Career in Law of Attraction

You probably have a lot to say about your own journey of personal growth…

And have you ever wondered about a website for publishing your ideas and recommendations online and making a profit?

…Even a ‘membership site’ with videos, articles, and reviews – and it all kind of just works automatically.

But if only someone would come along and show you exactly how to set things up… or better yet, do most of it for you.

Or perhaps you really see yourself out there giving public talks, running your own meetup groups, or having private clients that pay you to help them improve their life…

Sounds good right?

Well, check this out…

  • I’m an ex senior marketing professional (I applied LOA to manifest a Head of Marketing job before age 30).
  • I’m now working with several life coaches, nutritionists, motivational speakers etc on building their personal growth business…
  • And I realise that many more people in the personal growth movement would love to do the same.


  • I will hold a meetup to explain how that is possible for you.
  • I will detail the steps necessary to create your own membership site or be involved with someone elses site.
  • And we’ll have fun implementing ‘law of attraction‘ by sharing, spreading and teaching it.

If you are keen on the idea of working inside the personal growth movement, to express your passions and connect with more like-minded people, all whilst earning small or potentially larger business profits…

…send me a message right now via to request a start kit that you can fill-in and bring in person to one of our live Mastermind groups, use during one of our tele-conference group calls, or discuss with me directly.

LOA Mastermind Intention

  • Work on independent projects, both on and offline. Tips from me on setting up your web presence effectively and quickly…
  • Work on joint projects…
  • Monetize those efforts to turn personal interests of personal growth, law of attraction and social contribution into revenue, income, money, moola, cashola…

… to eventually replace current unwanted sources of income such as a day job or unfulfiling career for a dream career of manifesting your vision whilst helping other people to do the same.

This will be individualized based on each Mastermind group participants personal interests, experience and situation.

Options include: Public speaking, event organizing and management, creative writing, sales, and so on.


Come to your first event of the group having considered these questions:

  • Web skills – are you highly proficient at web design and online marketing, or keen to leverage someone elses online savvy whilst contributing in some other way such as writing blog posts and gradually learning how to use the web for adding to your Career in LOA?
  • Writing skills – Do you consider yourself a good writer or would you feel more suited to write in a friendly, conversational down-to-earth way that introduces people to other referenced websites or resources?
  • Expertise or Strong Interests – In terms of Law of Attraction and any related areas, do you feel competent or expert enough to clearly guide, direct or train others in that area or do you prefer to come from a position of learning yourself and sharing things that you have discovered and have benefited from?
  • Keen on independent project or working as a team – Would you like to go solo and use the Mastermind group purely as a way to stay on track or would you like to be involved with group projects as part of an active committed team?
  • On stage or behind the scenes – Do you like the idea of working with extrovert energy ‘out there’ in public, on stage, facilitating workshops or do you prefer introvert energy working more privately as a writer, behind the scenes, or intimate small group settings?

My Agenda


The Promontory

(Overlooking The Edge of the Precipice and The Outcome beyond)

  • Broad: Corraling Intent – building leverage to subvert the establishment
  • Narrow: Promoting single-point integration within the 3Ps of Personal Adventure, Productivity and Professional Success.

“To love is to live on the precipice” – Anne Desclos

Daily Disciplines

(skill, state and intent builders)

  • State anchoring – me and others
    • “I move through the world without apology, as I am, in full view and with impeccability”
  • EFT clearing
  • MegaMemory 100
  • Speed Reading 16
  • Image Stream 5 minute daily stories (and Forest gump game – a is like b because)
  • 5 minute shut-down
  • Systema condition

The Edge

(the next logical, exciting, readily achievable step)

As per The Edge desktop file

Priority Projects
(ideally no more than 2)

  • Copy client relationships
  • ?

Secondary Projects

(small completable commitments)


  • New Years Program
  • 7 Meetings Pre-Pre Launch
    • @Project
    • TWT thinking of doing an online training program but only once ready. Let me know if interested.
    • Paper contributions > Webinar offer
    • Do webinars > 7 Meetings launch
  • SIM6 Pre-Pre Launch
    • As new year program for online marketers
  • Aweber
  • fix aweber o > h > m
    • continue at LDC
  • opt-ins from biofeedback and eft sites feed to overall ‘self’ list.
  • experiential array gregarious / socionics study / grocking
  • Contest Burner
  • @learn
  • Products
  • Marketing Services
    • cv on job sites – marketing services, social marketing manager, outsource like agency
    • freedom foundation contacts Po white paper/report or at least blog commentary
  • SIM6
    • Interview affiliate marketers by way of giving them FIIM and thus getting them to be an affiliate for it
  • Productivity series – new years
  • Anxiety and Influence subscription launch
  • 10 sniper sites converting
  • new
    • 1300
    • stay on bring the fresh
    • thesecretrhonda o sevensuccesslaws
    • use alternativetherapyhealthcentre domain po autoblog
    • sniper + gin for the secret etc pers dev 606 707
  • exist
    • doggroomings
    • hypnosisfor
    • gadgets – 8500, 765t, bio, creative
    • services – teamwork, MPM, leadershipbook
  • GSComplex
  • Sales
    • Folderarchy video sales page
  • Auto-blogging
    • on launch sites n sniper sites
  • career path optin pages, videos
  • DAP implementation
  • EFT
  • Course and case studies
  • build a weber series

Secondary Pursuits

(relatively undefined potential projects which still get some of my attention)

        • Travel Writing
          • Create IL postcard
        • TOC campaigns
        • Perpetual webinar launches
        • Broad
          • Industry Control (full market map boysean mafia marketing)
          • Political Control (makepeace / casey / TVP)
        • Surveys
        • EFT Practice
        • Persona of Influence
          • Language patterns @Learn
            • Videos
            • eBooks
          • Calibration experiments @Field
          • Personality type grocking
            • Socionics
        • Copy Process 2010
          • Client process polishing
        • Sniper Sites
          • check cpa networks to promote coupon code sniper sites?
        • GScomplex
          • Dev
          • Conversions
            • List series’
            • turn sales pages into video sales pages
              • folderarchy next
              • review exit-capture
            • webinars
              • lead traffic capture to webinars
              • page-fold offers free live webinar access happening thursday and saturday, plus short report.
              • Po webinar covers the bonus ebook Life Management for NP
            • Affs on launches n contents n site recommendations
            • gscomplex:
              • personal
                • clarifier
                • EFT
                • implant
                • handbook
                • 10 controllers (continuity)
              • productivity
                • 7 steps
                • instatime
                • folderarchy
              • professional
                • SIM6 (continuity)
                • Teamwwork 7 Meetings Procotol
                • Marketing Services
          • Traffic
            • SEO codes
            • wordpress categories for SEO – ask on synnd
            • Kilstein Facebook
              • EFT
              • biofeedback
              • 7 steps
            • Brunson Competition Videos
            • Ask Surveys
          • Tracking
            • Conversion tracking and split tests
        • Guitar
          • Find people or classes once I settle somewhere
        • Spanish
          • Books, mp3s, google translator
            • Get Charles Duff spanish for beginners
          • Lessons
        • South America Travels
          • Book notes to blogs
          • Admin as per logic diagram
        • Travel Writing
          • query other places, submit resume etc
        • AWAI
          • create awai marketing copy
        • Writing topics (blog posts etc)
          • My first experiecne of digital dot choices – superman poster
        • Neways
        • Clearing
        • EFT


        • Stock Portfolio management
        • Gmail catch-ups
        • Analysis processes
          • Conversions across gscom looking for leveraged constraints


        • Publishing
          • Podcast video
            • mind-map 80%
            • record voice
            • add slides
            • add to iTunes
            • announce
        • gadgets
          • 8500
          • creativevado
          • garmin765t
          • biofeedbackdevice
        • personal
          • eftpractitioner
          • hypnosisfor
          • survival2020
          • success-matrix
          • GIN sniper site?
            • Po 7 spirit laws
            • ywcommandkevin
        • Submissions
      Inactive Projects
    • FRW Wiki-page
    • 7 Steps GScom membership > Facebook Ads
    • TOC paper – Instead of focusing on efficiency, focus on flow. Flow is [ ]. So your focus becomes driving on regular completions.
    • Reverse Engineer the Expert Academy launch
    • Research Minimalism / stoicism

Who you are DOES make a difference (a lesson in spreading appreciation)

Author unknown

A teacher in New York decided to honor each
of her seniors in high school by telling them
the difference they each made.

She called each student to the front of the
class, one at a time. First she told each of
them how they had made a difference to her
and the class. Then she presented each of
them with a blue ribbon imprinted with gold
letters which read, “Who I Am Makes a Difference.”

Afterwards the teacher decided to do a class
project to see what kind of impact recognition
would have on a community.

She gave each of the students three more ribbons
and instructed them to go out and spread this
acknowledg ment ceremony. Then they were to
follow up on the results, see who honored whom
and report back to the class in about a week.

One of the boys in the class went to a junior
executive in a nearby company and honored
him for helping him with his career planning.

He gave him a blue ribbon and put it on his shirt.
Then he gave him two extra ribbons and said,
“We ‘re doing a class project on recognition,
and we ‘d like you to go out, find so mebody to honor,
give them a blue ribbon, then give them the extra
blue ribbon so they can acknowledge a third
person to keep this acknowledg ment ceremony
going. Then please report back to me and tell me
what happened.”

Later that day the junior executive went in to see
his boss, who had been noted, by the way, as being
kind of a grouchy fellow. He sat his boss down and
he told him that he deeply admired him for being a
creative genius. The boss see med very surprised.

The junior executive asked him if he would accept
the gift of the blue ribbon and would he give him
permission to put it on him. His surprised boss
said, “Well, sure.” The junior executive took the
blue ribbon and placed it right on his boss ‘s jacket
above his heart. As he gave him the last extra
ribbon, he said, “Would you do me a favor? Would
you take this extra ribbon and pass it on by honoring
so mebody else? The young boy who first gave me
the ribbons is doing a project in school and we want
to keep this recognition ceremony going and find
out how it affects people.”

That night the boss came ho me to his 14-year-old
son and sat him down. He said,

“The most incredible thing happened to me today.
I was in my office and one of the junior executives
came in and told me he admired me and gave me
a blue ribbon for being a creative genius. Imagine.

He thinks I’m a creative genius. Then he put this blue
ribbon that says ‘Who I Am Makes A Difference'” on
my jacket above my heart. He gave me an extra ribbon
and asked me to find so mebody else to honor. As I was
driving ho me tonight, I started thinking about whom I
would honor with this ribbon and I thought about you.

I want to honor you.

My days are really hectic and when I co me ho me I
don’t pay a lot of attention to you. Sometimes I
scream at you for not getting good enough grades
in school and for your bedroom being a mess, but so
me how tonight, I just wanted to sit here and, well, just
let you know that you do make a difference to me.

Besides your mother, you are the most important person
in my life. You’re a great kid and I love you!”

The startled boy started to sob and sob, and he
couldn’t stop crying. His whole body shook. He
looked up at his father and said through his tears,
“I have been contemplating suicide, Dad, because
I didn’t think you loved me. Now I know you care.”

The boss went back to work a changed man. He
was no longer a grouch but made sure to let all
his employees know that they made a difference.

The junior executive helped several other young
people with career planning and never forgot to
let them know that they made a difference in his life.

The young boy and his classmates learned a
valuable lesson.

Who you are DOES make a difference.

Joint Venture Opportunities

Whether you’re solo with a big idea or established with staff, chances are you and I could both benefit by leveraging the talents, network, time, efforts and current status of each other.

Let’s talk.

First, a bit about me…

So I know the online marketing game well.

And corporate experience too:

  • I’ve worked for Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank, Xerox, Vodafone, and other large enterprises – plus dozens of small to medium business clients.
  • black tieMy career has spanned: ad agency copywriter, SEO manager, project manager, sales team trainer, Head of Marketing and more.
  • ThailandI’ve worked on marketing campaigns for brands such as Renault Cars and I’ve run my own information publishing business online since 1999.
  • I’ve also spent 3.5 of the past 6.5 years traveling the globe and enjoying freedom from corporate or home offices.

The conclusion from all that experience?

“I can confidently look you square in the eye and say that independent online marketers and small business owners are struggling for one very big, very bad reason.”

We both know online marketing can be a feverish race to turn traffic into opt-ins… opt-ins into responsive lists… and lists into giant streams of cash.

…all in the midst of frequent changes, new techniques and guru launches…

But during the past year of traveling across Latin America (from Argentina up to Mexico)…

…I realised the underlying problem… uyuni

I wanted the freedom to go and do anything – including spend time on jungle and desert expeditions without having to carry a laptop or power supply…

And I was sick and tired of having to keep checking my emails every hour, switching on the dammed computer every morning and feeling that pressure to get things done – it was a trap!

But I gradually found a way to free myself from the ‘marketing burden’.

And FREEDOM is much more Fun!

During the year of incredible fun and adventure my online business and personal success has grown…

…because I have focused on one single principle:

The more I apply this principle, the easier things get for me…

For instance: A company director from Canada found my site, arranged a call with me and then paid me US$10,000 to do a project.

Even paid for me to visit them in Canada.

So I also took the opportunity of doing some networking in Canada and now have several JV’s going there too!


To explain this principle, first let’s agree the big bad problem.
The problem is there’s only ONE of you!

Imagine if there were two of you…

…even three of you.

Then you could REALLY get things moving.


Because time is limited, even when your imagination, creativity, dedication and hard-work can keep going like an energizer bunny on Duracell batteries for months… even years…

…there’s still only 24 hours in a day.

And I know you’d rather be out in the world enjoying wealth, rather than working at it all day.

But no, the solution isn’t cloning.

The solution is the principle of

“Automation plus Synergy”


Automation means having:

  • software, scripts and systems that bring you sales automatically…
  • …and humans to manage those sales for you.

The trouble is you can’t trust other people to run your empire.

So that’s where Synergy comes in…

Through our new JV group, we can manage our own areas but gain massive leverage by tying some of our projects together…

…while making shed loads more money AND being able to grow your online presence, personal brand, contact list, influence and relationships with successful marketers to achieve off-the-chart sales – all at the same time.

So whether you’re a student, business owner or someone with a big idea… we may be able to do business together.

  • I provide professional marketing experience along with project management, copywriting and strategy to get things rolling and keep them steaming ahead.
  • I also have a very lucrative opportunity within the self-empowerment / personal development market that may interest you.

Get in touch, share your interest and possibly the gist of an idea you have, and we can take things a step at a time from there.

Next Steps?

Career Development

You spend most of your life at it. So you’re career had better be everything you ever could hope for and more. Otherwise what’s the point?

Without career fulfilment life becomes a trap that we try to escape via distraction and entertainment.

Career Development must include passion as well as precision; meaning as well as connections.

The Career Development Road-Map Workshop will do all that for you, and much, much more!

Career transition can be worrying. Especially when you are also thinking about the direction of your life.

Do you know you can get a career development loan and actual career education. They’ll do an assessment of you, and help you select suitable career paths. There are also probably career fairs near enough to you.

But that’s all just normal stuff, and I ain’t into the norm.

This is not a job search site. Nor is it a place for specific professional development.

You can be a research scientist tucked away in a lab spinning tubules directed by your eccentric professor boss, or you can take a lead role in exactly the right area of science that most excites you.

Do you know that wholly 98% of people who reach the age of 60 dead broke? So how good has normal societies education, career and retirement investment pension plans works worked for those people? Not very well. That’s 98% of people. Statistical fact.

So what can YOU do to guarantee you become part of the 2% who actually make it?

Do your own career assessment. Combine a career with your personal development and the direction you want your life to go. THAT is real career development. Anything else is just a job to get by on. You’re not on this site if that is good enough. You’re here, just as I built this program, becase we want something extra special. We want to be in that 2% of people that enjoy success.

And more than that, we want to contribute in interesting ways that emotionally fulfil us.

The Life Direction Through Personal and Career Development Road-Map Workshops direct you into the right angle, perspective and approach to taking maximum advantage out of the possibilities for combining your personal life and development with your career development.

Think of the Workshops like having a business coach that takes enough time to really get to know you, to understand where you’re coming from, and only after that, to help you piece together a road map for where deep down you really want to go.

>>> Visit Life Direction Through Personal & Career Development to discover exactly how to take control of your career development in the fast changing world.

Mozy Backup Review (lost my data)

Unfortunately, I can not trust Mozy with my backups.

Here’s why:

Thank you for your patience while we escalated your issue and gathered more information on your backups. I got back a database of information about your communication with the mozy servers during your backups. We’ve selected points of interest that should show problems that your backups had been experiencing.

You’ll see in the database that the size of your files selected changed during the history of backups:
97,027,146 — 97 MB
10,334,151,774 — 10 GB
50,602,227,408 — 50 GB
83,901,080,437 — 83 GB

You’ll notice that a large majority of your backups have Connection errors. This would mean that during your backup there was no network or limited connectivity, but network interfaces found. Your backup also run into issues where the connection was lost or shut down while Mozy was sending data.

Mostly important, we found the errors ServerError12 and ServerError3. You can read about these errors in this document below

ServerError12 can typically be caused by one of two issues:

1.  The sync was interrupted by an internet connection error.
This type of issue is temporary, so running the backup again should be successful.

2.  The client-side manifest is locked by another program.
This can often be resolved by rebooting the computer.  However even a reboot may not resolve some of the damage done to the file.  In such a case, it is recommended that you rename the manifest to force Mozy to resync.

The manifest is a list of files that your computer wants to backup. It is possible that your manifest was corrupted during transfer because of all the connection errors.

If you look at the site you’ll see that our newest version of Mozy for Mac 2.2.1 has fixed several issues that you personally were effected by in the past. I suggest you upgrade from your 2.1 version to the 2.2.1.

We fixed an issue where the client would have trouble connecting due to a timeout period not having elapsed. We fixed several instances(including your instance of ServerError3) that sometimes resulted in where selected files could become deselected due to a bad manifest.

I replied with:

It’s ok if such problems in the software have been fixed, although a client email should have been sent out alerting us that their has been a problem and what we should check to ensure file integrity and backup.

But it’s still not ok if the backups I have done have been permanently lost. Can you retrieve the gigs of data that your records now show were backed up?

Unfortunately, when I tried to go back to get your oldest set of files. I am unable to go back far enough to grab your gigabytes of data. It has now been deleted from the servers. After 30 days if a file is no longer selected on the current backup then it is marked for deletion on our servers.

This has now taken a turn for the worse as my laptop was covered by water in a flood. So now I need the mozy backup that I have made. This contains my life work, photos, everything.

How can it be retraced and recovered from the harddrives that you use to store the backups?

This is now beyond just inconvenient as unless Apple can recover the harddrive content which they are now looking at, mozy is the only place that contains my data on disk.

I’m very sorry to hear about your loss, however there is no way to go back to anything older that has already been deleted.  Once it has been deleted as per the 30 day policy it is not retrievable in any way.  You can get anything that is still currently backed up though, through any of our restore methods.

Suffice it to say when you choose a backup service, the point is that you need to be confident they will backup your stuff, right?

Well I can no longer trust the management or dev team of mozy backup.

Give Your Gift

Dimension 7. Contribution and Influence

Your creations also have wider repurcussions on other people’s lives that you either directly effect yourself, or that result from the ripples of business-like value contribution that you create.

Together we are building Civilization 2.0.

Your gift may come from one or more of these areas:

  • Helping others to grow and succeed (through writing, coaching, training, etc)
  • Professional services or business management
  • The Arts (design, architecture, music, etc)
  • Science (computers, technology, health, etc)

Check out the other sections of the site for where you can contribute to lifestyle design, the creative process, global awakenings and/or business.

From Dimension 7 we return to Dimension 1 for a cycle of ongoing improvements.

Honor & Edit My Outlook


Whether it be in Science, Business, Sports or the Arts… your career is fundamental to your lifestyle. Why? Because soooooo much of your time is either ‘consumed’ by it, or enjoyed as an incredible source of inspiration, achievement and fulfilment. Which side of the tracks are you on right now? Do you love or hate your career? Do you aspire to bigger, better, different things? Are you working towards designing your ideal career situation? Your current or future career interests may combine aspects from Science, Business, Sports and Arts. And it may be true that these 4 success factors apply to any career path, so consider them carefully:

My current career combines writing and business. Here are three business related career paths I have written about so far that may interest you:


Which career path are you on? And which would you like to be on?

  1. Corporate Climber: Managing Pressure, Opportunity, and Ambition At Work
  2. Business Owner: Management & Marketing For Your Own Business
  3. Netrepreneur: Skills For Managing Online Traffic & Conversion

If you are in Management (or want to be), check out the New Professional’s Success Matrix. Apply The New Professional’s Success Matrix

  1. Preparation – Your personal and career success strategy.
  2. New ProfessionalResearch – Market, competitor, company, product, customer research.
  3. Development – Team, process, product, market presence, etc..
  4. Conversion – Strategic marketing campaigns and copywriting for customer acquisition, retention and lifetime value.
  5. Traffic – search, social media, partnerships, direct marketing and more.
  6. Tracking – Performance measurement for ongoing improvement.

Career Resources

Divided by 3 areas:

  1. Getting a new job
  2. Keep and grow your existing profession
  3. Change your career path

1. Getting A New Job

  • Preparing your CV/resume and preparing for interviews.

2. Keep And Grow Your Existing Career

3. Changing Your Career Path

Visit the main section pages for…

career-dev-map …or view some specific resources below.

Running your own business

  • Develop your Business Plan.
  • Use the 6 component matrix for business innovation as per the main navigation of the site.

Professional career development


  • Design.
  • Programming.
  • Production.
  • Engineering.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Writing.


  • Project Management.
  • Human Resources.
  • Sales.
  • Marketing.
  • ‘Management’.


Become a Freelance Travel Writer

If you love travel, and have a flare for creative writing, then maybe you too should become a freelance travel writer…

Do you have experience in journalism? Copywriting for websites or email marketing? Writing short stories or poems? Then you’re way ahead of the game.

But if you do not have ‘formal’ training or experience in writing, yet read magazines, perhaps used to write a diary, ever blogged about a holiday experience, or anything else, then you probably have what it takes to become a freelance travel writer.

You can literally earn your living by taking holiday’s and getting your ‘travel diary’ published in magazines, papers, and travel websites…

The secrets of some of the world’s most successful travel writers have been revealed in a program that I am currently reading.

Not so much because I want a career move.  But because my general self-education in sales copywriting gives me the opportunity to enjoy learning about different styles of writing.

And I have to say, what I’ve read so far in AWAI’s Travel Writer program, is incredibly exciting…

Check it out:

  • Thirteen ways to parlay your travel writer status into travel experiences most folks only dream about… stay at the world’s best hotels, no charge… dine at exclusive restaurants, compliments of the chef… experience the world’s best festivals, with a mayor’s invite in hand… read the New York Times bestsellers before they hit the shelves… and more…
  • A fun, easy way to turn your journal entries into articles you can sell. Plus how to get them from inside your notebook to inside a glossy magazine… with your name right there under the headline.
  • The three most important things to remember when you’re positioning yourself for offers of hospitality — ignore any of the three (as lots of people do) and you’ll doom your chances of getting perks. But put them into practice, and you’ll be traveling like a celebrity in no time.
  • The one person in your hometown you want to be sure knows your name… because — without question — she’ll pass it on to the folks who can hand you paying assignments and free travel perks.
  • Train yourself to see story ideas in every place you look — on a cereal box, at a coffee shop, while you’re gassing up your car — you’ll never be at a loss for inspiration.
  • How you can use photos to immediately increase your article sales (and the dollar amount for each one) — and even develop a second income stream.
  • A simple four-step formula that makes it 100% more likely you’ll land a by-line and a check.
  • Get the insider’s list of what NOT to do (you’d be surprised at how many writers have no idea what makes editors crazy … ).
  • A simple technique for tripling your travel writing income… with almost no additional work.
  • Write a five-sentence email that will put your name on the invite lists for gallery openings… private museum tours… resort galas… concerts… and more…
  • Travel to “forbidden” destinations… places like Cuba, for example, and experience them fully… even though most U.S. citizens couldn’t get by the border patrol.
  • Play the best golf courses and ski the hottest slopes. You needn’t be Tiger Woods to find yourself walking on at Carnoustie… and you don’t have to ski bumps like Bode Miller to spend a few charmed days in Vail…  Find out how to land a sweet deal for a fraction the usual rate, and possibly for no charge at all.

You can get the AWAI Travel Writer’s program here.  How’s that for a possible career change?