposing the fullness and depth of your emotional inner world. The ‘good’ and the ‘bad’.

It requires strong resolve from both of you… grace and tolerance… compassion and encouragement.

Build True Romantic Bliss With An Eye On Forever

Join us on the adventure of a lifetime into romantic bliss through authentic intimacy…

From knowing yourself to revealing yourself, On Intimacy brings the aha! moments that are making authenticity in relationships popular again.

Forever improving your capacity for emotional entanglement in blissful embrace, sexual stimulation and loving connection.

Choose your next step inside the Authentic Relationship category.

Getting Emotionally Involved?

Hold On To Your Hat!

This Could Be A Bumpy Ride…

Because early stage dating is a challenge — however:

The REAL art of courtship hasn’t even begun yet until the two of you start becoming emotionally entangled.

In this phase of courtship you have 4 essential elements to conquer:

  1. Healthy boundaries and tender surrender
  2. Men’s logic vs women’s logic
  3. Nurturing authentic commitment on both sides
  4. Rhythms of sex and languages of love

[thrive_text_block color=”purple” headline=”Soraya’s Sorrow”]

Soraya is a 30-something year old from Frankfurt, Germany with Persian and Austrian heritage.

She met a guy and shared deep values, heritage and interests. He made her laugh, seemed kind and they enjoyed a number of dates, including the typical ‘movie and dinner’ dates, leading to physical intimacy.

He was the stuff of dreams.

The problem, as it turned out — dream guy was already taken…

He had a long-distance relationship with a long-term girlfriend who was studying out of the country but planning to return.

When he finally got round to telling her, Soraya felt devastated and deceived. But she couldn’t let him go. She was already emotionally invested because of their great start together. She gave him the benefit of the doubt and thought she could fan the flames of his love so he would drop the other girl to be with her exclusively.



This situation led to weeks of gut-wrenching confusion.

Through my conversations with Soraya she came to understand things from the guys perspective. Why was he doing this.

She decided to abandon their chance of relationship due to trust issues that she felt went too deep — even though she understood his difficult predicament.

Ultimately, emotional involvement requires a base line of mutual respect and trust.

This grows out of communication and insight about gender differences.

Topics for emotional involvement include:

Sex – Space – Communion – Confession – Surrender – Fear and Marriage – Masculine Value – Goddess Shadow – Honest Future

And that’s just getting started with regards to Healthy Boundaries and Tender Surrender

Then we move on to the wacky and wild topic of men’s logic vs women’s logic and we look at:

Purpose of Relationship – Priorities – Settling Down – Sex – Conditional vs Unconditional Love – Exclusivity – Marriage and Meaning – Honesty – Perfection – Emotional vs Analytics – Porn – His Friends vs Her Friends – Listening vs Fixing – Fears of Failure and Rejection – Relationship Glue

From that solid foundation of gender similarities and differences you can progress towards nurturing his authentic commitment and while maintaining centred in your own authentic self. Topics here include:

What makes me different to you? – Nurturing his Freedom – Where His Love Begins – Nurturing His Manliness – Nagging vs Action – Give Him Space, Really – Gratitude and Praise – Nurture Polarity – On Money – Constant Conflict – Commitment to Communication

And finally we get to the juicy stuff:

Oral Sex – Positions – Timing – Connection – Orgasm – Communion – Meditations

Your success in nurturing authentic intimacy depends on your capacity and talents for navigating ALL of these areas of romance, love and relationship.

Choose your next step inside the Emotionally Involved category.

Date Number Two (how to keep a man interested)

It’s Friday afternoon 5pm. Tommy is picking you up at 7.30pm.

Normally you would follow ‘standard operating procedure’ to prepare for a date.

However, this time it’s ‘different’.

It’s Tommy.

And your first date was extraordinary.

So you don’t want to risk any hiccups for date night two.

What should you do?

How should you dress?

What would Tommy respond to most favourably?

More importantly, how should you prepare mentally? And emotionally?

Should you be all cute and giggles, or should you show your serious side? … or just let it all hang-out…

Should you ask him about his big ambitions or will you seem like a gold digger?

Should you submit to whatever he wants to do or should you express what you want to do?


Roll up – Roll up – and take your best shot at winning the prize.

A fine specimen of a man.

And all you have to do is…

  • Understand him.
  • Give him enough of what he wants — but not too much that he feels totally satisfied and therefore bored
  • Don’t scare him off with pressure and/or neediness
  • But show him that you’re wholly interested in finding a long-term partner
  • And being the smart, soft, sensual, sophisticated, sexy, superwoman of his dreams.

Easy Peasy Right?

On second thoughts…

Difficult as hell!

Aren’t men the greatest riddle on Earth?

Are they really so shallow that they’re satisfied with ‘sex only’ relationships?

What little button in their head triggers them to actually become romantic and emotionally involved?

Are they really so scared of commitment that at the soonest hint of ‘getting serious’ they run a mile?

But wait.

Let’s be fair.

It’s not like you as a modern passionate woman are so easy to get on with either, is it..?

  • You change your mind at the drop of a hat…
  • You talk about problems but don’t actually want solutions (just to be ‘listened to’)…
  • You’ve known a man for all of 2 weeks and you’re already planning baby showers…

Bring those two forces together, man and woman, and chances are there will be explosions — for better or for worse.

So What To Do?

What attitude should you take about early stage dating?

What approach should you take about getting involved?

What activities or areas of conversation should you focus on for the best chance of (a) working out if he’s worthy of your time and (b) nurturing his interest without scaring him away?

What about purpose, sex, love, pride, gifts, quality time, male/female differences, shared and separate hobby’s and interests?

What are the major mistakes women make with early stage dating that makes men decide to abandon ship, or at least sexually seduce a woman leading her on while he gets his satisfaction..?

  • How fast should a relationship develop from the dating process?
  • How can you manage your emotions?
  • How can you lead him towards love without making him feel that you’re directing his life?

For dating to work out in your favour there are so many considerations to put some of your time and attention to. The stakes are high. Love for a life time or confusion, heart-break and wasted time.

Maximize Your Chances

I could give you some superficial good-sounding recommendations as if it will unlock your magical dating powers.

However. I know the negative effects of bullshit advice that is dished out on dating and relationship advice blogs.

So I’m going to invite you to go further, to delve deeper into the complex dynamics of dating in a way that can bring you true understanding about men and how to approach the early stages of getting involved.

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Where Is My Ideal Man Hiding?!

“Under that rock over there..?”

“In this bar over here?”

“Sitting in a library in town maybe… or meeting another woman in Starbucks right this minute?!”

Wherever he is, you’ve not only got the task of finding him, but you also need to attract him…

…Long enough, strong enough yet gentle enough that he is sufficiently captivated by you.

At least captivated enough that he…

a) starts talking with you (a hurdle in its self),

b) finds you worthy of his time and attention, and

c) has the balls to ask you out or at least for your contact info.

Matchmaking Is About Compatibility And Availability With A Sprinkle Of Serendipity

Not an easy recipe in today’s world of frivolous distractions and mind numbing responsibilities.

Shoot — you don’t even know what kind of man is suitable for you or for a stable, exciting long-term successful relationship…

[thrive_text_block color=”red” headline=”Consider Genevie’s situation:”]

A single mother of 3 young children who I met in early 2015 near Berlin Germany…

At 35, she’s never tried online dating and does not think the ‘dating’ culture is well developed around her. Besides…

…she’s too busy with work and being a parent to even think about romance…

She feels very discouraged by the apparent lack of men who have a strong sense of direction or clear life purpose.

How can she possibly make space in her life to attract a good partner given that she’s busy with life… and doesn’t even believe quality men are in her environment anyway…


You may not have children to look after, but your life is none-the-less probably very busy.

And sure, chances are you’re not so shy of online dating. If you’ve been looking for your match for some time, chances are you’re tired of Tinder.

Online Dating can seem like Candy Floss. Sweet at first taste — but soon turns to nothing.

[thrive_text_block color=”green” headline=”Simply understanding your own real needs can be challenging enough!”]

  • How secure in yourself are you?
  • What kind of lifestyle both now and in the future do you want?
  • How much time do you have available to relationship and how much time would you expect your partner to give you?


[thrive_text_block color=”orange” headline=”And What About Your Quirks?”]

  • Do you have a peculiar habit that needs getting used to?
  • Do you sit for hours and upon hours watching TV Show re-runs?
  • Are there hobby’s and interests that most men would find unusual? (Irish Step Dancing perhaps.. Even ‘yoga’ is a bit much for some guys)
  • Or do you have certain life beliefs that you feel limit your circle of suitors?


[thrive_text_block color=”teal” headline=”Selecting Your Requirements Can Be Difficult Too Of Course…”]

  • What’s your magic list of characteristics that you want in an ideal partner? Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially, politically?
  • And where do such people hang out?
  • At new-age art and craft festivals or in after-work bars?


Finding someone compatible is one of the most significant events of your life.

After a bad break-up (as if they’re ever ‘good’) in my early 20s following a 4-year relationship, it took me over 10 years until I found someone who felt anywhere near potentially compatible.

And then of course is the need to get their attention and keep their interest.

You need to be some kind of research analyst, psychologist and seduction master all at the same time. Match Making ain’t easy!

And that’s why many women suffer years of bad dating experience or resort to paying a lot of money to a Match Maker in the hopes they’ll pull a dream partner out of a hat like a magic trick.

And What About Your Prep Work..?

  • Without becoming a highly engaging, confident and interesting personality, your ideal man may well simply overlook you.
  • Without an efficient plan for meeting new men both on and off line you could be alone for years to come.
  • And without mastering the art of physical, mental and emotional seduction you may not be able to hold on to a suitor no matter how ‘right’ you are for him…

…Simply because you haven’t developed the necessary skills for match making.

And that’s what this category of On Intimacy is all about:

Being Your Own Best Matchmaker

We make it easier to:

  • Grow your network of potential suitors
  • Attract them like moths to a flame or bees to pollen
  • And seduce them into submission

Choose your next step. Explore the category Being Your Best Matchmaker.

Fighting the Fear of Relationship Intimacy

Take a dollop of anxiety and a pinch of low self-confidence…

…Add confusion over men’s minds, their motives and their hot buttons.

Mix in some confusion over your essence as a woman — your needs, your individuality, your future.

…and you’ll soon develop a chronic dread of dating.

Why-oh-why do you feel these fears, inadequacies and confusions?

And how fast can all this be fixed..?

CAN – it – be – fixed?!

How can you become the woman who finds and attracts your ideal suitor. A man who will cherish you and devote himself to you forever?

Or is that even the real goal?

Because let’s admit it…


SHE’s all smiles and giggles…

HE puffs his chest out like a proud Viking… or a chirpy little parrot.

Strolling hand-in-hand together at a snails pace as if there’s no urgency left to do anything else in life at all — except reflect on their joy together.

Doesn’t it make you sick?!…

What’s that you say..?

You too secretly yearn for the same lovely-dovey hocus pocus?

  • If only you could attract the right man…
  • If only you could become the woman of your ideal vision of yourself…
  • If only you could let go of emotional baggage from the past and open once again with a sense of confidence and security…


A man’s protection?

And joyful love..?

Oh alright… I take the point.

Such things do make life truly worth living.

In fact:

  • Becoming your best self free of anxiety is of utmost importance.
  • Feeling connected with your powerful and pleasurable essence as a woman is key to ongoing fulfilment.
  • Finding and attracting a partner who will support you and nurture a relationship into full bloom is vital for long-term happiness.
  • Starting a family may even feel of top priority?

And yet — does anxiety weigh you down?

The fear and confusion over men’s immature mentalities freaks-you-the-heck-out.

And you’re not sure where to turn for solutions. Right?

Well… everything changed for you the moment you clicked over to this page.

Let me start by telling you as blatantly as I can that your transformation will take some time.

If you have baggage to let go of in order to feel like your best self, then it stands to reason that…

Your ideal suitor would not want you carrying that shit around when you’re in relationship with him

And that can feel incredibly uncomfortable to even think about. I get it.

be-someoneYet you can probably see sense that focusing on yourself first… to achieve a radical transformation of your emotional wellbeing… can in fact be the fastest possible way to lock-down Mr. Right.

Think of it like this:

Let’s say for a moment that you decide to chill out and enjoy being single for the foreseeable future. Say the next 6 months.

In those 6 months you focus on getting back to centre, feeling your energy and passion as a woman… indulging in the pleasures of living for the moment — not fretting about the future.

As you imagine that for yourself — what does it feel like?


Most probably.

Soothing deep belly breaths help too. Go on — try a few 🙂

And here’s the thing…

During those 6 months of becoming more sociable, you end up meeting a whole TON of guys.

Certainly lots more than if you stay at home fretting about finding ‘the one’, prowling for the perfect partner on dating sites, working yourself up into a frenzy of inadequacy and hopelessness and boredom and sadness.

6 months of an open social life. Can you even fathom how many guys you could meet?

Again, no goal here other than freeing yourself of the fears and anxieties and frustrations of emotional neediness of finding the right man as soon as possible.

In 6 months you may know 20 guys that you didn’t know before. Or 50.

And you’ll be lighter, happier, healthier, more relaxed, and active.

In other words: you’ll actually become the kind of woman that more good men will be attracted to!

And through the strategies you can learn on this site, you become ever more ready for romantically fulfilling, erotically charged, genuinely loving, and long-lasting relationship.

…Able to identify the oinkers, ruffians and wimps from the genuinely stable and emotionally available mature men.

Just a few months to get beyond this tension about dating is not much time in the grand scheme of things. It’s certainly faster than continuing to operate from anxiety and desperation.

I’ve seen transformations happen in just a few months.



I’m not saying it’s easy…

You’ll certainly need to put some work in. Work on yourself. Work through some pain. Yes it’s work.

But it’s worth it.

Authentic Intimacy:

…once you’re able to let go and open again to love.

…once you feel at home around quality men, worthy of their time and respect…

…and able to tell the difference between a potential suitor and someone to stay well clear of.

The ONLY way a modern, sophisticated woman has got for transforming past disappointments into the confidence and pride that you deserve to transform early dating into a genuine opportunity for mutual respect and deep bonding.

And Of Course It’s Worth It!

Unconditional Love vs Authentic Intimacy?

podcast-cover-350Unconditional love can seem like a worthy goal…

To feel 100% secure in loving connection with a partner. Where your relationship takes on an air of invincibility within a state of absolute exquisite love.

Your experience tells you unconditional love is possible:

  • you felt in childhood with your parents,
  • you felt it at times during early-stages of romance…
  • and in the bliss of orgasmic ecstasy with a partner you feel completely open to.

Yet, what is the essence of un-conditional love?

In a word: Intimacy.

Not just run-of-the-mill intimacy.

I mean:

Authentic Intimacy.

Deep Intimacy.

Total Intimacy.

When you feel so connected with someone that you absolutely know he or she feels the same way about you.

A level of closeness that brings true romance, comforting security and loving harmony. When it’s reaaaally good, it might feel ‘unconditional’ — because everything feels so well aligned.

Mind, body and spirit.

Yet the conditions of that sense of un-conditional love are not easy to achieve…

A deep sense of respect, support, admiration.

Those are just a few pieces of the puzzle…

And such things depend on openness, honesty, integrity and more.

Or is it possible to unconditionally love a romantic life partner who we do not respect, are not open with, and do not think they are honest with us?

Of course not.

Requiring that your partner loves you ‘unconditionally’ is like demanding a toned ass or a fat bank account without putting in the effort.

But there is a way…

A way forward that brings more of those ecstatic moments of unity represented in the concept of unconditional love.

When you long for that liberating sense of ‘unconditional love’ you are focusing on the ultimate reward that comes from the creation of authentic intimacy.

What Is Authentic Intimacy?

Isn’t just ‘intimacy’ enough? Why the extra push for ‘authentic’?

In today’s culture, intimacy is confused with sexual relationship.

Of course, to be ‘intimate’ is so much more than sex. There are plenty of guys who have sex while experiencing no intimacy at all.

And there are plenty of women who experience various levels of intimacy despite conflicted assumptions about men, fears about heart-break, and confusions about dating — all of which show great distrust within today’s ‘battle of the sexes’.

How do we heal this?

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How can we make authenticity in relationships popular again?

Let’s start by getting down to brass tacks, to the essence of authentic connection with a lover who transcends us into moments of soulful bliss.

Understanding Intimacy

At risk of losing some readers, this article needs to turn from ‘just provocative and hopefully inspirational’ to ‘educational’.

Let’s crack open the dictionary and focus on the definition of intimacy based on the words etymology (origins):

intimate (adj.) “closely acquainted, very familiar,” and from Latin intimus “inmost, innermost, deepest”.

intimate (v.) “to make known,” from Latin intimare / intimatus.

So in a nut shell, to be intimate is to deeply know and be known.

The Work Of Authentic Intimacy

Until you deeply know and are known by a partner, experiences of ‘unconditional love’ will be few and far between, no matter how ‘good’ the sex might be for the time being.

The work involved for lasting, romantic, sexual love, with its moments of ecstatic total connection that ‘merges souls’ as ‘two become one’, requires that you focus on nurturing authentic intimacy.

And this takes time. And sometimes pain.

To find a man for lasting romance and loving harmony, only start relationships on the basis of accepting transformation and change.

Recognize the conditions of your own individual journey and adventure in life to know your self at deeper levels. And learn to completely honor and respect the same in your partner(s) — that he or she or they will also grow, change and evolve.

To achieve genuine intimacy, means respecting each other’s differences, preferences, needs and rhythms. This involves all facets of human experience: physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, psychological.

The articles title posed a tricky dilemma: “Finding A Man: Unconditional Love Or Authentic Intimacy?”

The way forward by now is hopefully clear…


Unconditional love is a momentary heightened experience made possible by a far more holistic picture of human experience that depends on the conditions of authentic intimacy.

Your experiences with unconditional love depend on the level of open connection that you create with your partner(s) based on the compatibility of your individual journey’s and the degree of intimacy that you share.

To achieve loving harmony through authentic intimacy, shift the focus from demands of ‘unconditional loyalty and acceptance’ to a commitment of ‘open communication and integrity’.

To be integral means to be whole.

Demand that your partner honor their own needs to more fully know and be themselves. To explore their light and their dark. To experiment with their multitude of interests and curiosities. To pursue their bliss and honor their sense of life purpose.

Don’t make relationship about restriction. Make it about creating the space of freedom that each of us needs in order to be true to ourselves.

We are moving into a whole new paradigm of technology and experience. One of my loves said “we’ll soon have sex robots and won’t need other people for sexual gratification”.

Thankfully, romance and intimacy involve far more than just sex.

Love involves a shared journey of adventure and growth between emotionally intimate soulful beings.

It’s time to abandon all of our needy attachment fears.

It’s time to be authentic.

To recognize our differences, our variety of pleasures, tastes, values and goals.

Only then do we achieve authenticity in relationship and a chance for more moments of ecstatic harmony that feels ‘unconditional’ in the moment.

Wishing you infinite romantic bliss during the great global transition to a world full of authentic individuality and soulful connections.


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How To Reach Authentic Intimacy With Any Man

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That sweet sense of emotional closeness with a partner that we all long for… that we glimpse in our attempts at authentic relationship…

Indeed, honest romantic love gives us infinite possibilities for indescribable joy.

Yet negative influences cause the intimate spark of love to fade over time — as both partners get caught in confusions and conflicts.

I got a taste of all this over a decade ago, when at 24 I broke up with my high school sweetheart from our relationship that went from bliss to oblivion over 4 years.

gs-fullfaceI was shell-shocked and decided that authentic mature relationship in my 20s wasn’t worth stressing about — but I was on a long-term mission to solve the riddles of intimacy and love.

My interest in psychology grew and I went on to become an emotional therapist and life coach… with that niggling quest in the back of my mind.

How can deeply connected, nurturing, wholly supportive, loving romantic harmony be achieved within today’s cultural changes?

At risk of losing some of my readers, the answer is NOT ‘unconditional love’, because that simply doesn’t exist in male psychology. So for as long as you are seeking that from relationship, you will always find disappointment and pain.

Serendipity finally brought me to experience a sense of intimacy at the deepest, sweetest, most authentic levels I could imagine. And my research uncovered:

  1. The truth about why I as a man pull away from relationships.
  2. Female behaviors that turn us men off from long-term commitment.
  3. And the core emotional experiences that men most need before they can trust in your love.


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Go ahead, No form found — start by guessing what these five romantic hopefuls with different love-life situations all have in common…

dragon-fly-greenAs you’ll see, it was a Dragon Fly that led me to discover the safest path for women to create heart-felt, authentic connection with almost any man the woman chooses. Using what I discovered, you can:

  • Stop hoping for “lady luck” or ‘serendipity’ to bring you Mr. Right.
  • Stop getting used by men who have unclear intentions.
  • Stop accidentally giving men doubts about being in relationship with you.
  • Stop all of the uncertainty you have about men’s beliefs and attitudes towards dating, sex, love, romance and commitment.
  • And stop losing time, when instead you could be so joyfully fulfilled in a loving relationship.

I think you’ll really enjoy this video demonstration on No form found with the modern man. Enjoy!

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The Path of Relationship Enlightenment with Leslie Ziemba – SE1 EP10

2014-11-12-12.24.19Interview with Leslie Ziemba —  a Certified Matchmaker, Dating Coach, Law Of Attraction Practitioner and Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner who coaches women through a path of enlightenment towards healthy long-term relationships. Visit http://www.leslieziemba.com

Our Interview Topic: The Spiritual Path Of Relationship Enlightenment

  1. In Part 1 we look at the challenges women make within their own self due to doubts over being scorned by bad relationship experiences in the past, plus the emotional experience a woman can have once clear of negative beliefs about relationships.
  2. In Part 2 we delve into the strategies, techniques and how-to’s that will help you develop your own state of relationship enlightenment.


Wake Up Call About Men And Pressure

Elena is a hopeful 26-year old single from Central Europe…

In the past couple years she’s realized ‘who she is’ and what she wants out of life…

Now she’s keen on finding a life partner.

And there is one special guy…

Her parents know his parents.

All parents are keen on the match…

But somehow the two of them never hit it off.

Until recently…

On their 2nd date she ‘really messed things up’ (in her own words) by showing too much sudden eagerness and scaring him away.

Unfortunately, now that she went too far too fast he will likely see the family’s interest in their courtship as pressure.

And pressure is the death of interest for most men.

He’ll now most likely pull back and become cold despite the success of their recent first real date.

I coached Elena to understand the ‘mistake’ she made (from a male perspective) and the process he might now go through to distance himself…

Truth be known, once a guy feels over-eagerness from a women it can be a permanent turn-off — unless she changes her approach instantly and gives him time and space.

Next time you feel eager about a guy, try your best to show ‘interest’ but not ‘eagerness’… (especially if you have close mutual friends or family) and you might find his interest in you doubling… and then doubling again… within a very short time…

A simple reminder. Absolutely key to courting the modern man.

More is revealed in the Carla Crash-Helmet video series.

What is it about men that turns them off from powerful and loving women?

_gsanford-cartoonIf you want deep answers… I have them all.

Don’t live through another day of doubt about dating. As a qualified life coach with more personal dating experience than my grandma would consider kosher. All of the reasons that men pull away from relationship.

Reasons they would feel ashamed to share with you.

And I guarantee it will make perfect sense to you.

There are only a small handful of critical experiences that you need to balance in your dating life — turning mens doubt and anxiety about being in relationship into an experience that allows him to invest in your love.

Inside My Weekly Soap Opera:

With a focus on these 4 points…

  1. Face Your Fears & Release Your Regrets
  2. Understand Men’s and Women’s Real Needs
  3. Nurture Authentic Emotional Connection
  4. Stimulate Lasting Romantic Bliss

…I share a insights on the modern man that will empower you to nurture authentic and lasting romance with confidence.

I share personal romance experiences…

  • Key points from coaching conversations I have (of course I never reveal real names or places)…
  • I also do expert interviews with dating and relationship coaches (about 10 done so far) which I will share with you.
  • And reviews of books, products, programs, seminars, etc that may benefit you in different aspects of relationship (from sex to health to attitude)…

There’ll also be programs that I contribute to or publish myself (my latest is called 7 Conversations To Love and it’s very powerful for creating a soul-level bond very quickly)…

… plus free coaching webinars, premium coaching services, and even a live weekend seminar schedule is now in the works…

Enter your details if you want to subscribe and I’ll email you soon.

Meeting Men In A Fitness Class?

fitness-girl-greenI ran a mile at the gym (I don’t mean on the treadmill, I mean from the woman who was pursuing me).

She asked for help with one of the machines.

We got talking and everything seemed cool.

Being younger back then I was happy to meet someone in real life rather than at a bar or via a work colleague.

But something soon put me off.

She seemed too eager. And not for casual dating. As I was no stranger to that. But overly eager to be so friendly. She seemed to expect that I wanted to hear from her every single day. To share daily updates. To give her suggestions and help on various things. Like one long perpetual conversation.

It was too much. Completely overbearing. Suffocating.

So I tried to be polite, explaining that I love to hear from her and share about all our common interests, while mentioning that I’m really busy and feel that we’ve been chatting too often after only having just recently met.

She seemed to take it well but came back the next day saying how shocked she’d been to hear my comments. That she only wanted to be my friend and that clearly there’s a romantic interest between us and that obviously I wasn’t really into her.


It’s true there was a romantic interest. I just hadn’t had time in those couple weeks to take her out on a date yet. But honestly, the amount of ‘interest’ she had revealed in those long daily chats had turned me off, before anything ‘romantic’ had even began.

From her perspective I got it. She was building a connection of friendship before anything got romantic or sexual.

The trouble for me, as a guy, is that any hint of over-eagerness in a woman, puts up red flags.

And perhaps most importantly is that she hadn’t respected my time.

She hadn’t asked if I’m particularly busy. She hadn’t gauged how much ‘chatting’ online I wanted to do. She didn’t balance how often she started chatting with how often I did. She simply gushed all of her thoughts and it drained me. Sad but true.

Unfortunately, perhaps because of how badly I’d explained it, or simply because of how fragile our connection was (we’d only known each other two weeks!), we didn’t make it past that experience. And we soon stopped chatting altogether.

Truth is:

Respect means two very different things to men and women.

Both need it. Women demand it, as they should.

But men don’t know how to communicate their need… or even what respect actually means to them.

Men just tend to pull away from relationship (at any stage) without ever communicating their real reasons or needs.

I don’t have that problem.

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