7 Topics for Inspired Conversation


7 Topics for Inspired Conversation

By working with me on autonomic coherence for peak flow-state, our conversations will develop through any or all of the 7 branches of my Integral Life System, as per the following 7 themes.


Explore and blossom the soulful roots of your authentic self within contemporary society. A transformative inner journey based on your archetypal hero’s journey free of negative influences — answering ‘who am I?’, ‘why am I here?’, ‘what am I meant to do?’


Sometimes you need to set sail on a new life direction that better suits your purpose. From the success of my early program ‘The Life Direction Clarifier’, I help you chart a new course for the next phase of your purpose-focused life journey.


Clarify, prioritize and organize all elements of your current life (career, home, finances, social, family, travel, etc) so that everything flies-in-formation to fullfil you, rather than drain, distract or disappoint. A gamechanger for inner peace and outer productivity that suits your individuality.


No-frills, highly focused, accountability coaching for pinpointing clear action plans, eliminating hurdles, maximizing results, and achieving your very best in business and in life.


A profoundly gentle yet deeply supportive environment for unraveling deep issues that keep you stuck in anxiety and held back from your most relaxed, centered and satisfied authentic self.


Having founded, consulted or directed many businesses with a professional corporate background in marketing and advertising, I can help you find and implement fast, effective and efficient routes to ethical business growth.


Specifically designed for women who realize that understanding men’s approach to emotional intimacy is the missing element in attracting an authentic relationship.

7 Power-Centers For Your Ultimate State Of Flow

7_ChakrasYou may be interested to know the 7 conversation topics closely align with the Yoga concept of 7 ‘power-centers’ of our being (known as chakras), as color coded below. These topics are the 7 power-centers of modern life.

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