Organize Your Life With This Life Direction Road-Maps Free Report

It’s not a great secret that modern life is tough work. What would it look like if your life was highly organized? Even cooking dinner has become a rush job. 50 years ago it was a great leisurely family activity. Now it’s ‘Can you chuck the veg on so I can change that light bulb plus Sarah just called because the kids are missing.”

And that’s just the daily havoc. At some point you might have enough time and emotional energy to think about the longer term… about how to really organize your life for long-term satisfaction beyond the daily grind.

Do you know where your life is headed? Happy with that so far? Waiting for the right time, place and money to be able to really get your life headed in better directions?

Well now you can pick up my Free report called Life Direction Road-Map Workshops that show you the phases of how to rapidly yet thoroughly create road-maps for your life that you can hold in awe in your hands, glancing over just 3 sheets of paper that show you everything going on in your life. Curious? You should be. You’ll soon have it.

Imagine an ideally organized lifestyle where you…

Contribute more to community, friends, family, organizations, etc.
Suffer less stress
Achieve faster career development
Earn and/or save more money
Enjoy the status of more respect from your peers
Obviously the benefits of organized living touch every area of your life in absolutely important ways

Discover for yourself right now a re-released secret system that’s so simple yet so thorough for how to organize your life.

Effecting people's lives through Organized Living

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5 Level Organized Living Scale

When you divide organized living intelligently, 5 core levels emerge. And here they are presented for the first time in the diagram.

The foundation of [tag]organized living[/tag] is knowing how to organize.

From that point you must know the things in your life that you want to have as part of your organized lifestyle.

Beyond that, for the 3rd level, you’ll actually [tag]organize your life[/tag] around those important things you identified in level 2.

And now that you’ve got your life ship shape, you’ll have to manage time to carry out all the actual projects and activities that you’ve organized our life towards.

And once you’ve got to grips with your natural [tag]time management skill[/tag], 9 characteristics of your mind become the a limitless journey of [tag]self-improvement[/tag] and fulfilment.

Those 5 levels correspond to the 5 courses that are available on Organized Living World (see the right hand column of any page).

Remember those 5 levels. Consider what level you are mostly on right now. And take the steps necessary to progress. Obviously organized living is one of the most important aspects of our lives.

Now that Organized Living World is actually organizing the details to achieve an organized lifestyle, you can hammer away through those 5 levels efficiently and quickly.

But first, you need to choose where you need to start.

Nathan Shaw
Organizer & Efficiency Trainer
Organized Living World

Que receives his Neo-Think Implant chip

The year is 2010, where we meet Que at the time he receives his Neo-Think Implant chip:
Through the piercing sound, Que was slowly coming back to consciousness.
In his delirium he mumbles “Noisy kettle, what’s that sound, where’s it coming from?!”
In the room’s total silence, the 2 women efficiently dressed in long dark red leathers say nothing.
Shay presses Que’s forehead down and then looks into his rolling eyeballs with a tiny torch – strokes his hair.
Mem holds a stop watch, finger poised to press stop, as if she is timing a terribly important event.
The man they call Morpheus leans forwards. They call him Morpheus because, similar to The Matrix character, he is black, a matured Self- Leader authority figure, and also very much wanted by the Neocheater authorities.
With a very calm controlled voice Morpheus speaks: “Give it time my friend, it’s the interface, your brain will adjust soon”.
But HOW soon, Morpheus anxiously wonders privately to himself.
Morpheus knows that only minds of a high degree of openness to honesty have enough capacity to interface with the chip. Otherwise it can’t connect to the mind and becomes dormant. He is confident Que will be fine of course, but how long will it take?
That timing reveals how quickly the implant recipient will be able to advance through the Neo-Think Implant training to develop full Neo- Think power.
And with the current struggle against the Neocheaters, Morpheus depends on Que.
“Jesus Devil it’s loud!” blurts Que cringing through the discomfort – but clearly now regaining full conscious awareness.
“This thing better work, cost me enough to stem-cell rejuvenate an arm and a leg. I don’t even have enough money left for my last supper.”
Mem nervously keeps glancing at Morpheus waiting for the signal to stop the stop-watch.
to be continued…

The 3 Keys of Mind, Body, Spirit Harmony

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve”

That said by one of history’s richest businessmen.

Clearly someone to pay attention to, but isn’t all this ‘law of attraction‘ stuff just a bunch of airy-fairy mysticism?

Several years back I landed on an idea that I’m neither intelligent enough or knowledgeable enough to fully exploit or explain… I believe it corresponds to a universal principle of creation, and fits various different words and contexts.

Whether for personal success or directly for career success, there are…

There are 3 pillars of your mind and all that you do with it.

ACTION results from the combination of THOUGHT and EMOTION.

Learn to control these things, and we learn to create our life.

Over and over again I have found success to reduce into 3 vital factors:

  1. The clarity of your intent
  2. Your degree of organisation
  3. The use of your energy

Start with these three words:

  • Discover
  • Organize
  • Acquire

See how those three words compare with the next 3 bullet points…

In the context of ‘measuring’ things:

  • The degree (‘amount/level’) of yourintent for excellence
  • The degree of your organization andpreparation
  • The control of your action through time

And an esoteric version:

  • Identify Intent
  • Gather Intent
  • Manifest Intent

Or another variation:

  • Clarification
  • Preparation
  • Execution

Before I lose you with this stuff… consider this simple variation of the formula showing how achievement divides clearly and obviously into 3 factors for getting things done:

  • Know what you want
  • Prepare for it (get ready)
  • Do it
A ‘law of attraction’ way of putting it:
  1. Set the intention
  2. Prepare to receive
  3. Let it come in

Below are notes on those 3 stages of creating whatever you want. These are the 3 Keys threaded throughout the 7 Dimensions of Manifestation.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one”. – Mark Twain


Key 1: Identify Intent

We have covered the practical application of this Key throughout the course.

It is unfortunate that people are unable or unwilling to allow themselves the self-acceptance and personal power to identify clearly what there heart felt desires are.

Here is some correspondence from someone who read my Life Success Report.

“I have been visiting many different web pages over the last few weeks and months.

I am very much interested in all these subjects about self-development and the related subjects.

Although I have read a lot of books over the last ten years, e.g., Louise L. Hay and similar authors, I have never dared to do it.

So here I am now, nearly forty, trying to sort something out for me. It is just recently that I discovered that I have never had any goals, life goals.

And so I started to try to find out where I am, who I am and where I want to go.”

Before we can accomplish anything, we need to take the time to develop a clear picture of what we want. And yes this will expand and clarify and improve with time. but it is vital to have a starting position as clear as we can make it right now.

“Before everything else, getting ready is the key to success”
– Henry Ford

“Begin it when it is finished”
– Jim Rohn

Mr Jim Rohn narrates a story in which he was to build his first house. He had the land and took people on a virtual tour showing them the fireplace where his descriptions were so vivid that the guest felt he was there and bumped his elbow at the fire place.

Begin it when it’s finished means first to become so clear of what we want that in effect it is complete, at least in our mental reality. And once that is achieved, to then begin it.

Of course this can lead to ‘perfectionism’ and procrastination, so we need to understand Key 2.


Key 2: Gathering Intent


“It is only in the doing that there is the becoming.”

How do we reconcile the contradiction between not taking action until we are well prepared, and the idea that readiness happens only from practice?

Our honest judgement combined with our weekly review keeps us ever mindful of the next movements for each project.

Are you familiar with the anecdote of the airplanes precision in direction? An airplane is on track less than 3% of the time. 97% of the time it is OFF course. So how does it manage to get from a precise point A to a precise point B? By making regular minor changes in direction to re-adjust.

We can always always identify the next action steps towards any desire. If you don’t know what the next thing to do is, well then the next thing to do is sit down and think and write about what the next things to do might be. This will always always always give you enough ideas to pursue to proceed on that aeroplanes path of 97% off course so that we make the micro-adjustments towards our desired outcome.

Organization and preparation gathers our intent (key 2) which means pulling together the energies and resources to lead us to Key 3; the actual manifestation of our intent.

Break desires into projects:

“What about a check-list for helping me to find solutions?”

Great idea! Use the following starting questions to begin a STC for each project.

  • Can I give the task to someone else?
  • Can I ‘buy’ a solution?
  • Have I done my research?
  • Are other people having the same problems?
  • Did they solve it? How? Can I do the same?
  • If I was someone else who could solve it, what would I do? Where would I start?
  • What ideas can I write down as potential solutions, plans, starting points?

Break projects into actions and smaller projects and then into actions.

Schedule the next actions.

And then

3rd: JUST DO IT!

Key 3: Manifest Your Intent

This happens when we take the EXACT action, or achieve the exact RESULT that we need that has the result of ACTUALLY making real something that we desired.

Allow the process to unfold, trust yourself to take the necessary actions and set up the necessary plans.

You can read my ongoing research, interests and integrations inside the 7 Dimensions of Manifestation.

Key 3 is about prioritisation, scheduling, reviewing, and being flexible in your approach to success and to stay on track.

This is covered in detail in the 3rd part of the Folderarchy Formula.

Questions that you can use right now are:

  1. What are the most important areas for me to work on at this time?
  2. What are the next steps?
  3. Am i motivated to do them?
  4. Do i know how to do them?
  5. Do i know how to learn or become able to do them?
  6. When will i do it?

For the detailed essence of how to 1. Discover, 2. Organize, and 3. Acquire, EVERY possible Life Advantage through organizing the 9 permanent principles check out…

The Missing Principles Handbook.

Next page in the Mind Control series: 10 Mind Harmonisers, or visit the main Manifest Your Vision page.

Processing Part 1: Alchemy

The Art of Effecting Change In Your Own and Others Minds

Written in 1998, with a 5th revision in 2004.

Explicitly detailed: Keys for a 21st Century Life-of-Magic

Brace yourself. This might seem a little spooky.

(note: ‘alchemy’ and ‘processing’ are used interchangeably)


Definitions of Magic, Alchemy and Processing

‘Processing’? – It certainly isn’t a new method of pasteurizing milk or making cheese…

It’s synonymous with ‘Magic’, but it’s not about hocus-pocus mysticism or entertainment.

To understand Processing, first understand this definition of Magic:

“The art and science of effecting change in conformity with will.” – Aleicester Crowley

Now lets just take a moment to expand on this:

      • ‘art and science’ – Art as being fluid creative explorative and abstracting. Science as being calculating, definite, concise, measured.
      • ‘effecting change’ – Being the cause and having an effect. Doing stuff that changes stuff. Effecting change in others, one’s self, and one’s environment
      • ‘in conformity with will’ – Your Intent. Your way. Your desire. Your will

So putting it all together:

Magic is the approach of using those expanded ideas of ‘art’ and ‘science’ for the purpose of creating changes in something (career, lifestyle, anything) based upon whatever you want.

I don’t mean to make the ideas seem trivial, I just want to break it down into a really simple clear base-line idea.

I want you to realize that it is not airy-fairy, irrational, or even ‘spiritual’, like so many websites on Magic will make it seem, but rather it is a way of representing and harnessing our development, focus, drive and creativity.

The alchemists and heretics were the scientists, innovators and individualistic self-leaders of antiquity.

Processing represents that same idea of Magic based on using three factors: Destruction, Deconstruction, and Transcendence.

Therefore a definition of Processing:

The art and science of effecting change in conformity with will… via destruction, deconstruction, and transcendence.

Three Factors of Alchemy

      1. Destruction rejects the unwanted outright
      2. Deconstruction systematically clears the unwanted and develops the wanted
      3. Transcendence bypasses irrationality and struggle to leave an ‘out of their world’ Presence

Destruction | Deconstruction | Transcendence


  • Destruction is about death, obliteration, disparagement, smashing, eliminating, destructive side of spontaneity, decisive certainty..


  • Deconstruction is about investigation, analysis, argument, categorizing, consolidation, deep-thought, objectivity, reason, identifying limitations, borders and boundaries..


  • Transcendence is about creativity, intuition, emotion, transformation, freedom, passion, peace, creative side of spontaneity, fluid contextual certainty..

The above provides an orientation to the 3 Factors of Processing.

Processing is the effect of changing our environment or position in life via certain skills and tools that you will easily learn that can give untold understanding and power.

So keep in mind that these 3 factors are used as tools that help us find the path to manifest our desires; effecting the change that we want in our careers and lives.

Next you will see how Processing divides into two applications for our lives.

2 Applications of Alchemical Processing

Processing is valuably split into Internal Alchemy and Societal Alchemy.

Internal Processing

Here we focus directly on YOU. What do you want to do, have, and become. And what’s stopping you?!

Explore Internal Alchemy.

Societal Processing

…is about effecting change in your wider environment. Influencing others through business, science, art, and other value creation and value sharing.

Explore Social Alchemy.

Life Coach

Written around 2004

Life coaching is a form of self-help where what you’re lacking is clarity, or motivation.

Until 2 years ago I’d never had personal coaching.

I’ve made up for it though.

In the past 2 years I’ve had 1 life coach, 1 sales coach, and 1 internet business coach.

That’s near $10,000.

Yikes, that’s a lot of money.

Maybe for some people life coaching is worth while. For me, none of that coaching made me feel much value for money.

On hind sight I should have spent $1,000 on books and audio programs, bought an mp3 player to listen to as I go about everywhere, maybe take a month holiday somewhere hot and sit by a pool and read my books.

Wouldn’t have spent half as much and would have got more input.

But life coaching isn’t or shouldn’t be the input you get. It’s the quality of listening that facilitates your own self discovery. Well I’ve got a questionnaire process that providing you’ve got some personal motivation already, you’ll be able to get out of that what is in my opinion better than most life coaching for personal development.

True I’ve only had 3 coaches so I can’t judge the whole industry of coaching. But these guys were top top top guys.

Edit Jan 2012:

I now realize Coaching can have a very worthwhile place in one’s own personal development but you have to include a lot of factors to make higher priced coaching worthwhile.

My 7 Dimensions of Life Management can do you wonders (if you do the exercises), and I can also now highly recommend Global Information Network for a cost effective, consistent and leading-edge coaching environment.