Business in Sci-Fi World 2020+

Business in Sci-Fi World 2020+ solves real human problems quickly and profitably.

Freed from the monopolies of corporatist government greed, the spirit of real entrepreneurial business flourishes all around the world.

From micro-business projects in small communities, to world-impacting projects that criss-cross over the dying, obsolete old world structures, quickly replacing them with new layers of technology, solutions, benevolence.

The essence of business is not ‘to make money’.

The essence of business is to solve problems.

Money, or a means of exchange, enables that process of solving problems.

The free-market votes with money on which projects live and die, based on how well those business ideas solve problems or facilitate gratification.

Today’s distractions of competitive sport, cheap entertainment, clubs, pubs and drugs become replaced with new fun, experiences that build our emotional fuel for discipline and control of health and happiness.

Business provides those opportunities.

And the creative geniuses of society build those businesses for everyone’s ultimate benefit.