Whether it be in Science, Business, Sports or the Arts… your career is fundamental to your lifestyle. Why? Because soooooo much of your time is either ‘consumed’ by it, or enjoyed as an incredible source of inspiration, achievement and fulfilment. Which side of the tracks are you on right now? Do you love or hate your career? Do you aspire to bigger, better, different things? Are you working towards designing your ideal career situation? Your current or future career interests may combine aspects from Science, Business, Sports and Arts. And it may be true that these 4 success factors apply to any career path, so consider them carefully:

My current career combines writing and business. Here are three business related career paths I have written about so far that may interest you:


Which career path are you on? And which would you like to be on?

  1. Corporate Climber: Managing Pressure, Opportunity, and Ambition At Work
  2. Business Owner: Management & Marketing For Your Own Business
  3. Netrepreneur: Skills For Managing Online Traffic & Conversion

If you are in Management (or want to be), check out the New Professional’s Success Matrix. Apply The New Professional’s Success Matrix

  1. Preparation – Your personal and career success strategy.
  2. New ProfessionalResearch – Market, competitor, company, product, customer research.
  3. Development – Team, process, product, market presence, etc..
  4. Conversion – Strategic marketing campaigns and copywriting for customer acquisition, retention and lifetime value.
  5. Traffic – search, social media, partnerships, direct marketing and more.
  6. Tracking – Performance measurement for ongoing improvement.

Career Resources

Divided by 3 areas:

  1. Getting a new job
  2. Keep and grow your existing profession
  3. Change your career path

1. Getting A New Job

  • Preparing your CV/resume and preparing for interviews.

2. Keep And Grow Your Existing Career

3. Changing Your Career Path

Visit the main section pages for…

career-dev-map …or view some specific resources below.

Running your own business

  • Develop your Business Plan.
  • Use the 6 component matrix for business innovation as per the main navigation of the site.

Professional career development


  • Design.
  • Programming.
  • Production.
  • Engineering.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Writing.


  • Project Management.
  • Human Resources.
  • Sales.
  • Marketing.
  • ‘Management’.


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