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Sea-Surface Communities

The SeaSteading Institute is bringing together transhumanists, libertarians, and anyone else interested in a genuinely freer society, as well as more natural, healthy and positive life experience. The goal is grand: To build open sea platforms with self-sufficient communities, away from existing countries, so that new forms of socio-political governance can be innovated. IMAGINE UNPRECEDENTED […]

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Under Ocean Habitats

Renewable energy, recycling, human-centred design… …under the sea. A Japanese initiative known as Ocean Spiral will home 5,000 people and produce energy from sea resources, incorporating the most sophisticated deep-sea eco-city plan to date — with construction expected to begin by mid 2020’s and take 5-years to complete! RT reports: The design for the grandiose structure was determined […]

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Welcome to Cosmic Elevator

Over the past few years I’ve grown weary of mankind’s constrained social and technological progress… Innovation abounds in computer science and medical technology… yet the burden of city life continues in the wake of global economic uncertainty. Yet revolution is upon us on multiple fronts. I thought… let’s not bother pointing fingers of blame on […]

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