Adam and Eve not real admits Pope Francis


Adam and Eve not real admits Pope Francis

In breath-taking news, Pope Francis finally reveals:

“Through humility, soul searching, and prayerful contemplation we have gained a new understanding of certain dogmas.

The church no longer believes in a literal hell where people suffer.

This doctrine is incompatible with the infinite love of God. God is not a judge but a friend and a lover of humanity.

God seeks not to condemn but only to embrace. Like the fable of Adam and Eve, we see hell as a literary device.

Hell is merely a metaphor for the isolated soul, which like all souls ultimately will be united in love with God.” – Pope Francis Revelations

On Facebook, a discussion ensued…

Trent:  Scary shit. ..This made me uncomfortable. .

Martin:  Why?

Klovv:  All part of the end days great deception. The bible says even the elect will be deceived.

Leonard:  Yeah maybe everyone should read their bible. Adam and eve were real. Sort of makes me uncomfortable thst anyone would question they didnt exist.

Trent:  It’s all about to go down….

Leonard:  The roman empire lasted for 900 years . Spreading the same type of fear mongering shit and it didnt collapse for almost 1000 years. Id stop worrying

Trent:  I’m not worried but this kinda stuff is what is prophesied. …These are all prophecies coming to pass. …it’s text book…or should I say biblical. .

Klovv:  this one hit me harder then the sandy hook shot :s

Leonard:  Yeah not that adam and eve arent real. I didnt even watch the video im not gonna watch something that attacks the word. The devil uses 99% truth. And 1% lies.

Leonard:  I wont poison myself and my beliefs with the type of church that horded all the bibles and manipulated the masses in the dark ages. I just seen a repeat . Its all crap. The bible is truth.

Klovv:  amen brother!!!!!!

David:  Amen Leonard!

Leonard:  This type of stuff should make us all go back and start reading and indulge in the word and the light. I have my bible on the way to my new crib. Gonna read some genesis and start my indulgence fresh. Have some nice books on how to be a pure single man which has a lot of Scripture references. Gonna start doing some bible study and ignore the devils desperate attempts at making me doubtful.

Martin:  I’m not even gonna get started on my opinion.

Klovv:  He who began a good work in us will complete it in Christ Jesus God is Good and wish for none to perish but all to come to full repentance and gain eternal life in Him.

Martin:  Myles Crawford anything to add?

Leonard:  I want to hear it. Good or bad its your post. Christians are supposed to do this type of stuff with each other so we can all be a light. So jesus can be a light through our brothers in christ.

Trent:  I’m curious to how you feel Martin:  you made the post…at the end of the day…we did not evolve from a big bang. ..There is an all mighty force power energy creator what have you…and we will have to answer for the lives we chose to live…I don’t associate with any religion …religion is man’s way to god….thru routine …rituals.. and firey hoops…Jesus is God’s way to man…This would be a great pep talk

Martin:  It’ll cause a major disturbance to the masses if we made it a pep talk

Trent:  That’s the point

David:  It seems as though the Pope is to busy trying to please man instead of pleasing God and His truth!

Trent:  We are not meant to be comfortable. If your comfortable there’s something wrong

Martin:  Religion; or rather indifference of opinion in belief systems, is the root cause to much of the war that has plagued humanity. By giving people knowledge of self through the teachings of they’re “gods”, people have become defensive and tyrants willing to do and say anything to protect they’re beliefs.

Leonard:  No man we should seek peace in the lord. If we truly walked and followed god we would have peace in our lives its not about living in fear.

Martin:  You can’t argue with a person that believes in Christ, or in any religion. It’s a one track mind programmed to believe in what they use to continue instilling faith and guidance for themselves to feel secure.

Leonard:  Well thats where Christianity stands out from all of them. Like I said earlier the masses wete decieved in the old days into crusades and war. Slaughter if you will. You should love your enemies. After all we dont know their place with the lord. And in turn judging theirs we will also be judged. In the same measure.

Leonard:  Because the bible warns of false profits. All this crap about being your own god and self enlightenment is the very temptation that the devil used to trick adam and eve. The very first lie …

Martin:  Anybody that expresses a difference in opinion, will always be told a passage from the word of the lord. Expressing a difference in opinion leads nowhere.

Martin:  Adam and eve was a metaphor

Martin:  The serpent was a metaphor

Trent:  Metaphor or not it’s brilliant. . And relevant. .weather the stories are true accounts of actual events or just stories…they are stories that if followed we would have peace and one love

Leonard:  No man. Im sorry but its not. You’re a good dude I applaud all the good things you do but I cant agree with you there. And you can say im programmed or w.e but my whole life was a struggle if anything I should hate god. But I was shown the love. I was shown how there is 1 true father. And I never had one. Im not christian of the year either . But what I do know is not to buy into the new age crap of self enlightenment. Hes the truth the way and the light. You can only get into the kingdom through him.

Leonard:  And I wasnt showm physically. It was put on my heart. Because thats where I accepted Christ.

Martin:  The Bible itself is a book of stories used as metaphors and guidance to provide their believers with a sense of purpose and belief in something, anything, that will allow those who believe in the word of the Lord to feel that they are not alone on this planet. There is no God in the skies, and there is no devil in the ground. Any passage from the Bible that is used to express indifference in opinion, has no actual backing to it. The strength that comes from the passages comes from how much belief a person has in what they are preaching and in what they have learned.

Trent:  So what Is the meaning of life and how did we all get here

Martin:  I’m not knocking on any religion. Self-enlightenment is something that I have discovered a long time ago and it is helped me get through my life in a blissful manner, much like what the word of the Lord does for all of you. I think that it is important to keep an open mind to what others try to teach you, without doubting it, and then use what we have learned to live our lives in harmony with one another.

Leonard:  Then why does the quran mention jesus. What about david. What about nephilem . What about the great flood that even the most educated archeologists admit to noahs arch being real AND FOUND?

Trent:  Martin…you can’t tell me your content with life.. you can’t tell me you don’t have a void you’ve been trying to fill?

Leonard:  Like I said. The devil will give you 99% of truth and deliver everything worldly. But I know inside of you even from seeing these types of posts you still have unanswered questions. Self enlightened or not

Leonard:  Im not knocking your ways youre clearly a smart dude. But being your own god is pride. And pride is the deadliest. Because no man can break your firm standing. Only god can. So ill pray man. And I dont ever pray. But I like you dude and I want to see you in the after life. As corny as that sounds to you , I know god has plans for you. Even bigger than the ones you have now.

Martin:  I really hope none of you got offended at my indifference in opinion. Just because I don’t preach the word of The Lord doesn’t mean I don’t believe in similar things.

I’m not religious. I’m spiritual. My wholeness comes from a different source. I believe in God as a higher power, an energy, a perfect harmony of science and metaphysics.

Praying is expressing love to self. When you pray to god, your praying to your sub-conscious mind. You pray to source. Your channeling energy to a higher power saying thank you and asking for whatever it is that you ask for. It’s all thought frequencies and vibrations transfixed into matter through time and aligning yourself with circumstances and events that lead you to make prayers come true.

At the end of it all, no one KNOWS anything. We just use theories that we have been taught or that we have learned to help us get through our day to day lives. There is no right and there is no wrong. Unfortunately even the most terrible circumstances that can be seen as evil cannot even be considered wrong in the eyes of some.

There is blessings and there is punishments for decisions that are made. Whether it is God or whether it is man that decides how one will be justified, that is up to source that has control of the situation to decide. Like I mentioned earlier, the secret to finding happiness, is to find perfect harmony with one another in every possible way.

Leonard:  Exactly what ive beem saying the time. Believing yourself as a god. Im not offended. Im just worry full. Because believing you are your own god and especially your thoughts on prayer is the very lie we were told in the beginning. Minus the apple and good and evil.

Even if youre not religious celebrating new years for instance is a ceremony for the roman god janus. The god of new beginnings etc. Hense the month January. If youre religious or not the youre living a religious life. Augustus , given god status we have a month named after him as well. We live by a pagan calendar. … even star bucks. Their emblem is a pagan siren I forget her name but she is posed in the exact same depiction only her tail is split exposing her privates.

There cant be all this false god crap with out there being a true god. We are all decieved. Even I am in lots of various places. But what I do know in my heart is jesus is lord. And hes my rock foundation. ive tried to do things my way, I got a long pretty far had a cute girl was having premarital sex living under the same roof not a care in the world I was full of myself thought I didnt need jesus and what happened ? My entire life collapsed around me with in hours.

Ups and downs are every where. Some people are meant to be filthy rich and some dirt poor. Its all in gods hands. You can achieve anything worldly with out the lord. Because he isnt the master of this place at the moment. But he will come back to claim whats rightfully his and all wickedness will bow. Every knee will take a kneel. I just dont want to be the one weaping and nashing in teeth as im cast to hell for believing im highwr and better than the almighty. No offense taken.

Like I said no man not even me can argue your path at the moment. I can merely be the light. After all my name means light bearer.

Klovv:  Isaiah 8:20 . Martin it is not religion u are knocking, it is Christ Jesus. Which atm makes u an Antichrist. But I bet there will come a time when u will beg for mercy and I wud be lying if I said that I do not desire to see the day that all bow down to Him because He is worthy! Im sick of watching ppl bow down to Satan! And that is why I can’t jump on ur “Be your best self, movement ” because u can never be your best self without Christ. Creator of your best self.

The Bible says Satan comes as an angel of light and his followers also portray a form of righteousness. If u are not on one side, im sorry to say but u are on the other. The Word is offensive. If it was created by them to enslave then why are they abolishing it to stroke ppls comfort zones and unbelief?! It makes no sense.

The real war here is against Satan and Jesus ! However Jesus has already won but now it’s a fight for the souls in between ! U and me! Get on the winning side ! Use your voice n talent to exalt the real Light ! Otherwise who are u exalting ?? Who is getting the glory?? My friend don’t let ur works be in vain. In Jesus name. Amen.

Martin:  We can go back and forth for eternity sharing theories and insights.

Ultimately, i respect you all and hope nothing but the best of love and joy to you and all you care about.

May your god continue to bless you with all the wonderful things that make your life whole.

Klovv, you exemplify the example of what Ive been talking about this whole time.

You are a one track mind because since you found Christ, that is what has “saved” you from yourself.

I congratulate you for finding your saviour and making a decision to stand by his word. I’m sure Christ (your christ) is very happy with you.

I can feel your blood boiling all the way from here.

Take it easy.

Do you and keep being a leader for those that need people with your beliefs to show them the way of your lord.

All love.

Stephanie: #alienorigins #RHnegativeblood #starchildskull


Hahaha… how did you pick up all these Facebook friends Martin? They’re such comedians..

Martin:  uh oh here we go….

Leonard:  Here goes nothing. I dont think youre an antichrist. Ive shared my views. Im going to bed ive been up for 20 hours no time for some one to try and insult me. #talktothehand


Leonard my friend, you have somewhat correctly identified paganism as the root of certain modern day christian/religious/social events.

Yet you mistake self enlightenment for ‘new age’. Where do you think the self enlightenment movement comes from other than old age paganism?

Indeed, the stories of the christian bible are all derived through old age pagan / chaldean / egyptian / babylonian / druid spiritual teachings.

The pope is poignantly correct in his revelation:

“Hell is merely a metaphor for the isolated soul”

And the isolated soul’s of christianity (Martin’s comedian friends) will do everything you all can to hold on to your chains of isolation…

…You have made your own hell. And you are all in it now. Your depth of love is nothing more than superficial neurotic self-deception which allows you to cope with your defaults of mental laziness and chronic spiritual confusion.

Truly pitiful.

Long live the new Pope of Humanism.

Trent:  Gav is a perfect example to what you are saying too Martin:  one track mind…feels he knows better and is referring to us as jokers…. Gav please fill us in on how you arrived at you place of enlightenment and how you know your right and we are all jokes

Stephanie: Lol


Trent… books + life experience + deep inner searching + honesty + wide scope accounting + a smidgen of actual human intelligence

Klovv:  My blood is nice and warm but not boiling over ur comments however if the pope makes another disregard to truth it might be lol, but thanks Martin same to u my friend. And ftr, I didn’t say u were The Antichrist but anything that doesnt believe in christ is antichrist that’s what I meant. And Christ didn’t just save me from me, He saved me from hell. Peace!

Martin:  Slowly but surely with an open mind/heart we will all come to agree to disagree and that harmony I mentioned earlier will come into manifestation.

Leonard:  Lol okay gav. I wrote a big paragraph but I deleted it. I dont have the energy to debate with someone who throws words like intelligence around with out the knowledge of mutual respect. No one was offending any one until rolled up and felt the need to talk down to people. You keep your ways we’ll keep ours.


Leonard, you was deeply offending and disrespecting the honest spirit that Martin and all humanists carry. You can’t see that because of your own one-track narrow minded neuroses.

… and so it went for a lot longer and then the originator of the thread deleted the entire thing because it turned too raw for him and he told me he ‘lost a good friend’ because of the debate. I hadn’t saved any more of the thread. Here’s what I said to him:

One day you’re going to have to make a choice between living to your own real standards and building genuine friends that way, vs pandering to expediency through false superficial lower standards just so you get a bit of short-term comfort out of so-called friendships.

Stand up for what’s right and anyone that can’t accept your views should not be considered a ‘good friend’. I don’t debate on Facebook because it’s fun, I do it to empower, entertain and transform. Deleting those efforts is tragic.

In one of my replies I had pointed to Santos Bonacci’s excellent work on Syncretism with this video:

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