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5 Level Organized Living Scale

When you divide organized living intelligently, 5 core levels emerge. And here they are presented for the first time in the diagram. The foundation of [tag]organized living[/tag] is knowing how to organize. From that point you must know the things in your life that you want to have as part of your organized lifestyle. Beyond […]

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The 3 Keys of Mind, Body, Spirit Harmony

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve” That said by one of history’s richest businessmen. Clearly someone to pay attention to, but isn’t all this ‘law of attraction‘ stuff just a bunch of airy-fairy mysticism? Several years back I landed on an idea that I’m neither intelligent enough or knowledgeable enough to […]

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Processing Part 1: Alchemy

The Art of Effecting Change In Your Own and Others Minds Written in 1998, with a 5th revision in 2004. Explicitly detailed: Keys for a 21st Century Life-of-Magic Brace yourself. This might seem a little spooky. (note: ‘alchemy’ and ‘processing’ are used interchangeably) First: Definitions of Magic, Alchemy and Processing ‘Processing’? – It certainly isn’t […]

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Life Coach

Written around 2004 Life coaching is a form of self-help where what you’re lacking is clarity, or motivation. Until 2 years ago I’d never had personal coaching. I’ve made up for it though. In the past 2 years I’ve had 1 life coach, 1 sales coach, and 1 internet business coach. That’s near $10,000. Yikes, […]

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