Career Development


Career Development

You spend most of your life at it. So you’re career had better be everything you ever could hope for and more. Otherwise what’s the point?

Without career fulfilment life becomes a trap that we try to escape via distraction and entertainment.

Career Development must include passion as well as precision; meaning as well as connections.

The Career Development Road-Map Workshop will do all that for you, and much, much more!

Career transition can be worrying. Especially when you are also thinking about the direction of your life.

Do you know you can get a career development loan and actual career education. They’ll do an assessment of you, and help you select suitable career paths. There are also probably career fairs near enough to you.

But that’s all just normal stuff, and I ain’t into the norm.

This is not a job search site. Nor is it a place for specific professional development.

You can be a research scientist tucked away in a lab spinning tubules directed by your eccentric professor boss, or you can take a lead role in exactly the right area of science that most excites you.

Do you know that wholly 98% of people who reach the age of 60 dead broke? So how good has normal societies education, career and retirement investment pension plans works worked for those people? Not very well. That’s 98% of people. Statistical fact.

So what can YOU do to guarantee you become part of the 2% who actually make it?

Do your own career assessment. Combine a career with your personal development and the direction you want your life to go. THAT is real career development. Anything else is just a job to get by on. You’re not on this site if that is good enough. You’re here, just as I built this program, becase we want something extra special. We want to be in that 2% of people that enjoy success.

And more than that, we want to contribute in interesting ways that emotionally fulfil us.

The Life Direction Through Personal and Career Development Road-Map Workshops direct you into the right angle, perspective and approach to taking maximum advantage out of the possibilities for combining your personal life and development with your career development.

Think of the Workshops like having a business coach that takes enough time to really get to know you, to understand where you’re coming from, and only after that, to help you piece together a road map for where deep down you really want to go.

>>> Visit Life Direction Through Personal & Career Development to discover exactly how to take control of your career development in the fast changing world.

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