Become a Freelance Travel Writer


Become a Freelance Travel Writer

If you love travel, and have a flare for creative writing, then maybe you too should become a freelance travel writer…

Do you have experience in journalism? Copywriting for websites or email marketing? Writing short stories or poems? Then you’re way ahead of the game.

But if you do not have ‘formal’ training or experience in writing, yet read magazines, perhaps used to write a diary, ever blogged about a holiday experience, or anything else, then you probably have what it takes to become a freelance travel writer.

You can literally earn your living by taking holiday’s and getting your ‘travel diary’ published in magazines, papers, and travel websites…

The secrets of some of the world’s most successful travel writers have been revealed in a program that I am currently reading.

Not so much because I want a career move.  But because my general self-education in sales copywriting gives me the opportunity to enjoy learning about different styles of writing.

And I have to say, what I’ve read so far in AWAI’s Travel Writer program, is incredibly exciting…

Check it out:

  • Thirteen ways to parlay your travel writer status into travel experiences most folks only dream about… stay at the world’s best hotels, no charge… dine at exclusive restaurants, compliments of the chef… experience the world’s best festivals, with a mayor’s invite in hand… read the New York Times bestsellers before they hit the shelves… and more…
  • A fun, easy way to turn your journal entries into articles you can sell. Plus how to get them from inside your notebook to inside a glossy magazine… with your name right there under the headline.
  • The three most important things to remember when you’re positioning yourself for offers of hospitality — ignore any of the three (as lots of people do) and you’ll doom your chances of getting perks. But put them into practice, and you’ll be traveling like a celebrity in no time.
  • The one person in your hometown you want to be sure knows your name… because — without question — she’ll pass it on to the folks who can hand you paying assignments and free travel perks.
  • Train yourself to see story ideas in every place you look — on a cereal box, at a coffee shop, while you’re gassing up your car — you’ll never be at a loss for inspiration.
  • How you can use photos to immediately increase your article sales (and the dollar amount for each one) — and even develop a second income stream.
  • A simple four-step formula that makes it 100% more likely you’ll land a by-line and a check.
  • Get the insider’s list of what NOT to do (you’d be surprised at how many writers have no idea what makes editors crazy … ).
  • A simple technique for tripling your travel writing income… with almost no additional work.
  • Write a five-sentence email that will put your name on the invite lists for gallery openings… private museum tours… resort galas… concerts… and more…
  • Travel to “forbidden” destinations… places like Cuba, for example, and experience them fully… even though most U.S. citizens couldn’t get by the border patrol.
  • Play the best golf courses and ski the hottest slopes. You needn’t be Tiger Woods to find yourself walking on at Carnoustie… and you don’t have to ski bumps like Bode Miller to spend a few charmed days in Vail…  Find out how to land a sweet deal for a fraction the usual rate, and possibly for no charge at all.

You can get the AWAI Travel Writer’s program here.  How’s that for a possible career change?

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