What 3 months of aging feels like…?

It’s 3 months since my opening post on this site.

So I’m 3 months older…

Quarter of a year closer to 65…

…and I feel younger!

No, I haven’t taken a faddish new anti-aging supplement…

(although I did take sheep placenta capsules for a few months last year)

And no, I haven’t joined a triathlon team either…

Bottom line, I’ve gone back to basics.

In fact:

I’m visiting various organic farms and eco-communities in Europe, learning permaculture and getting involved with animal care and gardening.

Moving hay with a pitchfork to feed cows every day for 2 weeks — what a deep work out!

(pictures soon 🙂

It’s way different to my previous lifestyle of regular office work, where my right elbow became ‘clicky’, my neck was often stiff, my legs tight — you know, generally not feeling my best…

And in just a few weeks, doing a couple hours day-to-day in the gardens, I’m feeling MUCH better in my body.

Even my elbow feels much better.

I’m not supplementing, although part of my mission for this blog is to investigate all of the possible supplement variations that exist.

My current take is that if you’re not drinking plenty of clean water daily, doing calisthenic exercise to keep the hips, spine and other joints strong, and not eating clean fresh natural foods, the supplements probably won’t do much to extend health.

Could be wrong… I’ll find out.

For now though, it’s all about the basics.

So what does 3 months of aging feel like?

It feels as though our aging process is largely under our direct control — based on what we choose to do day-by-day. Our activity, food, water, and sleep.

More soon.

What does it take to have the health of a 35 year old at age 65?

One Man. Yours truly…

With a 30 year experiment.

To achieve the same level of health at 65 as I had at 35. 

And there’s nothing like giving myself a nice head start… so at 34.2 year of age as of the launch of the site, I have almost a year head start to orient myself around the task at hand, ready to begin the 30-year countdown in September 2015.

I’ll cover absolutely everything and anything related to maintaining, restoring and rejuvenating health — with a focus on male health but there’ll be plenty for da ladies too…

From diet and nutrition to sex, sleep, exercise and relaxation.

Everything your parents couldn’t teach you about keeping your self vital for the longest possible duration.

I’ll investigate the cutting edge research of scientists like Aubrey de Grey, Ray Kurzweil, and Craig Venter…

I’ll experiment like Tim Ferris with nutrient levels, exercise regimes and more.

I’ll invite contributions from others on a similar path… to maintain our masculine vigour across the years when historically men have declined towards old age.

Average life expectancies are rising all over the globe. Breakthroughs in life extension are occurring right now in laboratories… soon to be in stores near you.

60s, 70s and 80s are rapidly becoming the new middle age. We need only take sufficient self-responsibility, with long-term mindfulness of the consequences of our actions and inactions, to steer us towards radical life extension where we live 100, 300 or 1,000 years.

Nuts? Delusional?

Maybe to the old dying world.

But a new age dawns.

Of nanotechnology, 3D printing and Custom Nutritional Science.

We’re in The Age of Life Extension.

I intend to find out just how far we can push the envelope of healthy life experience.

[Debate] “Vaccines ARE poisonous and unnecessary”


I saw the above image published on the Global Secular Humanist Facebook page and commented:

Vaccines ARE poisonous and unnecessary

Here’s the debate that ensued:


Says which scientific consensus?


Says the basic ingredients list and common sense, plus many many medical professionals which you could very easily discover through simple google research


Cherry picking Google results can pretty easily find a list of “scientists” who support creationism too….


right, so either way the call to ‘scientific consensus’ is bogus. What’s required is intelligent honest examination of sufficient information to draw a valid conclusion.


so where is the information?


Do you really need me to give you a link? If you’re interested in the subject can you not do your own searches to uncover the poisons used in vaccines? Is it that difficult?


yes provide information or you are just making empty claims


Scientific consensus means majority.

A majority of qualified, publishing researchers. Unless you’ve got a qualification, your opinion is irrelevant.


the claim is not empty at all. I don’t need to detail the evidence, nor does a majority equate to validity. The point is that you would all find the answers for yourselves if you was able to look past politically-manipulated ‘general mass consensus’


I’m fascinated by a) your apparent total ignorance of what’s happening in the world and b) your apparent gullibility and blind faith in higher external authority.

I suspect both a and b go hand in hand… because you prefer your cosy pseudo-scientific rationalization of the status quo, rather than having the balls to accept self-responsibility for the fraud’s you accept.

Mainstream is so average. And unfortunately today’s average is sooooo narrow minded.


I could list page after page after page of evidence regarding the poisons of vaccines. but spoon feeding you will not help you.


Peer reviewed published and accepted papers?

If you had any of those the scientific consensus would be on your side….

What evidence would it take to convince you that medical technology was safe? Mmm?


The political fraud inherent in the medical industry voids the assumed validity of their so-called scientific research. Again, just investigate it.


I already have sufficient evidence that medical technology such as vaccines is not safe, so to convince me all you need to do is give me a lobotomy and I’ll believe anything you want me to


And like I said, I’m not going to do your homework specifically about vaccines as poisons, but I’ll give you this link with a quote from the former Editor-in-Chief at the New England Journal of Medicine regarding so-called scientific consensus: http://ethicalnag.org/2009/11/09/nejm-editor/

NEJM editor: “No longer possible to believe much of clinical research published”


Can you sense your own personal inner state of total abject ignorance?

Does that partial realization make you even the slightest bit sick to your stomach?

Do you still think you’re serving a humanist agenda by blindly supporting the higher external authority of the medical establishment?

Is The Global Secular Humanist Movement not an organization of individual enquiry and integrity?


So am I to take it that you will never ever change your mind of vaccination technologies?


No you’re not to take it as such. Technology advances. But I do believe vaccination theory is fundamentally flawed, but that’s not the question here.

And you’re not answering any of my questions, or showing that you’re doing the research on vaccine poisons.

How neurotic does this make me?

Am I neurotic?

It just ocurred to me that I am.

Walking through the supermarket to the very back isle where they keep the unpopular stuff…. You know, the organic stuff.

I notice the various isles…

Childrens breakfast Cereals devoid of any nutritional value whatsoever…. Moreover containing pesticide additives that are now banned in many countries…

…The personal care section with cheap goop containing known carcinogens….

…The junk food sections, frozen pizzas, chips, sodas, synthetic genetically modified breads….

At the organic section I discover New Sun Cookies, organic originals since 1983: with whole oats, red wheat bran, coconut oil, real honey and sea salt!

I say real honey as much of the honey sold in supermarkets is actually synthetic. I.e. not from bees.

But cookies arent exactly healthy, right?

Dry baked and lifeless with gluten…

And here’s where I notice the neurosis.

I pay three times normal price for food that’s at least healthier than normal shit… even though I continue to weigh in my mind how relatively unhealthy vs just how convenient it is… and that balances in my mind with the rest of the time when I prepare organic vegetables fresh from the weekend farmers market, or dine at industry networking events, or have an ice-cream…

I’m in a game of chance to safely make it to the future where I can live even healthier, and use rejuvenation technologies like stem cell supplements to reverse any metabolic degradation I’ve caused to myself.

Checks and balances. Not quite obsessive compulsive behaviour, but definitely stubbornly consciously neurotic.

You’ve heard the expression “in a world of blind fools, the one eyed is king.”

With one eye firmly on the ultimate prize….


It’s time to enjoy this organic cookie.

How neurotic are you?

And do you have your neuroses focused on the right goals?

Habits of dis-ease

I spent the entire month of September in Atlanta Georgia… researching attitudes towards physical health, wellness, diet and exercise.

Quite an eye opener… especially for a Brit.

American culture is certainly diverse.

It saddened me that many people settle or accept health challenges all too easily… and the same applies in the UK too…

Truth is, maintaining long-term health is a huge dedication.

One that requires ongoing learning, testing new approaches, finding what really works best for your physiology… and of course, taking decisive ACTION.

So here’s a question:

What are your habits of dis-ease?

My own include staying up late too regularly, even though I know it can significantly effect my alertness for days.

Sometimes I slip into a lethargic, relaxed, content state of reading, writing or watching something… and it becomes indulgent to the point of being self-destructive.

Give some thought to your own habits of dis-ease… What do you do that reduces the quality of your health — thus the quality of your life?

A step towards clarifying a situation, is a step towards improving it.


PS. I drafted a Health Protocol some time ago that I will add detail to but it’s already a great starting point for clarifying your current health  and exploring  options.

Transcendental Transhumanism (a yogic monk speaks of immortality)

Hindu monks and yoga master Swami Vishnudevananda Giri Ji Maharaj says:

Enough of death and birth, the same acts that animals – cats, dogs, monkeys are subjected to.

Enough of aging, enough of eating in the old way.

We need to reach a higher state of existing.

We need to change our life in all its aspects including overcoming the limitations of our physical bodies.

If we remain mortal do we really need all those devices or some other machines? (cars, materialism, etc)

If we die in the end all those things become useless.

This means the question of mortality… of overcoming and transcending mortalitythe transition to immortality, is in fact the most important question in the life of a person.

I think, first of all we should declare that it is time for humanity to create a new paradigm for life, new paradigm of existence, new meanings, new values and goals.

I have been following the Advaita Vedanta tradition for more than 25 years and I have been learning the sacred texts of this tradition. So I am saying here is informed by the teachings of this traditions. The evolution of a person is imbedded in the spiritual Vedanta tradition. The human is a transient being.

Under no conditions he is the pinnacle of creation or the king of nature. In many ways the human is an imperfect being. However he or she is imbued with the ability to develop and evolve. The Vedanta philosophy deliberates such a possibility of evolutionary development. The human must become a perfect being. And this perfect being, sooner or later, should become divine being.

The future of every person and the future of humanity as a whole are connected to the transition to the divine, to God-like beings.

If we create the desire for evolutionary development, for realisation of immortality in as many people on Earth as possible, this will surely create social demand.

My dream is that the transition to neo-humanity, the attainment of immortality would become goals number one on the agenda of The United Nations. That the leaders of G20 and G8 would come together and say:

“Let’s accept that as long as people remain mortal, as long as death is inevitable, as long as we have not achieved immortality, it makes sense for us to think and solve this problem”.

Full video transcript here: Transcendental Transhumanism as the Probable Future of Humankind

Solar Activity Surges

Not that we can do anything about it, but seems the Sun is rotating a solar storm cloud our way…

A sunspot on the sun’s eastern limb is crackling with powerful X-class solar flares. It announced itself with an X1.7-class eruption on May 13th at 0217 UT, quickly followed by an X2.8-class flare at 1609 UT. These are the strongest flares of 2013, and they signal a significant uptick in solar activity. More eruptions are in the offing. – www.spaceweather.com

Assuming you know the work of Cliff High at Half Past Human, you would find this more than a tad bit concerning given the immanence of the global coastal event…

4 threats to your survival and prosperity

There are 4 topics that any caring, concerned and determined person will carefully monitor in this day and age of great global awakening.

On the negative side, they are:

  • Physical survival (war, food shortages, terrorism, etc)
  • Political survival (yes, politics does matter, because policy directly effects your circumstances now and your world tomorrow, and being at the wrong place at the wrong time due to political shake-ups, fall-outs or general desperation of a collapsing system can endanger you and your loved ones)
  • Financial survival (whether we’ll have money or not in 20 years it still matters today and if all you have is a few hundred in the bank, then you are in grave danger right now as government paper money system is breaking down before our eyes. But they say it sao nicely on the news that most people just shrug)
  • Spiritual survival (chronic spiritual confusion is wide spread leading to the extremes of religious fools and new-age dupes, but there is a 4th way…)

Turning this around brings:

  • Physical health and lifestyle design
  • Political freedom and stability
  • Financial security, abundance leading to monetary irrelevance
  • Spiritual integration and satisfaction

Your challenge is to give enough attention to each for your own personal fulfilment, and all that you can do to escape the devastation that looks likely over the next few years.

I’ll be conducting interviews and publishing them on site and continuing to evolve the Success Matrix too.


London Olympics Poem

Remember remember the 5th of November
But August the 12th could be worse

The closing ceremony
Of the London Olympics
Could turn deeply gross

On that very date in 1953
The Russians tested the h-bomb

Now in 2012 by nuclear detonation
The stadium could be entirely gone

“Who’d do such a thing?!”
Good people will stammer…

Not Russians, nor Muslims, or Syria
The rabbit hole goes deep
The truth so much stranger
And despite all the glammer…
The prime culprit, and damn her,

Is that billionaire the Queen
Elizabeth of Windsor
And her mercantilist imperial British empire!

If you happen to see her,
Ask about those missing indigenous children in Canada.

July 27 2012

Olympic opening song The New Jerusalem (by William Blake)
including this poignant telling appropriate revealing sentence:

“And was Jerusalem builded here
Among these dark Satanic Mills?”

And the use of a tree on a mound… the burning bush, goddess Isis, the tree of knowledge and the tree of life, the source of Mary Magdalene etc etc I can not believe the symbolism they’e using.



In my last update thread I mentioned ‘magic mushrooms’ and said “I reckon they’ll show some mushrooms soon enough…”… well, kaboom! It was the Olympic Torch itself…


Who knows what the black and white squares signify in masonic symbology? It represents the duality of darkness (unknowing) and enlightenment.


Would you buy from the shop that killed your uncle?

The big high street shop is responsible for selling products that were exposed as highly toxic… killing thousands of people… and imagine if someone that you knew, or someone in your family, was one of them…

Would you buy anything from the brand of that product ever again?

Well consider how the families of the thousands upon thousands of people killed by these particular products.

Take a few moments to absorb this breaking news from Bloomberg if you will of Merck paying more than 3,100 Vioxx death claims.

And I’m a stock market investor (small time but I do invest).  But buying shares in companies such as Merck is strictly against my principles.

I wouldn’t take their drugs. I wouldn’t recommend anyone takes their drugs, any of them, ever, with one single exception.  You are literally on your very last legs having just had a major accident and for some reason the only course of action is some pharmaceutical stimulant (probably 1 chance in a billion).  And I also would never encourage anyone to support such companies by buying their stock or buying any other brand of drug they make.

Got a cold? Got a headache? Got heart burn? Got the flu?

Live healthy. Drink water. Take natural cleansers like vitamin C and garlic. Suffer the damm cold or flu and look after yourself and you’ll probably be much better off in a few days than what you risk by taking those pharmaceutical drugs. Stay away from the doctors office.

Reminds me of the joke about the doctor…  An apple a day keeps the doctor away, especially if well aimed.

And yet people STILL stupidly, mindfulness, ignorantly believe that taking chemical drugs from companies like Merck are either necessary or good for you.

Go figure…

You wouldn’t buy form a shop that killed your uncle.  Well consider carefully the impact of pharmaceutical drugs within your family and circle of friends.  Choose where you invest, where you buy from, and who the heck you vote for.

Live long and prosper.

[Sep 26 Update: Article Pfizer to Pay Record $2.3 Billion Fine explains How Many are Suffering From Taking Off-Label Drugs?… and Drug Companies Commonly Use Deceptive Marketing Practices]