November 3

Bitcoin Monetary Transformation


It was the late 90s and the web was simple…
But J Orlin Grabbe had visions of “encrypted digital currencies” that would bring prosperity and protection to individuals and escape from government controls.
I was all for it. Although I didn’t understand the tech-speak — and still don’t to this day…
But the time has now come when a digital currency is breaking into mainstream acceptance.
Or at least… just on the cusp of doing so.
BitCoin is decentralizing (beyond anyone’s, any institutions, any governments control). And that’s VERY exciting for both profit potential and personal security.

  • Canada now has BitCoin ATM machines.
  • Large companies around the world are setting up to accept BitCoin’s as payments.
  • And this bandwagon is going to pick up speed fast!

At a time when governments and banks are stealing from bank accounts directly or placing capital controls (telling you that you can’t move your money out of your bank account)… financial security is of paramount importance.
Know this. The US Dollar is well and truly finished.
The new global reserve currency may be a basket of other government currencies, yet significantly backed by precious metals. And BitCoin is one more important way to help us all live through a smoother transition as we enter The New World.
It really doesn’t take long and puts you another significant step in the direction of financial security during the current global power changes.
For now, get acquainted with BitCoin at and consider installing the BitCoin QT Wallet.
I am not a financial planner or advisor, but my own personal approach is to keep a significant portion of my money in Silver. Along with a little diversification and exploration into other opportunities. BitCoin is now a key part of that for me.
Here’s an 8 minute simple tutorial to setting up your very own encrypted BitCoin wallet. Just don’t lose your BitCoin wallet password.

Viva la Revolution!


Feb 2013: Why Bitcoins Growth is Normal.. and will likely become STAGGERING

YouTube video description:

Economists are up in arms, claiming that bitcoin’s 1000% annual growth is faster than anything they’ve ever seen.
Because of that, they lash out, calling bitcoin volatile, a bubble, a pyramid scheme, etc. But don’t worry, we put on our VC glasses, compare the 4.5-year-old bitcoin to facebook, twitter, google at the same periods in their growth.
The result is that Bitcoin’s growth is as exponential, as volatile and as normal as any enormous tech giant. And just for fun we threw in a little bit about feral rats reproducing on a desert island.

Bitcoin Resources

If you’ve not heard of BitCoin, this page just might astound you… (if you give it the time-of-day out of interest for the future of  money — your money)
If you’re already in the know… hopefully this page will serve you well.

What is Bitcoin?

How much can you make from BitCoin?

Here’s a few resources to take note of:

How can I buy and sell it?

Where do I keep it?

In a BitCoin wallet such as:

How can I trade it?

Where is BitCoin going to take us?

The Future of Freedom with Stephan Molyneux:

On BitCoin Neutrality:

Is BitCoin the best Crypto Currency?

What controversy surrounds BitCoin?

Where can I stay informed?



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