Alan Watts And His Acceptance Of Death

I DO NOT LIKE THIS VIDEO’S MESSAGE!!! Please read my comment below…

Alan Watts, died 1973, is a superficial new-age philosopher repeatedly published and quoted by today’s gullible wishful thinkers.
First sentence of Alan Watts superficial drivel in the video above:

“There’s nothing wrong with being sick, or with dying”

Being sick by definition is the negative experience of painful debilitation.
And he asks what’s wrong with that?
What’s wrong with it is inherent in it’s nature as expressed by the simple definition itself.
The entire video is so full of non-sequiturs (bullshit logic).
He says:

after some time being immortal we’d realize we don’t want to be immortal, that’s why we have children, which is to survive ‘in another way’ of ‘passing on a torch’ ‘so you don’t have to carry it all the time’.

Thereby Alan Watts reveals his perceived burden of life. Life is so troublesome that rather than live, but as a token-gesture of survival, he wants to pass on the burden to future generations.
What a disturbed spirit he was. Just another self-responsibility escape artist.
He sure sounds good to listen to though… nice deep voice, speaks in a tempered, measured way that instils confidence and commands respect. He speaks in short sentences, with poetic points that burrow their way into your mind, it all sounds good enough – beautiful even.
Yet if you actually pay enough attention to string those short sentences into complete paragraphs, and if you have some natural intelligence and ability to discern reason, you readily see how full of bullshit logic Alan Watts descriptions of life and death are.
Now check out Timothy O’Leary’s view of life and death.

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  • I agree with some of your points, and really love how you were able to pin-point them out, such as, identifying his cop-out and stating that having children and passing of the torch is the only way left to live and the ‘only way we could survive’. Medically we are not able to have everlasting life, and if we did, would we want it? Theres apart in the video where he preludes and continues to speak about if we continue in everlasting life, then we may also grow weary of its existence, and the cycles that we experience with work, and money and finances, like a merry-go-round and the loss of enthusiasm. So that children then become our ‘life’ or rather renew in us, what it feels like to be alive, hence a natural gravitation towards the appreciation and desire for children in our lives…to live with us, and after us.
    I do think that perspective is common and there are many ways to exist, but I do see an underlying point that alan watts is trying to make, which he may not state directly….
    but as we age, humans become more weary, and tired, we may become sick and die, and that natural process we become at peace with the gradual change of our depreciating bodies, and become content with death.
    I don’t know, i find it rather poetic and beautiful, and so happy that you posted this.
    thanks gav.

    • Weariness of existence is becoming obsoleted by abundance. A new world cometh; of health, pleasure, love, creativity, opportunity.
      When life gets too good to die, the medical advances will occur as if miraculously.
      We just need to get our hearts, heads and guts working in synergy: compassion, creativity and courage.
      There is nothing poetic or beautiful about decline and death in the new world.
      Death is the ultimate form of escape from weariness. Sure. But weariness is not natural to humanity. Joy is. We just need to reclaim our purity.
      “Most people tip-toe through life, hoping they make it safely to death” – Bob Proctor
      Everyone is energized by the opportunities of life, happily building abundance and bliss forever into the future.

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