A Career In Law Of Attraction


A Career In Law Of Attraction

You probably have a lot to say about your own journey of personal growth…

And have you ever wondered about a website for publishing your ideas and recommendations online and making a profit?

…Even a ‘membership site’ with videos, articles, and reviews – and it all kind of just works automatically.

But if only someone would come along and show you exactly how to set things up… or better yet, do most of it for you.

Or perhaps you really see yourself out there giving public talks, running your own meetup groups, or having private clients that pay you to help them improve their life…

Sounds good right?

Well, check this out…

  • I’m an ex senior marketing professional (I applied LOA to manifest a Head of Marketing job before age 30).
  • I’m now working with several life coaches, nutritionists, motivational speakers etc on building their personal growth business…
  • And I realise that many more people in the personal growth movement would love to do the same.


  • I will do a webinar to explain how that is possible for you.
  • I will detail the steps necessary to create your own membership site or be involved with someone elses site.
  • And we’ll have fun implementing ‘law of attraction’ by sharing, spreading and teaching it.

If you are keen on the idea of working inside the personal growth movement, to express your passions and connect with more like-minded people, all whilst earning small or potentially larger business profits…

Send me a message via contact to request a starter-kit that you can fill-in as preparation for the upcoming webinar.

See the history of the law of attraction.

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