Alphabet and the Zodiac connection


Alphabet and the Zodiac connection

Language evolved out of the evolution of human thought in reflection of the constellations of the zodiac.

The information below reveals the 22 letters of the Phoenician language as directly correlated with the zodiacal signs.

The 22 letters of Hebrew evolved out of the same Phoenician roots, with Kabbalah concealing Hermetic / Solar wisdom of the ancients, just as the Chinese letters/zodiac as well as the 72 cards of the Tarot.

The following is a breakthrough evidence and insight for understanding the relation and evolution of human psychology, mysticism, superstition, language, spirituality, religion and esoteric knowledge.

Brian Pellar’s incredible 2-part analysis


Excerpts from Brian Pellar’s reports



While focusing on China, Moran noted an interesting correspondence between the twenty-two Hebrew letters of the alphabet, the twenty-two Chinese calendar signs, and the twenty-eight lunar asterisms or lunar constellations.

1953 he published the results in his book The Alphabet and the Ancient Calendar Signs (Moran and Kelley 1969).

In 1994 Gordon then noted a correlation between the thirty letter Ugaritic alphabet and the thirty-day lunar zodiac letters of the Phoenician alphabet were correlated in couplets with the constellations of the zodiac.

Aleph, which I knew was literally translated as a “bull’s head,” seemed to naturally join with the next letter, beth, which not only had the general shape of a body, but also a tail aleph and beth resembled the constellation Taurus

Very strong connection between the zodiac’s astrological symbols and the Phoenician letters/couplets

Rotate the Phoenician alphabet ninety degrees counter-clockwise, and join the twenty-two letters
into sequential couplets, a pattern appears that resembles the eleven constellations of the
Egyptian solar zodiac.

Proto-astro-alphabetic glyphs also appear on a European stag bone from 3800 BC, and on a Karanovo Culture zodiac from 4800 BC.

The form of Pisces not only resembles the Phoenician letters ‘he’ and ‘waw’, but more interestingly, it has a stronger resemblance to modern Hebrew letters, which were derived from Phoenician by way of Aramaic.


Twelve signs of the zodiac found in 1931 on a bronze coin during the excavations of Rapallo, Italy :


These astrological symbols just might help prove a correlation between the Phoenician letters and the zodiac

It looks like pi was built into some of the Eygptian’s astro-theology

Correlation between the twenty-two Hebrew letters of the alphabet and the twelve constellations of the zodiac comes from the Sefer Yetzirah: The Book of Creation

Twenty-two foundation Letters:
He placed them in a circle
like a wall with 231 gates.
The circle oscillates back and forth….

He burned them with the seven [planets],
He directed them with the twelve constellations

The number “231” refers to the number of lines that can connect to 22 points/letters in a circle. Kaplan states, “In general, if a number of points are placed in a circle, the number of possible lines that can connect any pair of points can be easily calculated. If we let n be the number of points, and L the number of lines, the formula is:

L = n (n – 1)/2
…. The number of lines that can connect the 22 letters placed in a circle is therefore (22
X 21)/2…. Making the calculation, we find that there are 231 lines. These are the 231
Gates” (Kaplan 1997: 109).

The astro-alphabetic pattern can be clearly seen in the Karanovo Zodiac, which comes from the Bulgarian village of Karanovo in Sliven Province, and which dates to 4800 BC



It also appears that very early on in Karanovo, in addition to the proto-alphabetic glyphs that were used calendrically (as they marked the four seasons), there already existed a theological/symbolic division/coupling between the upper head and lower body of both the bull that makes up Taurus, and the prone figure of the goddess that constitutes Virgo



Overland transmission of the twenty-two specific glyphs into China from the West in the second millennium BC

The idea of the precession pre-dated Hipparchus by, at the very least, a thousand years

The zodiac found at Serabit El-Khadim (Figure 7b), is interesting in that this zodiac was found at a location to which the origins of proto-alphabetic letters have been traced.

Our ancestors for hundreds of thousands of years look to the sky as their physical and spiritual roof (because they perceived themselves as being literally nestled and protected within the womb/vessel/heavenly sphere of the great goddess),

The night sky was seen as a blackboard on which the gods first chose to illustrate and illuminate their wisdom and the creation of all things past, present, and future via patterns of light that formed pictures, letters, or words (Logos). The earth to them was merely a reflection of what was patterned/written above.

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