About Me ~2009


About Me ~2009


To help bring about a better world through combining marketing, product development, and efficient business practice.


Individuality. Liberty. Health. Creativity. Happiness. Love. Children. Adventure. Personal Development. Learning.


To work on different marketing projects worldwide, traveling every so often, exploring the world as I contribute as much as I can.


Currently contracted with an investment information provider as Online Marketing Manager.

Working on various online marketing projects of my own design.

Trying to find an efficient healthy balance between work, rest and play.


kosamet-muaythai2.jpgTraveling South East Asia for 14 months from January 2006 until March 2007 was very special.

Working from a laptop. Enjoying tropical leisure time. Meeting new people. Learning a new language (I was in Thailand most of my time so can now hold a very basic conversation in Thai).

Yes the picture is of me: Black shorts. White gloves. Headache.

Back in London, what I do for fun: read a lot… work on marketing and writing projects… and spend time with special people.

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