You too can attract deeply intimate connection with the blissful feeling of a care-free holiday romance.


You too can attract deeply intimate connection with the blissful feeling of a care-free holiday romance.

Having coached singles (mostly women) for many years, along with a personal commitment to authentic open communication in each of my own relationships, I guide clients through one specific area of modern dating and courtship…

Understanding Male Intimacy.

Most women I coach already know plenty of ‘dating tips and techniques’.

What’s missing is a full understanding of the modern man’s process for falling in love.

With the step-by-step insights I share through intimacy coaching you will become fully empowered to take any man of your choosing througt a precise sequence of five emotional experiences that lets them bond with you in the deepest, sweetest most authentic way imaginable.

We’ll review your current and past dating and relationship experiences in light of the new information I share about the male dating mind. We’ll pinpoint your previous relationship issues that continue to affect your perception of men, your self, and relationships.

Those perceptions block authentic intimacy from flourishing because of the red-flags that are triggered in a man’s subconscious, causing them to pull away from you without explanation.

You’ll find answers to questions you may never even have considered…

* Do you go from fling to fling hoping for something deeper which rarely if ever materializes?

* Are you holding out for ‘Mr. Right’ who still hasn’t shown up after too long waiting?

* Have past relationships left their marks and made it hard to trust, invest or open to new potentials?

* Do men seem keen at first but go quiet and pull away without ever really explaining why?

* Are you emotionally drained and confused by men’s lack of emotional availability or depth — perhaps beginning to question your own suitability for the modern man?

* Have you heard ideas about ‘masculine’ vs ‘feminine’ behavior, roles or energy, only to find that you now second guess your own behavior so as not not to be overly ‘masculine’, yet find that it restricts your true self expression?

* Do you wonder at men’s real needs, desires and beliefs about dating, sex, love, relationship and intimacy?

* Are you aware of the risks of sending subconscious signals to men alerting them to ‘neediness’ or ‘air of entitlement’ that gives them cause for concern about going deeper with you?

* Have you got a reliable way to make men open their heart and mind to you? (not just their wallet or zipper…)


…there’s a tremendous amount of detail when it comes to emotional connection between man and woman.

During our conversations…
…you will learn the 5-step emotional process men go through that allows them to trust making a deeper connection with you; to bond with you at the deepest possible levels of emotional authenticity — respecting you, honoring you, and admiring you.

You’ll finally grasp how men emotionally approach long-term commitment… what puts them off during early-stage dating… and why they seem so resistant or distant.

With this knowledge you’ll greatly reduce the chance of failure with serious dating and new relationships.

You’ll then be able to let go of the past and open again to love’s possibilities…

…become your own best matchmaker…

…master authentic dating dynamics…

…get emotionally involved without risk of heartbreak, confusion or wasted time…

…and lead to co-creative authentic relationship that works for both you and your new partner.

I first expressed these insights during a 4-month coaching experience with my 28-year old landlady while staying in Montreal. When I left I sent her an outline of all that we had covered in 4-months and she wrote to me saying:

And she met someone just two months after my coaching and didn’t tell me until 10 months later!

Results like this can happen quickly for you too. Get the ball rolling by letting me know your major concerns, setbacks, or challenges with developing satisfactory intimacy.

Check out my Intimacy Coaching description here and contact me from that page.

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