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The Beginning of the End to Aging, Disease, and Death: “The Players”

Man’s Biggest Battle From Famines to Droughts… Through Earthquakes, Floods, and Hurricanes… We fought to stay alive. We thrived. From Wild Animals to World Wars… Through Pandemics, Diseases, and Biological Weapons… We persevered. We grew stronger. Now comes Mankind’s biggest foe, the one Master villain that has been rampaging on this Earth unchallenged– UNTIL NOW […]

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Search for Alien Life: “Is There Anybody Out There!?” Episode 1- Alien Waterworlds

 Episode 1- The Search for Life and Habitability in Alien Waterworlds: “Is There Anybody Out There!?” Searching for Life on MARS is sooo 2010….. Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or an ocean–somewhere you might soon actually have the incredible option to experience as introduced in Gav’s Under Ocean Habitats post), you’ve likely heard of Mankind’s […]

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3d Printing aka Additive Manufacturing

The Old Way For centuries Mankind has… Explored the Earth… Discovered Resources… Innovated Tools… Ideated Possibilities… Built up Communities and Machines to make living easier… (via Subtractive Manufacturing) And Expanded by Problem Solving on greater and greater scales.   The New Way Today the Technology exists to change that process that served us for so […]

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