Business Opportunity in the Personal Success Industry


Business Opportunity in the Personal Success Industry

Boy do I have an opportunity for you…

  • If you are frustrated by the daily-grind and want to escape from behind that desk, workbench or computer…
  • If you want to LIVE a dream lifestyle of a well connected, outgoing, affluent entrepreneur…
  • If you understand that mega-success comes not from having to do it all yourself but instead, teaming up with people to create synergy…

…then (and only then), can I show you how to join me on the beaches of the world, possibly within the next few months… for a new experience of travel, freedom and lifestyle success.

I have professional management experience and a career history in more industries than most people even have a clue about. Here’s just a few of the companies I’ve worked with:


black tieI became Head of Marketing for a Marketing Agency by age 30.

I’ve run my own information publishing business online since 1999 and been involved with various ‘home based businesses’ and various online marketing.

All that experience has allowed me the freedom to travel and I’ve spent 3.5 of the past 6.5 years traveling the globe, away from corporate or home offices.

ThailandI’m from the UK and have spent time in Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia, Burma… Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina… Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala… Mexico, the US and Canada.

I also know how to tell a once-in-a-lifetime business opportunity when I see one.

2 conclusions from all that experience:

Success may not always come easy… and it will most likely come with a fair share of ‘disasters’… but it’s always worth it in the end.

And the best possible business model is having ongoing long-term subscribers that pay you like clock-work month in month out.

What I’m going to introduce you to is a way of leveraging everything you’ve worked hard for up to this point in your personal success…

  • …by merging your efforts with new networking and partnerships…
  • …by participating in live training events that make you money and make other seminars look like day care centers for newbies…
  • …by so much more that it’s like Morpheus in the Matrix when he says: “unfortunately, no one can be told, you have to see it for yourself”.

And that insight will grow for you over the next 12-months as you experience all aspects of what is happening within this organization.

So a few questions:

“What in your wildest imagination would be…”

“…The very best niche market to promote subscriptions and memberships?”

  • Would it be the natural alternative health and wellness industry? (already a $200 billion business, with most of its revenue coming from vitamin sales and health club memberships)
  • Would it be the self-help, personal growth and motivation industry?
  • Would it be the time management and productivity industry?
  • What about career development and lifestyle design?
  • Wealth management and investing?
  • Relationships?

“And what format would it be?”

  • An online members only website with pdf, mp3 and video downloads?
  • Live seminars and events?
  • Luxury cruise holiday’s with key-note speakers?
  • What about one-to-one individual coaching and mentoring?

“What would the compensation look like?”

  • Straight commissions on membership joining fees for instant sizeable cash-flow?
  • Ongoing monthly commissions on member subscriptions for automated income?
  • Multi-level commissions like a 2-tier affiliate program but only deeper for longer term leveraged profits?

How about…


Because that’s exactly what I’ve potentially got available for you.


  • Traveling around, sharing in mastermind meetings, even sitting in conferences and seminars with top speakers in lifestyle design, business growth, investment, health, wealth management, personal growth and more…
  • Participating in live master-mind sessions that connect you with the groups collective synergy (no matter what level of success you’re at right now)
  • And even attending weekend Luxury Cruises and other such blissful experiences 100% FREE (right now I have the opportunity to offer you a FREE luxury cruise as an incentive for a special promotion – imagine that!)

20110707-012717.jpgYou may or may not relate to this picture of some famous marketers mingling with Billionaire Richard Branson on Branson’s private tropical island.

Well I tasted something similar recently and I can share similar opportunities with those I partner with.

If you can prove hungry enough for success, I can even make plans to visit you in your area where we can put on our own seminars and workshops and have a whole ton of fun.

Then we’ll dine on the world’s best beaches…

…attend private member events and mastermind sessions…

…and sip cocktails on private luxury cruise ship and yacht events around the world.

This may seem utterly incredible… but there’s more to be told…

For now though, can you commit to diligently reviewing this opportunity?

Because the timing is right. And you wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t have vision. But what it depends on is taking massive action…

When both Bill Gates (Co-Founder of Microsoft) and Aristotle Onassis (Onassis Shipping), both THE RICHEST MEN IN THE WORLD AT THEIR TIME OF SUCCESS, were asked how they achieved such great success…

Bill Gates and Aristotle Onassis Stated:

1) “Timing” – “I was in the right place at the right time, and luck has a lot to do with that.”

2) “Vision” – “I saw the potential in things… not as they are, but how they will become” – Imagine where you’ll be in 10 years as a Member (probably at the highest level possible!)

3) “Massive and Immediate Action” – (The one thing that most people miss)

“Some were at the right place at the right time, and some even had the depth of vision I had. The only difference though..was I took MASSIVE AND IMMEDIATE ACTION..they didn’t”

So here it is…

Check out the Global Information Network and for more details just ask for it by contacting me.

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