Hedonism in Sci-Fi World is the obvious choice.

Each person gets to choose their own personal bliss.

Whether it be party or prayer.

With more economic freedom, and less political turmoil, diversity flourishes throughout society, and individuality is encouraged.

Indulgence in SciFi world involves gratification of the whole body and mind; described by the word ‘psychuous’.

(Adjective) Psychuous is a new word describing integrations that combine the activities of the mind, body, and emotions to continually increase prosperity, happiness, and romantic love.

Through all of the opportunities available to us in Sci-Fi World, we achieve a level of bliss that supersedes the old empty meaningless pursuits of physical indulgence and material distraction.

We already knew that too much physical indulgence has negative consequences on our emotional wellbeing and satisfaction.

Too much alcohol. Too much food. Etc. etc.

Instead, we quickly achieve such pure and strong emotional and psychological balance that hedonism becomes a dimension of everyone’s daily life, balanced with the emotional integration of tomorrow.

Hedonism is now seen as indulgence in psychuous pleasures; that is, of mind, body, and emotion.

Prudes stop judging others for indulgence. In fact, prudish attitudes fade from memory.

Based on the principle of doing no harm to self or others, every life-lifting pleasure becomes available.

Obvious when you think about it. But a challenge during the times before Sci-Fi World due to the suppressions, neuroses, disappointments, hardships, laziness, and lack of opportunity inherent in the old world structures.

In Sci-Fi World everyone has opportunity to pursue and fulfil their bliss.


Atheism in SciFi World 2020+ matures beyond materialism and embraces religions secret messages.

Those messages are of quantum psychologies that manifest universes of love and light.

In Sci-Fi World, mankind recognises itself as both the epicentre of the universe, and a small component in a likely infinite expanse of conscious beings throughout the cosmos.

A godly form of atheism, so to speak.

Awareness of a ‘higher power’ than our current Earth-bound selves. Our conscious cousins across the universe wielding vast creative physical (read, ‘physics’) powers to control the destiny and direction of life.

Atheism in our fantastic future is about shedding the immaturities of mainstream organized religion, while also shedding the immaturities of narrow minded materialism.

We are not alone. But the higher dimension powers are not beyond the realms of natural law. They are simply more advanced entities than we are. They are our destiny. That is, our destiny is to become one with the gods of the universe.

Read religious scripture enough, and the message is exactly the same. Be it Kabbalah or Sufism.

We then join the god-like dimensions of immortality: One of religions secret messages — and it says so right there on page 2 of the book of Genesis in the old testament.

“Then the LORD God said, “Look, the human beings have become like us, knowing both good and evil. What if they reach out, take fruit from the tree of life, and eat it? Then they will live forever!” – Genesis 3:22

As such, Atheism in our fantastic future is far from the dead-end materialism of ‘dust to dust’. It is a recognition of our immortal souls on a quest to become one with the infinite.

Smart Cities?

The majority of people will end up living in one of two types of city. 

  1. Free Private Smart-Cities
  2. Toll-Based Welfare Smart-Cities

Toll-Based Welfare Smart-Cities

Smart Cities are the obvious future of all cities. 

Powered by DLT (distributed ledger technologies) such as blockchain, and modern standards for absolute architectural creativity, these Mega Cities cater to all of our needs for wellbeing. 

Achieving work/life balance becomes fully realized through digital applications that help guide our daily choices. 


SeaSteading in Sci-Fi World 2020+ enters mass awareness.

Floating cities, housing platforms that can be moved to connect to another platform community around the world, new forms of aquatic vehicle including UFO shaped boats, investment opportunities in an entirely new boom in property development.

Yes, out there on the open ocean.

Outside of the reach of national government legal zones.

New communities built in international waters.

Transport your modern floating home.

Feel the breeze.

SeaSteading in Sci-Fi World quickly becomes popular.

The SeaSteading Institute is bringing together transhumanists, libertarians, and anyone else interested in a genuinely freer society, as well as more natural, healthy and positive life experience.

The goal is grand:

To build open sea platforms with self-sufficient communities, away from existing countries, so that new forms of socio-political governance can be innovated.


Their new video series ‘the 8 great moral imperatives‘ demonstrates the positive impact the project plans to create in all areas of life.

And here is a virtual tour of a SeaStead city.



Permaculture in Sci-Fi World replaces mass agriculture.

Or that is to say, the spirit of mass agriculture takes on the values of permaculture.

Sustainability. Quality produce. Connection with Nature. 

In Sci-Fi World, technology helps us replicate the perfection of nature (biomimicry) on a grand scale. 

Food is plentiful. High quality. In perfect balance with the rhythms of Mother Earth.

Nutritions. Delicious.

Pesticides are abandoned. Monsanto is history. Sci-Fi World sees new forms of agricultural practice that honors and respects the long-term effects on us all.

From the way food is grown, processed, distributed, and consumed.

A magical outcome of combining modern technologies for perfectly ‘green’ agriculture. 

Local community projects help everyone become involved in the foods we eat. Technologies help optimise the nutritionally value of our food. Apps help us plan out diet based on metabolic requirements.

Health becomes the primary goal of our agricultural system. Not financial profit. Not pleasure. Not distraction. 

In SciFi World, permaculture helps reconnect us with mother earth. 


Science in Sci-Fi World 2020+ becomes better understood as a model of hypothecating for pragmatic contextual knowledge and solutions.

Freed from the greed of corrupt academics, private business funds and fuels scientific research for the real-market profit motive, rather than the spin cycle of publishing dubious data papers in so called science journals.

Science and big data computer analysis accelerate in progress through machine learning and virtual data models.

Science feeds technology faster and faster with rapid changes in products brought to market.

Lower cost for consumers, higher profits, better incomes and more interesting pursuits for scientists.



Business in the abundant future solves real human problems quickly and profitably.

Freed from the monopolies of corporatist government greed, the spirit of real entrepreneurial businesses flourish all around the world.

From micro-business projects in small communities, to world-impacting projects that criss-cross over the dying, obsolete old world structures, quickly replacing them with new layers of technology, solutions, benevolence.

The essence of business is not ‘to make money’.

The essence of business is to solve problems by creating and exchanging value.

Money, or a means of exchange, enables that process of value creation.

Business projects live and die based on how much value they add to customers willing to pay for products and services.

In SciFi World people make healthier, more informed choices, based on genuine needs and a drive towards bliss.

Today’s distractions of competitive sport, cheap entertainment, clubs, pubs and drugs become replaced with new fun, experiences that build our emotional fuel for discipline and increasing control of health and happiness.

Business provides those opportunities.

And the creative geniuses of society build those businesses for everyone’s ultimate benefit.

Love & Intimacy?

Love in Sci-Fi World 2020+ becomes our most obvious driving force.

As the layers of old-world suppressions are exposed and fall away, our souls of gold come out to play.

Love represents the gratifying sense of emotional goodwill towards anything and anyone.

Like a lady newly in love with a spring in her step walking merrily along the High Street, everyone in Sci-Fi World 2020+ begins to live just like that, every single day.


Just because we can.


By embracing our authentic nature of creative beautiful self-expression, mixed with the optimism of Sci-Fi World lifestyle opportunity.

Love of ourselves, love of significant others, love of eachother, love of society at large.

Life becomes a constant stream of loving moments.

This emotional fuel propels us towards great creative intensity to solve problems of life wherever we may find them, as fast as we can.

This is what ignites our rapid ascent further into Sci-Fi World, leaving behind the old structures of force backed taxation, regulation, corruption, irrational greed, and left right extremism.

Love will set you free.

Romantic Love… or intimacy… in Sci-Fi World 2020+ takes on a whole new dimension.

Leaving behind the old anguish, jealousy and possessiveness of the early 2000s, men and women actually begin to resolve the ‘battle of the sexes’ through embracing, honouring and cherishing our differences.

Those differences exist on a uniquely personal individual level, as well as collectively as ‘men’ and ‘women’.

Relationship labels such as ‘together’, ‘boyfriend’, ‘partner’, ‘lover’, ‘wife’, ‘dating’, etc. have lost much of their perceived meaning… because those concepts are recognised as meaning very different things to each of us.

It also becomes less important for us to label people or relationships to communicate.

We recognise that the essence of relationship is ‘to relate’ to another.

And in Sci-Fi World we simultaneously relate to eachother much more easily, while embracing our individuated uniqueness.

That is to say, words become less loaded with rigid narrow minded definitions, and what emerges as important, is the actual emotional human connection enjoyed and experienced by individuals who share a moment.

Whether it be a ‘dinner date’ or ‘netflix and chill’ or a ‘private group party’, or ‘a walk under the stars’.

In Sci-Fi World we define ourselves not by labels, but by experiences.

And we enjoy greater depths of authentic intimacy by respecting, cherishing and honouring each others liberated sense of pursuing uplifting experiences. Wherever, however, with whomever they are found in each moment.

This shift into liberalism opens the gates to genuine longer term ‘relationships’ because we suddenly realise how much more deeply we actually can ‘relate’ to certain individuals, while avoiding superficial unfulfilling moments with people who we don’t ‘connect’ with.

Intimacy in Sci-Fi World 2020+ becomes deeply authentic because we approach relationship by relating to each others own, personal, unique, reality tunnels of experience. And the wish for others to maximise their own pleasures, gratification, growth and joy.

God & Religion?

Religion in our fantastic future takes on a new roll.

Rather than used as a means of spiritual suppression as it was for the first 3000 years of modern human history, religion is now acknowledged as a means of individual self-exploration, and shared human experience.

The ‘organized religions’ are becoming museum pieces. To be studied and analysed to extract insight into former times.

The underlying spiritual roots of mainstream religion are now being studied by everyone for the life-lifting higher dimensional quality of human happiness.

Physics and philosophy are validating and revealing the true essences of religion, from zodiac, to kaballah, to jesus secret message, and the true identity of moses. It’s all available and widely known.

Earth’s new religion is a religion of authentic tolerance, and contextual hermetic wisdom. That all truths are but half truths.

God in our fantastic future takes on a whole new meaning.

Leaving behind the anthropomorphic conception of god with human traits such as anger and jealousy… the god of the bible… we come to appreciate god-power as the fabric of existence itself. And the potential of mankinds future.

With the innovations of immortality, the purpose of god transforms from rationalising death to sustaining life.

And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.

— Revelation 21:4

Our hope for immortality does not come from any religion, but nearly all religions come from that hope.

― Robert Ingersoll

Simple insights about god’s definition include creativity, love, nature and physics.

A more theoretical physics based understanding of sacred geometric resonances, frequencies, harmonies and disharmonies that quantum-flux our human experience into existence.

As we move ever closer to full appreciation of our own place within nature and the universe.

That we are the self-directing ‘hand of god’ so to speak.

That is, we recognise that god and man become the same. Immortal creators.

Eating from the Tree of Life as described in the Genesis bible stories, we fulfil our destiny.

The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.

― 1 Corinthians 15:26

Simple really, isn’t it?

The necrophilic character of every religion is evidently reflected in the central theme that the Grim Reaper – death – assumes in the structure of the “faith” of this religion.

The offer of religion to mankind is to transcend mortality, thus a form of transformed life is postulated. It is not particularly important whether, as in most cases, this is the psychically soothing idea of ​​the “immortal soul”; Or whether a resurrection of the dead is postulated, as if they had only been asleep briefly; Or whether the uniqueness of the transient nature of existence in linear time is denied by asserting eternal cycles of existence, in which men reincarnate.

All of these designs share the psychologically fatal, effective denial of death.

In which is reflected. That death is the real theme of religion.

With such a construction, it is not surprising that life in all its possibilities, is rather disregarded, often even openly despised in so many religions.

The apparent “contempt for death” of those who can sacrifice both themselves and others for their religion in cold blood is in reality nothing but contempt for life.

All religions are only a primitive and, above all, completely ineffectual defense against the imposition of individual death.

The irrationality of religion reflects the massive and oppressive fear of annihilation, the apparent rationality of religions reflects the insight into the inevitability of one’s own extinction.

Every religion is a death cult.

Whoever wants to live his wretched, limited and senseless time should avoid the spiritual poison of religion just as much as he avoids other poisons.

Death is such an impertinence and a narcissistic wound to the stupid psyche of a person that the psyche even accepts the idea of immortality in an eternal hell if it only helps to ward off the idea of death, which is connected with feelings of strong unpleasure.

I find the fearful death cult of all great religions most questionable. It is quite remarkable how many religious statements refer to death and to unknowns, such as a possible life after death, and it is equally remarkable how easily these statements can be instrumentalized in order to transform life before death into a pale reflection of what is presented as hell before the eyes of people, to make them submissive with the fear caused by it.

The great respect of death always goes hand in hand with its mirror image, an equally great condemnation of life.

― Schwerdtfeger

The insight into one’s own mortality is a younger and higher function of the conscious mind. This insight is not accessible to the equally complete, but unconscious, psychological possibilities of man.

The psyche, often referred to as a “soul” in this context, knows nothing of its limitations and mortality; in this question it is arrested in an animalistic narcissism, and completely stupid. (It is not in every question.)

This may be the deeper reason that so many half-conscious techniques for the suppression of death are based on the idea that there is an inherently immortal part, a soul, in man – such a conception finally coincides with the psychological self-reflection of the one deceiving himself about reality, and can only develop from this one experience sufficient convincing force that a further conscious analysis of this construction will be left out for convenience.

The abandonment of this form of death-denial would promptly raise the question of the material condition of one’s own psychic part, and as a matter of fact would produce the mortality of the soul as an uncomfortable but helpful and cheerful insight.

― The Immortal Soul, Schwerdtfeger

Authenticity & Ego?

Authenticity in Sci-Fi World 2020+ becomes the central theme of society.

Authentic experiences. Authentic expression. Authentic connection.

This is what life is meant to be like.

Not the old pressures of intolerant judgement, group imposed morality, or values imposed by local culture.

We each take delight in the experiences of alternative modes of living, and find our inner guidance compass to direct our own choices, preferences and pursuits.

Authenticity is the Achilles Heel of politics and religion.

Through authenticity we discover a sense of inner calm like never before.

Relationships become better, easier, freer, deeper.

Careers become fulfilling, creative, meaningful.

Companies produce honest, life affirming products.

But achieving deep personal authenticity is a struggle for most.

In Sci-Fi World 2020+ through radical centrist politics we move towards toleration in society.

This gives people more opportunity to turn inwards to their own deep well of spiritual selfhood.

Peering behind the veil of discombobulated consciousness, looking into one’s own eyes in a mirror and asking the simplest of questions:

What do I want?

What do I like?

What shall I do?

Who am I?

…becomes easily answered.


Life feels so much easier in Sci-Fi World.

For anyone with access to cryptocurrency funds, entrepreneurial teams, the boom of digital transformation, or natural areas of rural preservation.

We experience new found resilience via purpose, passion, access to resources, and the good news quickly building about lifestyle improvements available to more and more people.


Some people holding on to old-world mentalities, or those trapped in a bind based on location, may suffer greatly.

Resilience in Sci-Fi World is about seeking access to the support and re-education and healthier more balanced lifestyle opportunities, while the old world structures of banking, academia, politics, and religion visibly crumble under the weight of millennia old corruptions.

Being on the right side of history, and building your own personal mental, physical, spiritual and emotional resilience in the lead up to Sci-Fi World will set you up for a spiral upwards into health, happiness and success the way you may have imagined in your early childhood.

A deep sense of individuated freedom and harmonious connection with loved ones.

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Neo-Think Heralds Sci-Fi World

Neo-Think really comes into the limelight in the early stages of SciFi World 2020+.

Described in multiple layers through decades of Neo-Think literature, SciFi World is otherwise known as ‘The Supersociety’ and ‘The Civilisation of the Universe’.

When mankind leaves behind the DIMs (dishonesties, irrationalities, mysticisms) of politics and religion… and embraces the self-responsibility of FIH, DTC, WSA (fully integrated honesty; discipline, thought and control; wide scope accounting), then and only then do we enter a new mode of Conscious experience.

An experience of eternal romantic bliss. An experience of creative liberated play. An experience of total health, total wealth, total happiness.

These are the days of Neo-Think. And they are fast approaching.