3d Printing aka Additive Manufacturing


3d Printing aka Additive Manufacturing

The Old Way

For centuries Mankind has…

Explored the Earth…

Discovered Resources…

Innovated Tools…

Ideated Possibilities…

Built up Communities and Machines to make living easier… (via Subtractive Manufacturing)


Expanded by Problem Solving on greater and greater scales.


The New Way

Today the Technology exists to change that process that served us for so long.

Today as we Explore the last Frontiers, the most-inaccessible areas of our planet— and then the Cosmos…..


Merge, Create, Re-engineer, and Harvest Resources….

Dream of a limitless existence without poverty, crime, suffering, disease, or death…. (no, they don’t deserve capitalization)

Build on scales previously unimaginable like Nano (1×10 -9 th of a meter, thinner than the width of a human hair) or Quantum (sub-atomic, smaller than an atom) with Additive Manufacturing aka 3d Printing


Multiply, prosper, and soar with the intersection of Exponentially growing Technologies like 3d Printing, Nanotechnology, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), Infinite (or Quantum) Computing, Robotics, The Internet of Things, and Synthetic Biology.


So what exactly is this Additive Manufacturing about anyways?

Why all the hype about this 3d Printing thing!?

Well, let’s look at how we used to DO….

How we used to MAKE…. Subtractive Manufacturing.

In Subtractive Manufacturing, we’d take some resources and cut, carve, tear, melt, or break down or off pieces in some other manner until we arrived at our intended finished product.

This is a terribly inefficient way to produce things as much of the original resource is simply wasted as it is pared down to the finished product.

Cue the Future — er the Present actually.


3d Printing: Additive Manufacturing

Imagine an ink jet printer of the late 1990’s or early 2000’s…

Or better yet, HERE….


Now let’s say you want to make a report about technology and share it with your high school class.

You turn on your pentium computer (with processing power equivalent to an entire room of supercomputers from a couple decades before) and you bring up Microsoft Word.

You type out a brief but telling report about:

How over centuries….

“Man overcame many obstacles and Predators…

Learned to Run Down its prey over long distances (because of our unique ability to run and pant simultaneously and thus regulate our body temperature way beyond other animals)…

Make and control Fire and other Elements of Nature…

Build the Wheel…

Construct Steam Engines…

Master Electrical Current…


Mass-Produce Automobiles and other Vehicles.”

You complete your typing (and editing) and click a button labeled “Print”.

Your story gets printed on a piece of paper in 2 dimensions (2d – Length and Width) by means of jets of ink going back and forth across the page and then moving down a line and repeating the process…

Over and over until it reaches the end of your document.


How 3d Printing Works

3d Printing works in much the same way, except instead of printing in 2 dimensions….

3d Printing prints in 3 (3d – Length, Width, and Depth).

And it is this Dimension of Depth that is truly transformative and soon to be disruptive of the Manufacturing Industry Worldwide.

Rather than explain the process further, let’s use technology (a YouTube video) to simply show how it works…

Yes, with 3d printing, the sky is the limit or rather your imagination is the limit.

Starting out printing with only a handful of materials a couple decades ago….

We can now print with over 300 materials and are beginning to combine them too.

In the beginning 3d printing was looked at by some to be a novelty item that people might use someday to print out new parts for their model airplanes (er– drones) or perhaps some new plastic battery covers for their flashlights (er led flashlight equipped smartphones).

Of course, people wondered why on Earth anyone would want a personal computer just a few decades ago too…


Current Uses for 3d Printing

We now use 3d printing to print everything from 3d models or action figures of ourselves….

To relatively inexpensive custom Shoes, Clothes, and Makeup (potentially transforming the Beauty and Fashion industries)….

To houses and cars (potentially solving shelter and transportation problems on a global scale.

We even 3d Print FOOD!

(Potentially solving hunger problems).


We can print rocket parts to help SpaceX and it’s astronomical Mission to Mars (or for Mining Asteroids with Planetary Resources http://www.planetaryresources.com)

We are even working to create Replacement Body Parts with an exciting new technology called 3d Bio-printing I will explore in depth in a not to be missed post soon.

The future is beyond bright with this possible precursor to Star Trek’s “Replicator” technology….



The Future of 3d Printing

Imagine a world when you can “order” up anything you can imagine by voice, remote, or perhaps even Telepathically (by thought or other extra sensory means)…

Then before you can blink, it manifests seemingly out of thin air (out of atoms) in front of you…. instantly.

It boggles the mind, doesn’t it!?


Welcome to our Future.


The Cosmic Elevator Journey: “Life’s a journey, not a destination… and I just can’t tell just what tomorrow brings” – Aerosmith


Join Gav and I as we ascend, transcend, and explore all of the possibilities and how they might transform your lifestyle choices.

Follow along as we evolve, collaborate, engineer, and re-engineer paradigms to end the ills of society (hopefully soon) and bring together Technology and Abundance for all, for Eternity.


And I haven’t even touched on 4d Printing and it’s implications….

Maybe next time…. 🙂

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Darren is a biohacker and technophile turned blogger. He is a serial entrepreneur, teacher and student, health and life-span researcher, uber-connector, and hub of resources. He's spent countless hours studying marketing, philosophy, technology, and health. He is currently focused on finding ways to utilize technology and nature to turn back the clock, stop, and ultimately reverse aging.


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