5 Level Organized Living Scale


5 Level Organized Living Scale

When you divide organized living intelligently, 5 core levels emerge. And here they are presented for the first time in the diagram.

The foundation of [tag]organized living[/tag] is knowing how to organize.

From that point you must know the things in your life that you want to have as part of your organized lifestyle.

Beyond that, for the 3rd level, you’ll actually [tag]organize your life[/tag] around those important things you identified in level 2.

And now that you’ve got your life ship shape, you’ll have to manage time to carry out all the actual projects and activities that you’ve organized our life towards.

And once you’ve got to grips with your natural [tag]time management skill[/tag], 9 characteristics of your mind become the a limitless journey of [tag]self-improvement[/tag] and fulfilment.

Those 5 levels correspond to the 5 courses that are available on Organized Living World (see the right hand column of any page).

Remember those 5 levels. Consider what level you are mostly on right now. And take the steps necessary to progress. Obviously organized living is one of the most important aspects of our lives.

Now that Organized Living World is actually organizing the details to achieve an organized lifestyle, you can hammer away through those 5 levels efficiently and quickly.

But first, you need to choose where you need to start.

Nathan Shaw
Organizer & Efficiency Trainer
Organized Living World

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