Career in Law of Attraction


Career in Law of Attraction

You probably have a lot to say about your own journey of personal growth…

And have you ever wondered about a website for publishing your ideas and recommendations online and making a profit?

…Even a ‘membership site’ with videos, articles, and reviews – and it all kind of just works automatically.

But if only someone would come along and show you exactly how to set things up… or better yet, do most of it for you.

Or perhaps you really see yourself out there giving public talks, running your own meetup groups, or having private clients that pay you to help them improve their life…

Sounds good right?

Well, check this out…

  • I’m an ex senior marketing professional (I applied LOA to manifest a Head of Marketing job before age 30).
  • I’m now working with several life coaches, nutritionists, motivational speakers etc on building their personal growth business…
  • And I realise that many more people in the personal growth movement would love to do the same.


  • I will hold a meetup to explain how that is possible for you.
  • I will detail the steps necessary to create your own membership site or be involved with someone elses site.
  • And we’ll have fun implementing ‘law of attraction‘ by sharing, spreading and teaching it.

If you are keen on the idea of working inside the personal growth movement, to express your passions and connect with more like-minded people, all whilst earning small or potentially larger business profits…

…send me a message right now via to request a start kit that you can fill-in and bring in person to one of our live Mastermind groups, use during one of our tele-conference group calls, or discuss with me directly.

LOA Mastermind Intention

  • Work on independent projects, both on and offline. Tips from me on setting up your web presence effectively and quickly…
  • Work on joint projects…
  • Monetize those efforts to turn personal interests of personal growth, law of attraction and social contribution into revenue, income, money, moola, cashola…

… to eventually replace current unwanted sources of income such as a day job or unfulfiling career for a dream career of manifesting your vision whilst helping other people to do the same.

This will be individualized based on each Mastermind group participants personal interests, experience and situation.

Options include: Public speaking, event organizing and management, creative writing, sales, and so on.


Come to your first event of the group having considered these questions:

  • Web skills – are you highly proficient at web design and online marketing, or keen to leverage someone elses online savvy whilst contributing in some other way such as writing blog posts and gradually learning how to use the web for adding to your Career in LOA?
  • Writing skills – Do you consider yourself a good writer or would you feel more suited to write in a friendly, conversational down-to-earth way that introduces people to other referenced websites or resources?
  • Expertise or Strong Interests – In terms of Law of Attraction and any related areas, do you feel competent or expert enough to clearly guide, direct or train others in that area or do you prefer to come from a position of learning yourself and sharing things that you have discovered and have benefited from?
  • Keen on independent project or working as a team – Would you like to go solo and use the Mastermind group purely as a way to stay on track or would you like to be involved with group projects as part of an active committed team?
  • On stage or behind the scenes – Do you like the idea of working with extrovert energy ‘out there’ in public, on stage, facilitating workshops or do you prefer introvert energy working more privately as a writer, behind the scenes, or intimate small group settings?

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