Travel and Career Breaks

On 10 January 2006 I began 14 months of traveling in South East Asia…

…freelancing from my laptop with GPS Internet access and beach flip flops.

It was one of the best things I have ever done for my professional career too – the freelance experience, the ‘global experience’… the chance to reframe my outlook… and what an adventure!


Then, I went back to a corporate career in 2007 with a new direction and 3 years of corporate life in London.

Now, once again, in 2010, I am heading off.

Having gone through 3 jobs, from SEO Manager and Copywriter to Online Marketing Manager to Head of Marketing, I am donning a shiny new backpack and heading this time, for South America.

This time it’s flashpacking.

…a flashpacker is a ‘flashy backpacker’ – someone with a bit more cash, a bit more style, has a few extra digital gadgets, and requires a bit more comfort – than the typical view of a normal backpacker.)

More like a professional’s career break. A mini-retirement…

The picture is from Ecuador, a place called Vilcabamba, known as the Valley of Eternal Youth… Aug 2010.

As of April 2011 I’ll have visited over 12 countries in 14 months including Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicarague, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, USA and Canada.

I’ve met dozens of ex-pats… including grey haired hippies…. a guy who believes he is targeted by invisible weapons from secret factions of the US Government… an ex Marketing Director for the Church of Scientology… plus a retired Hewlett Packard Executive now building his retirement home with his own bare hands.

And how do I support myself?

Simple: I make money online with several websites. I also freelance in sales copywriting and website marketing. I’m studying ‘travel writing‘. I also invest in the stock market (gold is gorgeous but silver is best right now in my humble opinion which does not qualify as investment advice by any professional or legally recognised body 😉

It’s not easy. There’s plenty of ups and downs. But it’s fun, it’s real and I’ve proved it’s possible. You might agree that it sure beats rush-hour traffic and office politics.

A life of adventure – beyond the boundaries – pushing the envelope, and taking the highs with the lows.

Truth be told:

There is plenty of opportunity for lifestyle management, without the need for a basic job income…

You just gotta organize your life a little differently. I can show you exactly how.

I’m also deeply frustrated by how suppressed we are by those ‘inglorious basterds’ in top positions of big banks, the politicians, and beaurocrats that have caused the economic breakdown and made our money worth far less than before.

Well, perhaps we share similar views?

Disappointed and frustrated by a normal lifestyle..?

…Keen for sun, sea and adventure — that extends further than the measly 2 week holiday you are able to take from work…

…perhaps, like me, you are not afraid of the hard effort that it takes to engineer a lifestyle of experience, meaning, success and adventure.

I invite you to hook up with me, on facebook, youtube, twitter, and get a free membership on my site (for career professionals, small business owners, independent entrepreneurs, flashpacker globe trotters, modern digerati, and freedom activists.)

If you have a business or budget and might want to hire me for a marketing project, see my services page.

And if we share similar views, maybe the stars will align and and we can dine together on the beaches of the world.